Validating Donald Trump’s Legacies

DJT Legacies
January15/ 2021


Jan 15, 2021



Validation of Donald Trump’s Legacies


The Frantic Insanity of The Pelosi-led Biden-Harris-Schumer-AOC- et al Gang to destroy Donald Trump is actually validating President Trump’s most enduring Legacies.

Donald Trump has exposed that… The DC Deep State Swamp IS Very Real . & . IS Bi-partisan at the Highest Levels.

It permeates every branch of our government including Judicial / SCOTUS. … It is malignant at every level of federal bureaucracy including the FBI / CIA / NSA.

Those involved will literally Stop At NOTHING to protect their criminally corrupt self-interests … and … They will continue to prey upon the naive gullibility of the American public.


Donald Trump has exposed… The In-bred corruption of the Fops & Fools of America’s Mainstream News Media.

Not simply their 24/7 vicious attacks and lies about him … but their overtly-partisan manic determination to provide cover for, and perpetrate lies to protect, current and former Democratic officials and candidates.

He exposed the News Media does not “have credibility issues”.

He exposed the News Media has No Credibility Whatsoever.



Thank You Mr. President

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