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January02/ 2021

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December 31, 2020


Opt Out ?? …What Would Vince & Bear Do ?


I had occasion recently to discuss Humanity’s Handbasket’s Descent to Hell’s Sub-basement with none other than my longtime buddy “Little Ricky”.  “Little Ricky” was an under-sized standout Linebacker during The Dooley Days at UNCCH. He made up for his lack of size with a Kamikaze-style with total disregard for his personal wellbeing.

That has manifested itself fifty years later into a rare form of CTE / Tourette’s Syndrome.  “LR” shares his quite Politically Incorrect opinions on pretty much everything to anyone within his E-mail Universe.  His Emails arrive in a lead-lined box with a HAZMAT Warning.  I LOVE’em.

His nuclear thoughts on the BLM catch-phrases on the backs of his once-sacred UNC jerseys had finally begun to abate when five of UNC’s top players opted to OPT-OUT for UNC’s long-awaited trip to “A Real Bowl Game”.


BREAKING RUMOR:  At 1:00 AM on January 2nd … the first Bring Back Danny Ford sign appeared outside Dan’s Sandwich Shop in downtown Clemson … next to “an effigy of Brent Venable hanging from a white oak tree”.  Tough Crowd…


The Lunatic Fringe Faction of Kenanites have long lamented that “Carolina going to A Real Bowl Game” was their #1 “Just Once Before I Die” Wish.  Numerous Christmas In Shrevelports and dozens of tacky sombreros from El Paso Sun Bowls had long lost their appeal to the desperate “Sleeping Giant” True-Believers.

That “A Real Bowl Game” became a reality in this “Bobby Ewing Shower Scene” of a College Football Season didn’t matter.  Mack had whupped the HATED Wuffs, Devils and Deacons (and even the Catamounts !!!) to secure yet another Mack Mythical State Championship. It was Miami Here We Come … Yeeeee HA!. Hello Miami

At least “Here Come” a handful of Lower Level Fat Cats lucky enough to secure the limited Covid ticket supply.  Two minivans of Fat Cats cruising Collins Avenue wailing “Hark The Sound” would be It. … BUT A National Audience would watch “dem Boys In Blue” whup up on Jimbo’s SEC Aggies by golly.

Then WHAMMO … 50% of Mack’s Offense decided they would OPT to stay home and work on their Wonderlic practice tests. … and Little Ricky Went Freakin’ Ballistic !!! 

Of course Mack said all the OMG I gotta Save Recruiting crap every coach HAS to say these days

… OR Mack would be stuck with a team roster full of deep snappers … Australian punters … and walk-ons from Woodberry Forest.  OUCH!

To be fair… Little Ricky – like Me – has A Real Life.  The Neurotic Ups & Downs of Sports rank about #158 on Little Ricky’s “Give A Damn” meter.  Well BELOW Vanity Fair declaring Michelle Obama “American Royalty & A Fashion Icon”.  His e-rant on THAT was EPIC!.

But LR did proffer … How might Bill Dooley – Circa 1970 – handle four of his best players deciding “We’d Rather Not” before a Big Game?  

Dooley DID have a sorta comparable situation back in the day.  An All-ACC Defensive End – Judge Mattocks – opted to miss practice to attend a Black Panther Rally on campus.  Judge’s UNC FB career was abruptly terminated.  That was 50 years ago.

All this spurred me to take it a step farther … WWV&BD


What Would Vince Lombardi & Bear Bryant DO…

in Today’s WOKE-aMania Era ?

It is a quick analysis …

Vince Lombardi and Bear Bryant … and Bill Dooley and their ilk would simply NOT be coaching in the 2020 version of American Sports.

The thought of their autocratic dictatorial management style being allowed anywhere near an NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHA, MLB team would be as likely as a halftime show featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex being ridden by albino midgets waving Confederate flags and singing Mammie’s Little Babies Love Shortnin’ Bread.

… an AD, College Prez, League Commissioner would sooner swallow a can of Sani-Flush laced with razor blades than allow THAT.  Sticking his hand in a wood chipper would be less destructive to his career.

None other than Franklin Street’s Hoop Messiah – Saint Dean Smith – took early retirement at the mere thought of his players voicing their opinions on MySpace on that InterWebWorld computer thingie.

In addition to his long-held xenophobic belief that his black “student athletes” were not capable of doing legitimate college-level classwork.  OUCH!   If 5th grade reading comprehension was good enough for 5th graders … it was good enough for 23 y/o AfAm basketball players at UNCCH. OUCH Again!


BUT WAIT … BUT WAIT ... Since 95% of Power-5 schools have no interest in their players getting a “marketable education” but simply “staying eligible” .  So The NFL is the ONLY albeit short “career” most AfAm players have any opportunity for … It is a very corrupt system all-around.


Whether YOU think “those old guys” could “fix what ails America Sports et al…” or not … is irrelevant.  That opportunity is – like former Baltimore Colts’ wide receiver L.G. Dupree – It is “Long Gone”.

Your Choice in 2021 …Watch WOKE-fied Sports

…or join Little Ricky kayaking the Intercostal and BobLee fishing for lunker bass.


More of BobLeeSays?  … HERE.


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