God Must Love Blonde Bombshells … too.

Blond Bombshell
January16/ 2021

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January 16, 2021


God Must Love Blonde Bombshells


WARNING:  Remember those indignant letters that SI’s Swimsuit Edition would get every year from  “school librarians in Iowa” canceling their subscriptions over THAT SMUT? Well… Hang On Sloopy!


Yes, God must love Blonde Bombshells … because He keeps on churning them out … in spite of a double barreled Global Pandemic of Wokeness & Political Correctness.   I don’t hear any complaints at all.  Just the same ol’ HUBBA HUBBA YOWSA that has always accompanied Blonde Bombshells.

I was reminded of this recently on the sports website OUTKICK.com.

OUTKICK is the only sports website I visit these days.   I bailed on ESPN and USA Today several years ago from toxic Wokeness.  OUTKICK is Clay Travis’ site.   Clay Travis operates out of Nashville and apparently has a bazillion followers to his website … his podcast … his radio show … his hot air balloon … et al.

Clay’s target audience appears to be The Sports Bar crowd – post-pubescent  Millennial “Board Monkeys”.  There are a dozen reasons I should NOT like the site, but I really do.

He used to feature Jason WhitlockAmerica’s Most Provocative Black Cyber Journalist. on his site.  Clay and Jason had a falling out a week or so ago.  All traces of Jason were power-washed from the website.  Jason is a GREAT writer but has a well-earned “doesn’t play well with others” reputation.

Brooke Baldwin

Clay gained national acclaim 4-5 years ago while appearing on CNN’s Brooke (UNC’02) Baldwin’s show.  Clay somehow worked the phrase “Men like boobs” into the live on-air discussion.  Brooke, who has a perpetual “Huh” “Whaaa” “Who” expression anyway, did a triple take, cut to commercial … and when she came back on-air was noticeably suffering from “a case of da vapors” .. and Clay Travis was nowhere to be seen.  A Legend was born.

Clay  – a dedicated husband, father and bar-certified attorney – is constantly displaying images of very attractive girls on his site in “Yes, I am a Hottie” poses.  Especially of several LPGA golfers (??).  Well, “sorta” LPGA golfers.   There is usually some sort of golf thing in the picture and a vague reference to “… might have been, is, could be” connected to the LPGA somehow”Paige Spiranac is the prime object of Clay’s affection.

How that middle picture and several 100 others like it – relate to “golf” is anyone’s guess.  OUTKICK subscribers don’t seem to care.

Soooo … THAT is what reminded me of Laura Baugh.


It was 1972 when the 18 y/o California cutie burst upon the American Sports scene.  She had more than “just some” legitimate golf cred with numerous state, regional and national amateur titles.  But frankly WHO CARED?  She was A BLONDE BOMBSHELL. 

Blond Bombshell

Laura Baugh:  “The Greatest Addition to Women’s Golf since the invention of culottes.”

This was 1972 – 5 years before Nancy Lopez arrived.   The LPGA was a bunch o’ gals – Carol Mann, Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth, etc etc – who could shoot par or close from the women’s tees at most country clubs.   They were – how can I phrase this – they looked like a bunch of Girls’ PE Teachers from The 50s..  YIKES!  Laura Baugh DID NOT look like “a Girls’ PE Teacher”.

Laura Baugh was “cheerleader-pretty” … “a Homecoming Queen” … “a pin-up”.  She was really pretty – very curvy – very blonde – and From California – all the ingredients necessary for a Bombshell.

The attendance at LPGA events zoomed from “the players cousins and the course maintenance staff” to 100s maybe 1,000s of pimply-faced boys, creepy aluminum siding salesmen, and a really sicko perv with a hare-lip named “Calvin” who drove an AMC Gremlin and showed up at every LPGA Tour stop for most of the 1970s.

No, Laura Baugh never “won” an LPGA event but she was quite competitive week after week.  Her commercial endorsements always exceeded her Tour winnings … and she was the focus of attention at every tour stop until Nancy Lopez showed up in 1977. Nancy Lopez was really good  AND one of the genuinely NICEST sports celebrities of the 20th century.


Anna Kournilova

In the annals of Blonde Bombshell-dom … Laura Baugh is usually grouped with Tennis’ All-Time #1 Blonde Bombshell Anna Kournikova with … yeah, but she never Won anything.”  As much as the public is fascinated by Blonde Bombshells there is an innate Jealousy from both men and women.  A tendency to belittle their success / fame … Hate her because she’s REALLY pretty … and I’m not.


In more recent times, that became known as “Danica-fication”.   Racing’s Danica Patrick was not a blonde but she was belittled for “being pretty but never winning” … and quickly became The #1 Attraction at NASCAR events for 4-5 years.  A provocative pictorial jumpstarted her career.


Jan Stephenson

In The LPGA’s post-Laura Baugh Era there was Jan Stephenson.  As Laura Baugh’s star dimmed going into The 80s, Jan replaced her as The LPGA IT Girl.  Unlike Laura, Jan was a Very Very Good golfer …. winning dozens of LPGA events including three “majors” … but will be best remembered for her “sex-sells” persona.  Her “nekkid in a tub of Titleists” photo is unique among legitimate professional golfers.  I say “legitimate” as Paige Spiranac is liable to try and top it any day now.


A final sports’ Blonde Bombshell worth noting is She-Soccer’s Alex Morgan.  Legitimately one of the top She-Soccer players on the planet for the past 5-6 years … 95% of descriptions of Alex Morgan include …

Alex Morgan is the really pretty hetero one … married to A MAN … who does NOT have purple hair … and who does NOT scream “F*** Donald Trump” into live mics.”   Oh, That One!


Alex Morgan’s 2-3 Women’s World Cup titles … 100s of competitive goals, etc etc will forever share space in her resume with “… appeared in SI’s Swimsuit Edition in 2014 wearing only a body paint bikini.”   What is “a body paint bikini”?  It is a bikini that is simply paint … on an otherwise nude body.

I can definitely see Paige Spiranac giving that a go… and Clay Travis posting it on OUTKICK.


With all the Woke and PC- induced changes to “Sports” … The Blonde Bombshell seems to endure.  Doesn’t it?  Football is under scrutiny to make all sorts of changes for safety and “social justice” reasons … but ain’t nobody talking about getting rid of Cheerleaders … NFL or college.  … Are they?  … just sayin’


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