No America… I Expect You To Die!

"No America ...
June10/ 2020


June 10, 2020


No America… I Expect You To Die!


Paraphrasing that classic scene / line from “Goldfinger” … James Bond is secured to a platform with a deadly laser beam inching it’s way to a visceral dissection of 007.   Auric Goldfinger looks on approvingly.  Bond asks if Goldfinger expects him to talk …


“No Mr Bond, I expect you to die” ….


The intrepid secret agent plays his only card … convincing Goldfinger that he – Bond and others – know of Goldfinger’s plot to destroy America’s gold reserves at Ft Knox.  It works … and James goes on to defeat Goldfinger and 25+ other Master Villains all intent on World Domination.

Today’s Master Villain intent on World Domination in 2020 is reputed to be billionaire currency speculator /manipulator and former Hitler Youth – George Soros.   

If you are at all “right-leaning” – as I am – you immediately recognize Soros.  If you are of the left-leaning ilk you may have never heard of George Soros.  His name has NEVER been uttered on CNN or MSNBC or any of the consortium of Left-Wing Media operations.

No America

Soros is to American news media what Voldemort is to Hogwarts … i.e.  “He whose name is never mentioned”

In Raleigh recently… WRAL-TV5 owner / hard-core Limo Liberal Zealot / and Soros wannabee – Jim Goodmon Sr. – instructed his toadies to go on-air and categorically deny that Soros was involved in anything about anything.  OK, he was… but so what?

If your liberal acquaintances scoff at your concern re: George Soros – “that mysterious mythical Boogie Man that haunts the nightmares of every “crazy right-winger”.  Remember those same Lib/Dem scoffers have convinced themselves that – 1 – Abortion is NOT Killing Babies … and that – 2 – allowing pedophiles into Girls Restrooms is a “good thing”.  Consider the source of pretty much anything a liberal ever says in that context.

And those Soros-scoffers intend to vote for Joe Biden – who is leaking mental acuity so rapidly he cannot complete a compound or complex sentence.  Or eat oatmeal without drooling it down his shirt assuming he remembers to wear a shirt.

Whatever George Soros’ actual level of involvement in financing  and/or directing global anarchism … I guarantee you that pinhead three cubicles down from you … or some bug-eyed rabid screech owl on MSNBC doesn’t know.

It is easy to dismiss fictional megalomaniacal super villains because they seem to always be quickly dispatched by assorted Dudley-D-Rights – secret agents and/or super heroes.  Think Joker, Penguin, Lex Luthor, etc.

Their ilk tend to fare a bit better in non-fiction … Nero – Caligula – Xerxes – Napoleon – Mao – Joe Stalin – and everyone’s favorite super villain – that Munich paperhangar who came within unfavorable weather on June 6, 1944 of creating a much bigger global mess than he did create.

Yes… they all seem to meet their just reward eventually but “eventually” can mean decades or longer.


If you still don’t believe America could be facing multi-decades of socio-political CHAOS with what is going on Right Now … you really should be in a different Facebook Group.


Boogie men – super villains – and Conspiracy Theories that mention them are probably like all conspiracy theories – 50% are bogus … but which 50% ?   That holds true involving conspiracies in politics – sports – entertainment – et al.

Conspiracy theories involving one’s Hated Rivals in college sports are usually very heavy in Yee Haaaaa.

I fully expect to read that “Dabo” is an old Indian word for “mud people” … and that Mack Brown feeds his bevv of 4-star AfAm recruits watermelon and chittlins. 

And everyone knows that Roy Williams is writing Joe Biden’s ever-increasingly disjointed repartee with the media.   Coach K is, of course, Satan’s spawn.  … FWIW… I believe that one about Roy and Crazy Ol’ Joe.  I’m mean… think about it.

Speaking of “Dabo” … the report coming out of Columbia SC that Dabo is replacing Howard’s Rock with a Burning Cross has been categorically denied by Danny Ford’s nephew – the former fry cook at what used to be Dan’s Sandwich Shop in Historic Downtown Clemson.


It’s 2020 … Conspiracy Theories are no different from political polls and news stories in any media form … We believe the ones that correspond to our pre-conceived notions on whatever the conspiracy – poll – news story involves.  We disbelieve those that do not… and THAT may be the only thing that “Us” and “They” share in common.

I believe that George Soros DOES exist and – has unlimited $$$ resources – has a visceral dislike of everything I like about America – has financed many many Democratic candidates in key judicial positions – “owns” a number of Democratic elected officials including NC Governor “Restroom Roy” Cooper … and … and … that George Soros is Much More Dislikable and Dangerous than Donald J. Trump on Donald’s worst day.

Whether George Soros operates out of an extinct volcano in upstate New York … has minions running about in multi-colored jumpsuits … keeps pet sharks … and a pet cat … and wears an eye patch on Tuesdays

… is anyone’s guess.


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