What Can YOU Do? …

What Can You Do
January10/ 2021


01 / 12 / 2021



What Can YOU Do To Save America?

I am asked that a lot lately.  I do have a few suggestions, but you probably won’t do them.

  • IF your children or grandchildren are still in public schools – GET THEM OUT ASAP!  You shoulda done that 10 years ago.  “Public Education” is NOT the blissful rite of passage you recall from the 50s-60s-70s … neither is “college”.   There ARE affordable options!
  • When practical… Do business with like-minded folks.  All of my personal service professionals share my socio-cultural views.  I trust them. “Good People”.
  • Avoid local Radical Left-Wing-owned businesses.
  • Surely you already did THIS.  Unsubscribe from your local newspaper. They HATE YOU but love your $$$.


  • Watch A LOT LESS NEWS … You grew up with just 30-minute of Uncle Wally or Huntley&Brinkley.   INSTEAD…
  • Watch a lot of Celtic Woman videos.  They soothe the troubled soul and are a visual /audio delight.  Trust me!


No need to Thank Me … JUST DO THESE few things.


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