Yellowstone / The Morning Show / and some sports’ crap

Yellowstone The Morning Show
August07/ 2020

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August 7, 2020


Yellowstone / The Morning Show / and some sports crap.


I’m fine … SaidWhatMedia is fine … Blondie, Kid, Pastor Danny, ReRe YaYa & Baby Danny ALL FINE. I am firmly resolved to return to Weekly Insightful Commentaries both here and over at SaidWhat.

“America” is – alas – still perched precariously on The Edge of The Abyss.  Thats not likely to change in my lifetime or many of yours’.  I am returning aggressively to “more frequent” postings despite my inability to do much about that yucky “America on The Edge of The Abyss” Thing.  Oh well …

We were in St Louis several weeks ago for Blondie’s niece’s wedding.  Blondie found a six-bedroom AirBnB near St Louis’ Forest Park that served as HQ for incoming Family as well as our TeamWisconsin.  10-12 of us under one roof for a long weekend.  Two of the 10-12 had various levels of COVID-paranoia but no one has/had any symptoms.  Not a one.

First time Blondie or I had flown in PandemicAmerica … flights were full since many flights have been cancelled.  Charlotte Airport at about 60% busy … St Louis Airport maybe 25% busy.  The normally busy streets of St Louis were also eerily quiet …


Small World Story:  We learned that there is a two-degree separation between Blondie’s Family and “the couple in St Louis  with the AK-47 versus the BLM Terrorists”.   Surely you read about THAT.   We rode by the scene of the “stand-off” incident … like everyone else who visits St Louis these days.

Check that one off the Lookey-loo bucket list.


BREAKING NEWS… Mike Fox Retires as UNC Baseball Coach …


Our recent decision to “cut the cable” and go to all-streaming services has been VERY successful.  Wish we had done it sooner.  Unlimited choices of movies and documentaries 24 hours/day at 40% of the $$$ of cable.   I strongly recommend anyone to “do it”.  Not a complicated process at all.

We have Apple TV > HULU > Prime > Netflix > CuriosityStream > AcornTV.  For less than $80/month.

Two series I am recommending are YELLOWSTONE and The Morning Show.


YELLOWSTONE is a throwback to “DALLAS” and “DYNASTY” in that it revolves around a sorta dysfunctional family – The Duttons – headed by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) … his two sons and sorta skanky daughter Beth.  It is a modern-day “Western” where things “get Western” pretty often and pretty easily.

It is midway thru Season 3.  You really need to start with Season 1 / Episode 1 to figure out Whos Who.  The series is on a cable channel and on Prime and Hulu.  In Season 1 you think John Dutton is a JR Ewing-type conniving bad guy, but he’s not.  He is a throwback to the no-nonsense cattle ranchers of the 1880s… in 2020.   He is determined to protect his ranch against all comers … government … evil developers … Indian Reservation … et al.

The fictional Dutton Ranch (i.e. “Yellowstone”) is “the largest privately-owned ranch in America”.  It is adjacent to Yellowstone Park in Montana.  The scenery in the show is AWESOME.

The central characters are a combination of likable and not-so-likable.  Except for Yellowstone The Morning howEVERYBODY Loves “Rip”.  “Rip Wheeler” played by Cole Hauser is the Ranch Foreman and a sorta kinda adopted 3rd son of John Dutton.

“Rip” IS The Marlboro Man in his boots, jeans, ranch jacket and brown stetson and aviators.  Rip personifies “Cowboy Cool”.  Rip is in charge of the dozen or so ranch hands.    When John Dutton needs something done… a mite shady or otherwise… he calls on Rip.  It gets done.  Rip knows “where the bodies are buried” ’cause Rip buried most of’em.

There have been numerable “memorable scenes”. #1 was towards the end of Season 2 – Beth & The Western Dress Shop – you’ll know it when you see it.  #2 is around Episode 3 of Season 3 … Rip & The Bunkhouse Boys versus The Biker Gang.

Rip reminds me of Woodrow Call in Lonesome Dove.  You REALLY do not want to get him mad.

Did I mention that John Dutton has a “friends with benefits” thing going with the she-Governor of Montana?  He does.

YELLOWSTONE … Watch It.  It WILL be on the final exam.


The Morning Show is a 10-episode series on Apple-TV.  It might be available elsewhere.  It is a fictional version of The Matt Lauer / Today Show Sex Scandal.

Steve Carell plays Mitch Kessler – “the Matt Lauer character”.  Jennifer Aniston plays Alex Levy – “the Katie Couric character”.  Reese Witherspoon plays Carell’s replacement when he is fired.  Her nickname is an X-rated Hoot.Yellowstone The Morning Show

It is a combination of Lauer’s sexual shenanigans and the whole #MeToo movement.  The show begins with Carell’s firing and then its all about “the cover-up” and “who knew what and why it was tolerated”.

You know me… I was expecting a bunch of Hollywood Liberal Crap with overt political bias.  There really isn’t any “politics” in it at all.  If there was, I would never recommend it.  A behind-the-scenes look at how a TV show like that is produced is fascinating … the super-egos … the corporate BS, et al.   I assume it is an accurate portrayal.  Quite a back-stabbing world.

Yellowstone The Morning Show

A central character is “Corey Ellison” – Head of the network’s News Division” – played by actor Billy Crudup.  According to “The Boz” my go-to-guy on such matters – Billy Crudup is a late 80s UNCCH alum and “DKE”.

If you can find The Morning Show … Watch It.


It’s been over two weeks in whatever The NBA and MLB are doing.  The sum total of my watching as been ten minutes of The NBA between “two teams of black guys and Euros running up and down throwing up 3s and dunking”.  Those ten minutes were forced…

We were at dinner with friends at a toney Raleigh country club and my seat was facing a big screen.  I have watched basketball for many decades and it finally occurred to me that watching The NBA is like watching NASCAR … you watch for ten minutes and you’ve seen it all.  Yes, they are incredible athletes but all it is is throwing up 3s and dunking.

No temptation at all to watch MLB.  I’ve gone cold turkey and don’t miss it one bit.  I cashed in my MLB.TV subscription.

Lots of “I’m Done” Harumphing on social media about “boycotting The NFL” if/when it starts up.  We’ll see how / if that manifests itself when the time comes.

Most of the “I’m Done” Harumphing is coming from Baby Boomers who have been the core of NFL / NBA / MLB / NASCAR fans for 30-40 years … BUT that 55+ demographics is no longer Madison Avenue’s Primo Target.

Will the BLM Urban Terrorists  – obscenity screaming ANTIFA Terrorists – Transgenders – and “generally pissed-off about everything” junior millennials with their worthless degrees fill the viewer void for fans?  I guess we’ll find out.  Huh?  I’m pretty sure the “guilt-ridden-about-being-white” millennial moms are NOT going to save The NFL.

FWIW … I still doubt there will be Big Time College Football this Fall.  If that is the case … you “boosters” better be ready to cash in your retirement accounts to keep “your school’s” Athletic Departments in business.

Me?  I got 25 audible books sitting in My Queue … and at least that many movies and documentaries in My Watch List to stream.  I’m set.


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