The Other Pandemic ….

January18/ 2021


01 / 18 / 2021   .



The “Other Pandemic” Threatening America


The “Other Pandemic” sweeping across America doesn’t look like a styrofoam ball with golf tees sticking out of it.  Masks aren’t an issue … Millions may not DIE from it … BUT …

It is threatening the fundamental Core of Our Nation – The American FamilyThis Pandemic is Millennials VS Baby Boomer Parents  over the current divisive turmoil in our country.

Maybe it doesn’t affect YOU … Maybe your Young Adult  – early 20s to late 30s – offspring are among the apparent minority in their generation that DO share our Traditional Patriotic “God Bless America” Socio-Cultural Values.

But it IS a Viable Threat to the Future of America … as if there were not enough of those already.  IT has always been a key component of America’s Vulnerability to Socialist Takeover.  Undermine & Destroy The Traditional American Family.

If your solution is some Neanderthal version of “By Gawd, I’d whup some sense in any young’n of mine that tried that ..”  – That is exactly what Millennials are being told you will say.

It has become a Very Scary Issue in “Good Christian Homes” where loving caring parents are literally under siege from the “children” they have loved, nurtured, sacrificed for for decades … with access to grandchildren as the ever-present threat.

My best advice in this limited space is Words Matter.  Cruel Words hurled in anger can be apologized for later … but the scar of those words is permanent.  BE CAREFUL …

Your #1 Priority should be Keeping Your Family Together.  

Stay Strong My Friends.


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