A “Conspiracy Theory” is …

January19/ 2021



01 / 19 / 2021


Definition:  A “Conspiracy Theory” is …


A Conspiracy Theory is:  Any concept or idea that appears to be gaining traction among the general public … that you wish to debunk, belittle and demobilize in order to protect a status quo that you have a vested self-interest in.


Once labeled … X% of people will immediately run from it envisioning loonies wearing tin-foil hats… and hysterical wild-eyed soap-box ranters.  Who wants to be grouped with THOSE PEOPLE?   YIKES!

Me?  I believe give/take 50% of all “Conspiracy Theories” are indeed Bogus.  That leaves the other 50% ??  The Question:  Which 50% is Which?Ben Sasse

Notorious Trump-Hater Sen, Ben Sasse (R-Neb) is playing the game now.   Like his buddy “Mitt”,  Sasse really despises all 74,000,000 Trump supporters including, we guess, the ones that also voted for him.

Sasse is Demanding (?) The GOP returns to being The Party of Empty Suits & Losing With Dignity. … …

Those 74,000,000+ Americans aggressively disagree with Ben Sasse … and with “Mitt”.

By Definition:   Famous “Conspiracy Theorists” thru History include:  Galileo, Sir Issac Newton, Christopher Columbus and The Wright Brothers.

The current #1 Conspiracy Theory that self-important Swampers like Sasse are  REALLY SCARED OF  is an organization named after a letter of the alphabet between “P” and “R”.

It involves The Deep State /  Swamp … NWO / One World Government … Tri-Lateralists … CFR … et al.  All popular theories under different names for the past 70+ years. 

Which 50% is This One in ??  … What Do YOU Think ?




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4 months ago

That deep state isn’t just in Washington. Try getting a state job as a registered R. It’s a more vast secret fraternity than anyone could imagine, and its primary focus is to keep growing and take care of its own. . Yeah, the NCGOP will be back to old form. Losing to Kay Hagan by double digits. Making Restroom Roy the new Jim Hunt: elected for life. Who isn’t excited about being the party of Thom and Richard? . How long before they disown Madison Cawthorn? Maybe someone should warn Mark Meadows about the party’s plans to fete him at… Read more »

4 months ago

I for one cannot see why they are so afraid of that letter. I read some of it and kept up with some of it tangentally, but it was fairly clear that it was a part of the whole deep state psyop. Clearly a CIA or FBI run operation to give some people a bit of hope that we would not be in the place we are now and that someone was looking out for the country. The biggest indicator, the whole thing stopped right after the election steal turned out just like planned.

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