NOT The Lincoln Bedroom Paradigm

Lincoln Bedroom
January20/ 2021



01 / 20 / 2021


NOT The Lincoln Bedroom Paradigm … this time


 Paradigm is a faux intellectual word – like archetype – that functioning humans should never use.   If I use paradigm incorrectly … I don’t care.

Today – January 20, 2021 – could signal the End of The Great Experiment in Nation-building/-sustaining.  The Final Curtain dropping on what those Founding Fathers crafted so artfully 250 years ago.

Their concept of a representative republic hinged on the belief Good will overcome Evil … except when it doesn’t.   That Humankind  has stronger Virtues than it does Vices,.  Said Virtuous antibodies will triumph over the Vices.  Otherwise … We’re Screwed.

The (almost) Fail-Safe mechanism was a simple set of Checks & Balances.  Three branches of government serving as counter-weights preventing the whole shebang from toppling over The Edge of The Abyss.

Over 250 years there have been innumerable “transfers of power” as we are seeing today.  Or opt to not “see today”.  “Watching roadkill” can make one nauseous.  Bringing us to The Lincoln Bedroom Paradigm.

Lincoln Bedroom

These “transfers” – despite a great deal of Pomposity & Ceremony – traditionally end up … Who gets to redecorate The Lincoln Bedroom This Time?

That historic bedroom in The White House has endured more cosmetic re-dos over the years than Nancy Pelosi …  well, almost as many,

Those simple Checks & Balances do as intended.  The Great American Train keeps running on time … avoiding The Abyss.

The corrupt Media Fops & Fools dissect The White House occupants du jour for a few years revealing their incompetence more than their subjects.

What IF there are No Checks & Balances to maintain a national equilibrium? … ThenThe We’re Screwed Paradigm is in play.  Uh oh!


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