FRIENDS … Circa 2021

January16/ 2021



Jan 16, 2021


FRIENDS … Circa 2021


 The concept of “Friends” gets batted around a lot these days.  As in “… losing friends over politics”.  What has created this Sea To Shining Sea Divide in America is soooo far beyond “Politics”. 

Blame whichever political figure(s) floats your boat.  The Reality is …

I have nothing in common with, give / take, 45% of  America … except a pair of opposable thumbs.  

45% who sincerely believe that … Abortion is NOT Killing Babies … BHO aka “Chicago Jesus” belongs on Mt Rushmore … and liberals are “just like ‘us’ but with different political opinions.  REALLY ?

IMO, Regardless of your age, Life is Too Short to spend even five minutes in such inane debates.  Unless You are someone who purposely slams your hand in car doors … or drinks milk three weeks after its expiration date.  I’m not.

Have I “lost friends” over the past 6-8 years?  Let’s say there are several folks I “used to see” on occasion that I DON’T see any more.  Are they “lost”?  I could “find” them… if I cared to,  I don’t.

Mary Ann

I accept such societal evolution like I do “getting older” and realizing that “Mary Ann” and Tom Seaver are DEAD !! … as well as about 50% of the kids I knew in high school.  Lost a really special one this past week … sigh.

Rather than dwell on “friends” I’ve lost – and why; 

I prefer to enjoy “friends” I’ve managed to hold on to.  I think I’ll call one RIGHT NOW !!


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