DAMN! That Kooky “John Bircher” Was RIGHT!

August15/ 2020


August 15, 2020


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DAMN!  That Kooky “John Bircher” Was RIGHT!


Return with us now to those thrilling days of Yesteryear …

If you are a certified “Baby Boomer” – as I am – growing up thru the 50-60s pretty much anywhere across the fruited plain … I bet you had “a John Bircher” in your town.

I bet he regularly wrote Letters To The Editor of your town’s newspaper.  He had a local reputation as a bit of “a Kook” for his waaaay far-right political views… specifically warning anyone who would read or listen about the Imminent Dangers of Communism… AKA “The Red Menace”.

In my hometown “ours” was Dr. J.C. Peele a local ENT physician.  There was a “Dr. Peele letter” in the Kinston Daily Free Press EVERY WEEK back “in those days”.  They were likely “form letters” sent from the HQ of The John Birch Society warning one and all of “Commies hiding behind every potted palm”.   I never met Dr Peele and I don’t think I ever actually read one of his LTTEs.


NOTE: Infamous BobLeeSays reader/commenter BK is a modern day version of a “kooky John Bircher” except BK’s regular OMG! Screed LTTEs to The (bankrupt) News & Observer are from the Waaay Far Left.  “Waaaay Far Left/Right” Kooks are amazingly similar to one another.


Blondie says they had one in Cape Girardeau, MO … probably sent in the same letters.

Do you recall the name of “Your Town’s Kooky John Bircher”?

The mid 50s were “The McCarthy Hearings” outing a bunch of Hollywood bigwigs as “Communist sympathizers”.  Imagine accusing Hollywood-types of favoring “Communism” ???  Bwahahaha… “McCarthyism” became a derisive term for accusing public figures of favoring certain ideologies whether the accusations were spot-on or not.

NOTE: In 2020 most Hollywood-types would PAY Senator McCarthy cash money to include them on his list.  Times Have Changed, huh?

John Bircher

Then there was the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) … Kennedy Assassination (1963) … The movie Dr Strangelove (1964) with Slim Pickens “riding the bomb”.

In the middle of all that, there were OMG The Russians Are Coming drills in schools when we all hid under our desks … Folks were actually building bomb shelters in their backyards stocked with a year’s supply of beef jerky, Claxton fruitcakes and those little yellow Easter peeps.

One of my schoolmates – Jimmy Rose – said – “if we are gonna get bombed, I wanna go home and cover myself in Crisco … so I will be Southern Fried.   ……

Located within 50 miles of FOUR major military bases.  We knew we would be DISINTEGRATED in the first 30 seconds.

Back in the 60s we all dealt with the 24/7 threat of total global annihilation in our own ways.  Jimmy survived and became an auto parts mogul.


Among all those 60s John Birch “Paul Reveres” was a fellow named G. Edward Griffin.  Mr Griffin was considered “a conspiracy theorist” even back then.  Today that would equate to the less civil “conspiracy nut”.

G. Edward Griffin is still fogging mirrors at 88 … and still advocating his concerns about “America” relative to Communism.

From Mr. Griffin’s Wikipedia page, he seemed to touch all the usual bases with his “theories” …. The Warren Commission … Fluoride in Municipal Water Supplies … Commies behind those potted palms … The Federal Reserve … Cancer Causes & Cures … of course The Tri-Lateral Commission / One World Government … The Kennedys & The Vatican … etc etc etc.  If I have left out any, he probably did not.

As a mere “smart aleck with his own website” I am not qualified to agree or disagree with Mr. Griffin.  Here is a link to G. Edward Griffin’s Website … CLICK.

In the mid 1960s… Mr. Griffin, then in his early 30s, produced the following film of one of his commentaries on Communism And America.  That film has since been reformatted into a YouTube.  Below is said YouTube.

This 8-minute commentary was made IN THE MID 60s … 55+ years ago.

If you watched this 10 years ago … or 5 years ago … or even six months ago; I bet you (and probably me too) would have guffawed and made derisive comments about “some old conspiracy nut”.  Yuck… Yuck … Yuck ..  But it’s NOT 10 years … 5 years … or six months ago.

It is August 2020 with a Really Big Nasty Election coming in about 75 days.

Do Ol’ BobLee a favor.  Give me 8 minutes of your valuable time to watch/listen to the following …  I DARE YOU!

John Bircher

REMEMBER … Kooky Ol’ “Conspiracy Nut” – G. Edward Griffin – recorded this around 1965 … If you have any trouble opening this… go to YouTube for G. Edward Griffin.


Well… thats about alls I have to say about THAT.  Y’all have yo-selves a Real Nice Day now … ya hear.

Oh… and SHARE this with at least 100 people.  Thanks!


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