Redskins… America… etc etc

Redskins America
July20/ 2020

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July 20, 2020


Redskins … America … etc etc


WARNING:  Some of you will misinterpret the following remarks … jumping to the erroneous conclusion that I have “changed sides” in Battleground America 2020.  Be Assured that I have not.

These Troubling Times are giving us plenty of reasons to pound our plowshare into a sword … and to do so quickly.  But is Every Issue such a reason ?


DID YOU KNOW THAT … The Americas (North, Central & South) is named for Amerigo Vespucci … a rather dubious fellow who was a contemporary of Christopher Columbus.  Vespucci was involved in sea-faring exploration in the late 1490s, but to what degree and with what accomplishment has never been verified… and is doubted by most “credible historians”.   Not all “historians” ARE “credible”!Redskins America

Vespucci claims to have explored the eastern coast of what is now Central / South America / Brazil and on one voyage purchased 232 “slaves” to be resold in Spain.  Uh Oh! … In his will, Vespucci left his “five household slaves” to his heirs.  Uh Oh!

I mention that before someone DEMANDS the Continent be renamed for either “a civil rights icon”  … or “a famous rapper” … or … or…

“The Americas” were named for Vespucci in 1532 – 20 years after Vespucci’s death – by a group of self-important pseudo-aristocrats who were pissed off at Columbus for some obscure reason.  Not because Vespucci himself ever did anything worthy of having two freakin’ continents named for him.

… OK, lets talk about “Redskins” now…


In the 21 years that Daniel Snyder has owned The Redskins … No one other than Snyder himself or his entourage of toadies has ever said anything “nice” about the guy.  Being “nice” is not a requirement for owning a professional sports team.  With a handful of exceptions, most sports team owners are NOT  “nice”.   They are men with egos to match their bank accounts

Redskins... America

The recent OMG about rampant sexual harassment within Snyder’s organization is as SHOCKING as “another Political Scandal in Washington”.

Sports teams – especially NFL and NBA – are testosterone overloaded at every level from players, front office, cheerleaders, et al.

Many people want to be a part of such organizations FOR THAT REASON … and personnel are hired FOR THAT REASON.

Take a tour of any NFL / NBA front office … and count the number of unattractive women you see.  Damn few.  Being “eye candy” is a resume enhancer in any sports organization at every level.

NOTE:  Whoa BobLee… are you endorsing such a Neanderthal attitude? … Not at all. I am reminding you that it thrives in “sports” – likely within “your team” too.  If you have a “your team” in sports.

The Snyder Regime is noteworthy for extended mediocrity and for Dan Snyder’s unique ability to say / do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Other than a relative brief period under Joe Gibbs … “The Redskins” have been synonymous with mediocrity for 50+ years.  Despite having one of THE Best “Fight Songs” of all-time –

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.!

The dispute over the name “Redskins” has been going on for 20-30 years increasing in recent years as “those obsessed by such things” became increasingly so … and now appears to have culminated in discontinuance of the name.

Likewise the durm and strang over Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, The Land O’ Lakes squaw, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Edmonton Eskimos, etc etc and the various other logos to be discontinued as America fights”The Logo Wars”.

The Logo Wars and The Statue Wars are very similar.  The “Symbolism Over Substance” Gang choose issues that can be understood by their mouth-breathing rank/file; and by terminally woke “info babes” with bra sizes larger than their IQs.


Lets discuss “Tar Heels”.  A dozen feckless galoots in Durham created an ad hoc collective noun for themselves … composed a You Must letter to “You People at UNC” DEMANDING the discontinuance of “Tar Heels” … and got TWO front page articles in the local bankrupt newspaper and two days mention on the local TV affiliates… and created bedlam on “scenic Franklin Street”.

The “Tar Heels” issue has probably exhausted its 15 minutes of OMG! They Can’t Do THAT… Can They? news worthiness … but its 2020 in America and its Chapel Hill… so Ya Never Know.

Within six minutes of the issue hitting social media … there were 694,321 combined tweets and FB posts from “hated rival fans” suggesting either “Cheaters” or “Tar Holes”as possible new team names.  The Vegas Over/Under on that was 632,507.


IMOThe “Redskins” issue was a no-brainer that coulda shoulda been quietly resolved decades ago by quietly changing the name…  sans an obscenity-screaming mob of urban thugs and millennial wokees.

Unlike “Seminoles” or “Cherokees” or “Mohicans” … “Redskins” was never honoring a noble tribe of Indians / Native Americans / Indigenous People.

“Redskins” IS a derogatory term.  No different from “Niggars” … “Hymies” … “Spicks” … “Polaks” … “Slopes” … “Chinks” … “Krauts”.  There are no sports teams with those names.  Yeah yeah yeah … I know “the logo was designed by an Indian” and X number of “Indians” say they don’t mind it.

And “Silent Sam” coulda shoulda quietly been relocated to a less prominent location on the UNC campus decades ago.  That statue was put there 110 years ago.  America has evolved since then.

Likewise for 100s of “Confederate soldier statues” in town squares across The South.  All, apparently, cast from the same mold.  Quietly relocate them to less prominent sites in the community.  The window to do so “quietly” … alas, closed several years ago.

Redskins America

The Atlanta Braves retired “Chief Noc-A-Homa” many years ago.  The Cleveland Indians shoulda done the same with goofy “Chief Wahoo”.   I am less dogmatic about “Seminoles” and “Chief Osceloa & Renegade”.


IMO … the issue with controversial team names, flags, syrup bottles and statues is NOT their existence.  The Issue is …

Being FORCED To… 

Give up those names and logos, statues and flags. etc.… by roaming gangs of obscenity-spewing urban thugs and post-adolescent nitwits “getting their way” by spewing obscenities … and being brainless nitwits.

IF the adults in charge had “gumption” they woulda quietly anticipated and adapted to “changing times” BEFORE being Forced To. 

The timely application of “Gumption” can resolve 87% of “Issues”.


As I prefaced all this … I have NOT “switched sides”.   I am just selective about what issues are worth fighting for.  IMO … these noted above are not.

There are still plenty of issues that ARE well worth fighting for in America.  Plenty of reasons you should pound your plowshare into a sword… and do quickly.

That reaffirmed … the timely application of Gumption can prevent “Mexican Stand-Offs”.  Yes, I purposely used an ethnic phrase just to see if you are paying attention.


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