Doc Savage begat Dirk Pitt begat … … … Sam Reilly

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October11/ 2020

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October 11, 2020


Doc Savage begat Dirk Pitt begat … Sam Reilly


Do the names Doc Savage … Dirk Pitt … Clive Cussler … Matthew Reilly … Nina Wilde … The Event Group … Sam Reilly mean anything to you?  If not … and you are not curious; feel free to skip to The Accidental Hiatus section down below.

These are characters and authors from various series of novels of the literary genre labeled Action Adventure.

I LOVE Action Adventure novels …  and always have.   Yes… There is a Formula to these stories. So?  Combine “Indiana Jones / Lara Croft” with “James Bond” and “Mission Impossible”.


Like “Indiana Jones / Lara Croft” Because … Each of the series involves some sort of ancient / mythological Quest … Holy Grail / Noah’s Ark / Garden of Eden / Valhalla / Loch Ness / Sasquatch / Alexander’s Grave / Shangri-La  etc etc etc … and by genre law they all have an ATLANTIS Adventure.  It’s always A Frantic Race Against Time & Very Evil Villains to SAVE THE PLANET!

Like “James Bond” Because … Each of the series involve Very Very Evil Mega-Villains i.e. Dr No … Goldfinger … Blofeld … et al.  As with Bond, the villains have unlimited wealth … elaborate “lairs” … and are quite willing to sacrifice millions of lives to achieve their sinister objective = World Domination.  Unlike Bond … these are PG-rated with no graphic sex scenes.  The heroes are all handsome – posses extraordinary physical skills – are incredibly intelligent – have access to unlimited resources – feel it is their purpose in life to stamp out evil doers – with the help of an awesome team of slightly less incredible individuals.  There ARE often unscrupulous politicians but they are never identified in a partisan fashion … just “unscrupulous and evil” which could be 98% of the lot of’em.

Like “Mission Impossible” Because … These are NOT Superheroes with Super Powers like the Marvel Comics.  But like Ethan Hunt’s IM team … they have access to the very latest in technology be it computers, satellites, weaponry, cars / boats/ planes / mini-subs etc.  They race around the globe as the Extinction Clock counts down … How the heroes inevitably vanquish the Forces of Evil often defy reality / disbelief … but that’s OK.

If you enjoy those National Treasure movies with Nicholas Cage … these are similar.


My Favorites Are ... not in any order of preference

Doc Savage by Henry Ralston  There were 100s of pulp paperbacks published in the 1930s.  I read several dozens in the 1970s.  Some are still available on Amazon and  They are kinda “cheesy” befitting the times.  If you recall Flash Gordon or that Batman show in the mid 60s.  “Doc” is The Consummate All-American Man and each of his team has special areas of expertise … but “Doc” is an Expert in pretty much Everything.

Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler –  In the 1980s EVERY commercial flight HAD to have at least seven passengers reading either a Clive Cussler or a Tom Clancy Clive Cusslernovel.  I read them all.  Maybe Clive got his inspiration from “Doc Savage” but certainly everyone in this genre today was inspired by Cussler’s Dirk Pitt adventures.  He died in February but his 4-5 Dirk Pitt spin-offs are being carried on by others authorized by his estate. … My favorite spin-off is The Oregon Files featuring “The Chairman” Juan Cabrillo and his intrepid team of the Super Ship The Oregon cleverly disguised as a rust-bucket tramp steamer. … There are well over 30 total titles by Team Cussler. … If you are a reader of adventure fiction and have never read “a Clive Cussler novel … What kind of person ARE YOU?

Jack West Jr / Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly Reilly is an Australian writer.  I’ve read (listened to) all of his books usually within a week of when they come out.  One series features Call Sign “Scarecrow” – the Ultimate Spec Ops Super Soldier.  … Jack West Jr and his team live in a remote compound in the Australian Outback.  Jack wears a fireman’s hat when he is climbing a pyramid … exploring a subterranean cavern … or outnumbered 100 bad guys to Jack’s and his half dozen teammates.  There are 14+ Matthew Reilly novels so far. .., One of his latest involved a secret Chinese zoo that was breeding flying fire-breathing Dragons!  YIKES!

Nina Wilde / Eddie Chase by Andy McDermott – I went thru this series last year.  Nina is a world famous anthropologist.  Eddie is her bodyguard and a former British SAS operative.  They discover Atlantis (DUH!) … which leads to a dozen different hair-raising treks and quests.

The Event Group by David Goleman – I don’t know if a lot of readers know about this one.  As with the others. I read his latest as soon as they come out.  The Event Group (AKA Dept 5656) is an off-the-books secret government agency that operates out of a state-of-the-art subterranean HQ deep underneath Nellis AFB in Nevada.  Col. Jack Collins leads the team of spec ops warriors.  Dr Niles Compton is the Exec Director.  A former adversary of Collins – French assassin extraordinaire Henri Farbeaux – usually manages to get involved to help Jack on his hair-raising assignments.

Sam Reilly by Christopher Cartwright – Another Aussie author.  I am now on Book 9 of this 20+ adventure series.  Sam Reilly, his BFF Tom and their team operate off The Maria Helene – a super ship that appears to be “an old tugboat”.  There is an ongoing theme thru this series … tracking down “The Master Builders” who were responsible for The Pyramids and all those other ancient ancient “Wonders of The World” that somehow got built before the invention of Fire or The Wheel.  If you ever watch Ancient Aliens on TV you know what I mean. …

I’ve e-met Christopher Cartwright … “a good guy” who appreciates his loyal readers.  Check him out!

Just curious … Have you’ve ever heard of Gobekli-Tepi?  Google it.

Yes… there are numerous other authors – James Rollins and Ted Bell being very successful ones as well as Steve Berry – in this genre.  These just happen to be my favorites.

I ALWAYS suggest reading Any Series IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  Authors always supply background info on characters and relationships for the drop-in reader but it is better if you follow them from the beginning.

I listen to audiobooks TO BE ENTERTAINED.  Of the 100+ books I listen to each year are legal and police procedurals, historical fiction, occasional biographies.  Pretty much anything but “Romance” or “Horror”.  And don’t care for SciFi.  I have never read a Stephen King novel !!!




The Accidental Hiatus …BL alone

No, I have not been “Taking a Hiatus” although that is what it evolved into.

I have been sooo involved in “my fishing” – 5/7 times/week – that daily intentions to “post a column” kept getting pushed into “First Thing Tomorrow”.  … OK, there have also been several covert political  spec ops I’ve been occupied with but “let’s not go there”.

We are also prepping for an upcoming week-long visit from The Wisconsin Gang – ReRe, YaYa and Baby Danny… and their Mom and Dad too.  Oh Boy!!!

I am at that point in life where I can pick & choose how I spend my time.  “Following pro sports” has been Totally Deleted from my preferences.  Even “The Cardinals” … I went from watching 145+ St Louis Cardinals games each season to watching seven innings this “season”.    I do still follow the local college football teams because that matters to most of you.

Communicating Here with YOU is still Very Much High Atop “My Like A Lot” List VERY High Atop …I have to budget my time better.  And I intend to .

Our country is in a Helluva Mess.  That Helluva Mess ain’t going away on November 3rd regardless of the outcome of the election.  I see “it” getting worse for the duration of my earthly existence.  You know my preferences on that …  No point in pretending The Sky Isn’t Falling When It Obviously Is … We all agree on Whose Fault it is … “THEIR”.

I intend to do my best to give you a 10- minute respite from “All That” at least once a week.

The Accidental Hiatus is Officially Over!


More of BobLeeSays ?? … GO HERE!



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