Final Scene: Raiders of The Lost Ark

January17/ 2021


.Jan 17, 2021


 Final Scene from Raiders of The Lost Ark


Raise your hand if you saw the first Indiana Jones movie – Raiders of The Lost Ark?  Do you recall the Final Scene?

Indy recovered The Ark of The Covenant.  He turned it over to an unnamed “government agency” … assuming said agency would announce the Incredible Discovery to The World.  Silly Indiana!

Final scene … a lone warehouseman is pushing a cart containing The Ark to its Final Resting Place … stacked in a huge warehouse with 1,000s of other Discoveries & Findings  

Raiders Scene

Where No One will EVER see it … Never KNOW the TRUTH.

Look really closely.  One crate says Hunter Biden’s Laptop.  Another All About Hillary.  An old one JFK / Dallas.  A brand new one just brought in – The UnSealed Documents About ObamaGate, Benghazi, et al.

Did you Really Believe the American Public – especially any Lib/Dem disciples – will Ever Know The Truth about ANY of it?   Too much at stake for too many people … It all must be

Buried Deep In The SWAMP!


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