Donald Trump & George Patton …

Donald Trump and Geprge Patton
August05/ 2020

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Donald Trump and George Patton


Rush offers a terrific comparison of Donald Trump and George Patton. 

Everyone has / had a strong opinion of both men.  Both men were Outspoken (to a fault) … (often unnecessarily) Confrontational … Predictably Unpredictable … and Both Men were THE MAN for a Critical Time for America.

Yes.  It’s kinda long … BUT

It is well worth your time to read.

Trump Voters Look to Our President as their George Patton

Aug 4, 2020 / EIBDonald Trump and George Patton


RUSH: Chris in McAlester, Oklahoma. Great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega prayers. I just wanted to say that I, for one, am so happy that Trump is a positive thinker. And it’s not Pollyanna kind of positive thinking. It’s positive thinking based on experience. He’s a can-do person. He gets things done. He’s a successful person. He doesn’t take “no” for an answer. And he succeeds.

And I’m so happy that he’s at the helm during this devastating time that we’re going through because he is a can-do person. Just look at the way he made it happen for you to be there at the State of the Union speech to get the Medal of Freedom when you said that there were so many obstacles to overcome, and he made it happen. That’s just one small example of how his positive thinking is not pie-in-the-sky. It’s based on experience and the success that he’s had.

RUSH:   There’s something else about Trump not being a Pollyanna and an outsider. You’re right, he’s a can-do, get-things-done kind of person because in his life, you had to get things done. If you took on a project, building a building or whatever it was, you had to get it done, golf course, whatever. You had to get it done. Your name’s on it, a lot of people work for you, you have to get it done.

In government there’s all kinds of people that you can lay it off on if it doesn’t work. There’s all kinds of things that you can blame if it doesn’t happen. You can blame the faceless bureaucracy. You can blame regulations. You can blame anything, but he doesn’t do that. You know, I have to laugh, too, folks, when I listen to — and, by the way, I have no beef with Jonathan Swan at Axios. I see him, he’s occasionally on the panel with Bret Baier on the Fox Special Report with Bret Baier at 6 o’clock in the evening. I’ve seen him around. And I don’t have an axe to grind. I’m not picking little rivalry, skirmishes here.


But when I listen to these people try to try to explain to me how Donald Trump thinks, I just have to chuckle ’cause they are clueless. They cannot think outside their own prism.

In other words, they look at the way Trump thinks measured against the way they think. They think that anybody in Washington would think the way they do.

Trump doesn’t think the way a traditional Washington politician thinks. And they can’t figure this out. As such, folks, they can’t figure you out, those of you who support Trump.

Here’s what they don’t know. They do not know a very relevant truth. And that truth is that 95% of Republican voters would crawl over flaming coals to vote for Trump, and they will do so if they have to in November.

They might have some disagreements. Some of you may have a problem with his tweets, you may have a problem that he goes on with people like Chris Wallace or Axios, whatever, sits down with the enemy.

Some of you may wish that he didn’t do or say things that you have trouble explaining to people. Some of you may wish that he would change the way he speaks, but none of that, in the end, matters. I don’t think most of the people on our side at the end of the day give two hoots about Trump’s tweets or about what people say is his lack of manners. I don’t think people care.

Trump voters know what the stakes are. And the stakes are so much higher than worrying about whether somebody is civilized or acts civilized or has manners or what have you.

Because the bottom line, we do not judge Trump’s character to be failing. We think that Trump’s character is what’s going to get things done. And we think that there is a crisis situation and that the country is hanging by a thread and that he’s the only guy that we have out there right now who we can invest in to maybe delay it or stop it.

So if his attitude is what it is and that leads to him succeeding, then bring it on, is what most people say. The Never Trumpers are gonna get all caught up in wringing their hands, “He’s so ill-mannered. He’s like a bull in a china shop. Can’t he just act more presidential?” None of that matters compared to what we face. And what we face is patently obvious. Just watch the Democrats.

Look at Portland. Look at Seattle. You want the country to be that way? We’re on the way, we’re on the verge, if the Democrats end up running the whole country, why is that gonna be any different anywhere else? They can’t even fix it in Seattle. They can’t even fix it in Portland. They don’t even seem to want to. They’re destroying New York. Cuomo and de Blasio are destroying New York as a place of business. More on that as the program unfolds.

Now, these people do not see that Trump voters look at Trump as their general. He’s their George Patton.

Patton sometimes shot himself in the foot. You know, George Patton was always getting in trouble with the media. He’d go do a speech to a bunch of blue-haired Bloody Mary gang women somewhere in Europe and he’d say something about war that was particularly vulgar, and it would make the newspapers and Eisenhower would call him in and say, “What the hell, can you just shut up, George?”

But when it came time to deploy Patton’s army, he was leading it. And this is how Trump voters look at Trump. He is their general who sometimes frustrates people, but in the end his voters do not judge him. They only worry when they think something he’s done might set him back a little. But they don’t worry about these other things that the Never Trumpers seem obsessed with.

The only thing when it comes to Trump that his voters want is for him to succeed, because it means they do. It means that they are winning.

And they’re not distracted by and their support is not so flimsy that it can be destroyed with a tweet, for crying out loud. I’ll tell you something.

You people in the Drive-Bys, Trump voters are so far removed from judging the guy, it’s not even funny. You need to get off of that because there’s nothing you can do that is going to change this. There’s nothing you can do that’s gonna cause Trump voters to start judging him negatively and then as a result of that abandon him. Not as long as you people in the Democrat side of things, including the media, continue to act as you’re acting.

Trump has shown that these people have to be fought. They have to be stopped. And these circle jerk navel gazers are never, ever going to fit in.

The idea that the Republican Party can go back to being the Bush-Romney party as long as you get rid of Trump, they are so clueless, it’s never gonna be that again. They have no clue.


RUSH: I want to continue on this one train of thought that I’m on. The Drive-By Media continue to believe that they can drive a wedge between Trump voters and Trump. And the Never Trumpers themselves, they believe that — well, all opposition to Trump in professional Washington, be it media, be it Republicans, be it Never Trumpers, they believe that if they just keep hounding on this business of manners, he’s not presidential, his tweets, that eventually they can sour you on Trump. And they’re missing the boat. I mean, they’ve missed it for four years, and they’re gonna keep missing it.

I got a couple emails, “What did you mean by George Patton?” I understand. Some people may not know who George Patton was. George Patton was a star military general, United States Army, World War II particularly. And he was a controversial figure because he spoke his mind. He didn’t have a muzzle. And because he was so good, he was so renowned, he was often sought in nonmilitary settings while he showed up in uniform. He was requested to go make speeches or to address other groups of people because the military effort has always been a PR effort no matter what.

Even World War II you had to have the public behind you. And Patton loved war. He believed that he had been born and served as generals in previous wars. He was a unique individual. He was always getting into trouble. Even in Europe, I remember specifically reading about, he was to address some group of ladies, European ladies, and he was asked about the wounded and how they’re dealt with, and he was a profound realist and literalist as well.

And he would talk about the wounded, not the dead, the wounded as worthless and in the past and not helpful, can’t count on ’em, they’re wounded, they’re not gonna be in battle. And sensibilities were shaken. There were people that were outraged at his insensitivity. Why, these soldiers had risked their lives for Patton and here he is talking about how they’re useless to him now. He was not denigrating being wounded. He was simply talking about the reality that a wounded soldier can’t go to combat. He was constantly saying things like that.

And in a sense our culture hasn’t changed. If you want to pretend to have all this massive sensitivity, you can go far. But that was not his makeup. He was one of the most prolific users of profanity no matter who the audience was. And if you got him going talking about the Germans, you had better be in possession of adult ears. Well, one of these times he offended a whole lot of people.

And Eisenhower actually thought about taking his command away from him for a while. Called him up, said, “George, you just gotta learn to shut up. You can’t just talk to these people. They don’t understand you, George. You’re making our effort all that much more difficult.”

And he had his detractors like Trump has his detractors. Omar Bradley, you know, was number two in command to Eisenhower, was often dispatched by Eisenhower to try to put the fear of God into Patton.

And the way you did that was to threaten to take his command away from him, to threaten to take his army away. But you know what? Never happened. Whenever Patton’s army was deployed, he was sent to lead it. He was never pulled back. Just like Trump is never gonna be pulled back. Trump supporters are never going to demand that Trump be replaced by anybody because in their view, there isn’t anybody.

Donald Trump has faced what I consider to be almost inhumane opposition daily for four years.

I would suggest to you that there isn’t an American alive today, in politics, who has the slightest idea what it’s like to be Donald Trump for a week. They haven’t the slightest — because there is nobody that faces the kind of slander and libel and never-ending incoming, which has attempted to destroy him every day. There isn’t anybody who has had to endure this kind of anal exam.

And what does he do? Fights back every day.

Sometimes he fights back in ways that embarrass his supporters. … Sometimes he fights back in ways they stand up and cheer. …  Sometimes he fights back when they wish he would shut up and not talk about it because they think he’s talking about inconsequential people, you know, the old notion, why is he punching down, why is he worried about what such-and-such thinks? It’s irrelevant.

But what he does is demonstrate how to push back. He demonstrates that it is necessary. … … And he demonstrates that it can be done. … … He demonstrates that you can win by pushing back on these people instead of appeasing them. Instead of getting along with ’em. Instead of trying to cooperate with ’em. … … He shows that you can beat them back and triumph by fighting them.

The Never Trumpers and a lot of these Republicans now that are insistent on electing Democrats who think that it would actually be best if the Republican Party just died and they could rebuild it.

Boy, I’ve encountered sophistry in my days, but never before have I encountered this kind of blindness.

These people are absent something that is crucial. And Trump has it in spades. It’s called testosterone. He has single-handedly put it back in the Republican Party. And they can’t stand it because they equate testosterone with a lack of manners, with a lack of civility.

I need to ask those of you in the Romney, Bush, Never Trumper wing of the Republican Party, I need to ask a question.

Let’s go to November — do you think that the Marxists — and I’m saying that on purpose, not Democrats. And this bunch that we’re facing is more than the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is now the repository for these uber-leftists, the Marxists and the communists and everything else.

Do you think that these Marxists are just gonna go away quietly into the night after Trump wins or loses in November?

Is this what you think, that this is all gonna end? Do you think, Thomas Friedman, that this is all gonna end in November, is that what you think? You think this is gonna end in November?

Let’s say Trump loses. You think it’s gonna end in November? If Trump loses, these people are going to be scary. They’re gonna be ascendant, meaning rising. They’re gonna be so full of themselves, they’re gonna be insufferable. And if Trump wins, they’re gonna be rioting in the streets every day for four more years. They’re not going to go away. They’re proposing right now — I’ve got the story in the Stack here — in addition to defunding the police, they are now openly talking about the abolition of history. They do not want American history taught in the schools.


Now, these people on the Republican side seem to think that if Trump loses, we’re just gonna go back to normal, we’re gonna go back to the way it was. Gonna go back to the Democrats being who they are, Republicans being who they are and we’re gonna peacefully coexist.


The Democrats are gonna run the show for the most part. Republicans will win now and then, but at least it will be civil. And at least it will be filled with manners. And at least Washington will be polite.

And, yeah, the only way that’s gonna happen is if you Republicans assume the former position that you’ve always occupied, and that is loser. That’s when you have peace.

The Republican Party, you can have all the peace you want if you will just lose. And then if you will acknowledge that that’s your normal state, if you will acknowledge that that’s your political to role to play, that you lose more often than you win, that’s the way the Democrats are happy with you, fine, that’s what you’re gonna have to do.

But this is a different day. And these Marxists and the people burning down Portland, Seattle, if Trump wins you think they’re just gonna go away? You think the women wearing all those vagina hats and this stuff, all of these people, defund the police movement is just gonna go away?

You think de Blasio and Cuomo are just gonna go away?

If Trump loses, do you think the Democrats gonna welcome the Republicans and the Never Trumpers back into Washington and back into the political fold and say, oh, boy, now it’s back to normal. We got rid of bad orange man.

Now we can go back to — you think that’s how it’s gonna be?

If Trump loses, you can kiss this country as you know it good-bye.

You’re gonna have to find a new role for yourselves. You’re gonna have to find a way to participate in America that will literally be in decline because that’s what the Democrats’ intentions are. They’re gonna pick up right where they left off with Obama and Hillary. And they’re going to continue to drive this country down. They’re gonna turn us into a mere participant in some massive global government.

It isn’t gonna go back to the way it was. And you’re not gonna automatically just assume the positions of influence and power that you had before Election Day 2016. You think the people that ran the silent coup are just gonna apologize, say, “Okay. Well, we might not have succeeded when we wanted to, but at least we got rid of the guy.” You think they’re just gonna go back to being the same old people they were before they tried to run the coup?

I don’t know how people can be so blind, but I think they are. Especially the people now talking about maybe the best thing that could happen is the Republican would just lose so bad that it ceases to exist and will need to be rebuilt. And who’s gonna rebuild it? Who’s gonna rebuild the Republican Party that’s gonna have any kind of a chance against this bunch of Marxists out there who are burning down American cities, defunding police departments, trying to overtake the education system in toto, stop the teaching of American history.

They’re openly trying to damage the United States economy, what makes you think they’re gonna just stop, no matter what happens with Trump, win or lose? If you think, bottom line — and I’m talking to you Never Trumpers and the moderate RINO Republicans — if you believe that you’re ever going to have positions of power and prominence without having to fight the left, the Marxists, the Democrats, then I have no idea what you’re smoking, and I don’t want any of it.

I don’t know how you could be so obtuse, and I don’t know how in the world — I see all of these prominent Republican intellectuals saying they’re gonna vote Democrat for the first time in their lives, they’re actually gonna vote for Joe Biden.

I don’t know how anybody who has ever been a Republican or ever been a conservative can even possibly entertain the idea of voting for the group of people that is trying to stop the success of this country as every turn, that is attempting to burn down Seattle and Portland. I do not understand it.

But this is what Donald Trump has done to otherwise sane and coherent people.

He has demonstrated how poisonous elitism is. … … He’s also demonstrated how it may be a number of these people have never really been who we thought they were in terms of being conservative ideological leaders.

But if you think that Trump voters are gonna abandon him, you need to learn that most Republican voters and, what is it, 95% of them still support Trump, according to the latest polling data, I’m telling you they would crawl over flaming coals to vote for the guy. You’re not gonna intimidate them into not showing up.

I don’t care what schemes you devise to limit the vote, you’re not gonna stop a Trump voter from casting his ballot. Ain’t gonna happen.



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