Another “Bobby Ewing Shower” …

Bobby Ewing Shower
January11/ 2021


01 / 11 / 2021


Is Bobby Ewing Taking Another Shower ?


NOTE: That title is a code that no one under 45 will “get”. The 1985-86 season of DALLAS was revealed to have all been “a bad dream” while “Bobby Ewing was taking a shower”. The plot trick became a metaphor for “lets just say _____ never happened”. Bobby Ewing

I’m ready for Bobby to be taking another shower for the past week and maybe for the next decade or so. … Or maybe “Samantha” from BEWITCHED can twitch her nose and make it all go away? … Alas, it is all very very Real! It IS happening.

I did NOT need confirmation of how much the Democratic leadership and their Zombie base Really Really HATE “People like Me” … and like most of You reading this. They are directing that Hatred at DJT right now but it is US that they need to permanently disable. Dare I say “enslave”?

They Do NOT want to destroy us – They Need Us as slave labor to generate taxable income they can parcel out in dribs and drabs to their aforementioned “zombie base” … keeping them placidly on the Entitlement Plantation.

I am shocked at the immediate Gestapo tactics preventing us from communicating with each other. I expected that to be more subtle over a few weeks or months. They have chosen Blitzkrieg – “Lightning War” – tactics. Ergo “Exactly How Adolph Did It” as trite as that sounds.

Stay Strong My Friends!


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