Diogenes Searches for … A Sane Democrat

January14/ 2021


01 / 14 / 2021 ________ BL SAIDWHAT



The Ancient Greek, Diogenes searched the world in vain for “One Honest Man … Just One?”


In 2021 a modern day Diogenes searching for One Sane Democrat … Just One would have the same No Luck as his namesake.

In any large organization there will aways be mid/low-level knuckleheads who will spew utterly nonsensical BS. To draw attention to themselves … to get a laugh … or thinking their idiocy somehow advances their cause.

In Bygone Days – when Common Sense had a seat at the table – such nitwits were quickly dealt with and stifled by “the adults in charge”. Oh for those Bygone Days of Yore. Oh for ONE ADULT!

Several times a day now – “Democratic spokesmen” are going on with their sycophant media cronies demanding Retributional Persecution of 75,000,000 Trump Supporters ???

Verbiage genocidal warlords in 4th World HellHoles would be ashamed to spew. Crap verging on Islamo-fascist “beheadings”.  … Further Absurdity is, of course, guaranteed from…

Their notorious Congressional Black Caucus. A County Fair Sideshow of bona-fide whack-a-doodles. The Democrats put those rabid clowns on Center Stage … with a Loudspeaker.

… and NOT A PEEP from Nancy or Ol’ Joe or Kamala or Chuckie … or Any high profile Democ. … Nope. Not ONE Sane Democrat !!


… Stay Strong My Friends


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