If I Was Roger Goodell, I woulda …

If I Was Roger Goodell
June07/ 2020

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June 8, 2020


If I Was Roger Goodell, I woulda said …


I promised to devote this website page to non-inflammable topics.  … to make this your safe port in the Category 5 Storm that has settled in over America for what appears to be “quite a spell”.  “A spell” as in “for longer than I expect to be fogging a mirror”.  I am rescinding that earlier “promise” by half.

I believe I can discuss these combustible topics with enough “gallows humor” to distinguish this website from the Tsunami of BS that is Social Media and/or the odious tripe that permeates the airwaves.  Here goes…


Amid the burned buildings, broken windows, endless threats of “we’re gonna…”, and “we’re so sorry…”, and The Media doing exactly what The Media 2020 does … there was one pair of incidents I wish to expound upon.

NO Saints QB – Drew Brees – said a lot of stuff  over a 3-day period last week that I would have advised him NOT to say .  I have a similar ongoing problem with Donald J. Trump doing the same thing.

I’m just a smart aleck with his own website … but gosh darn it … I have a real feel for this sort of crap. … “stepping in it” to be specific.

Roger Goodell said

“What DrewBrees said” catapulted The NFL smack in the middle of all the burning and breaking and yelling and … and … And predictably Commissioner Roger Goodell had to mount his bully pulpit and throw jet fuel on the fire.

At least “Roger” looks the part – which is more than ever said about The NBA’s Chief Freak – Adam Silver … or MLB’s Stumblin’ Rob Manfred.  “Roger” has never denied that he is a Factotum for the NFL owners… a multi-million $$$ “Hey Boy” for 30 Very Wealthy and Very White Old Guys.

Here’s The BobLee Says Line of The Week …


I Totally Agree with What Roger Goodell Said about Black Lives Matter & The NFL!


If I was NFL Owners’ “Hey Boy” I would have said exactly what Roger said… except I woulda been funnier than Roger. 

“Jock itch” is funnier than Roger.


If I had gotten to Drew Brees BEFORE Drew did his – “my two grandfathers … WWII … respect the flag … don’t kneel … “,,, and Home of The Brave” speech… then Roger would have not HAD to say what Roger Had To Say.

Once Drew did his Lee Greenwood / Francis Scott Key impression… Drew only had two choices… (1) – Retire Immediately and go into WITSEC … (2) – Start an endless series of blubbering “I’m so sorry” apologies that would end in him promising to give a whole bunch of $$$$ to “BLM whatever”.

The reality about “promising” to give a bunch of $$$ to XYZ Cause is most such promisers never get around to doing it.  Michael Jordan is promising $100,000,000 over the next ten years … right.

After Drew’s umpteenth blubbering apology he slinked off the public stage a hopelessly broken man with a legacy only Jimmy The Greek or Al Campanis would envy.  Exit Drew … Enter Roger.


Guess what?  The NFL IS totally dependent on black athletes for its continuing existence.

The Future of Football is that the % of black players versus “white players” at EVERY level is only going to increase. … 


White kids are not signing up for Youth Football like they used to due to (1) parental fears of CTE et al … and (2) black athletes as a group are now simply ‘better” at Football and Basketball.  Why?  I am not a genetic anthropologist.   What goes into the “feeder system at 9-10 ends up in The NFL 15 years later.

Those who bloviate that the Black NFLers can “all go back to Africa” or “get jobs as bouncers at strip clubs or being bodyguards for famous rappers” are …

The same whack jobs that… every February post “Why don’t we have a White History Month?”  Just dumb white guys doing Al Sharpton impressions.


No, The NFL Cannot “Go hire 700+ white guys” to take their places.

That’s called Division III College Football and no one except my son-in-law “Pastor Danny” and his Wheaton buddies watch that.

The mass market appeal of an NFL composed solely of Deep Snappers, Punters and Placekickers… is comparable to The NFL hiring fat ugly girls and gay guys as “eye candy” cheerleaders. NO!


The NFL cannot afford its 700+ Black players doing any sort of work stoppage.  “Roger” will clean every urinal in every NFL stadium with his tongue to try and keep The NFL’s black players happy.  He HAS TO…

This Fall I doubt there will even be a National Anthem played at NFL games  … if thats what “they” tell Roger they want.  Roger will approve it. … But You do NOT have to watch.

The NFL hopes that you won’t “not watch”. Your Eyes are what The NFL gets Mega-$$$ for providing to advertisers.  You Still Control What You Choose To Watch.

Will lower viewer ratings cause The NFL to reconsider appeasing its black players’ demands?  Probably not.

Will BLM sympathizers replace You as NFL fans?  Probably not.

Is The Future of The NFL  a Your Problem?


Acknowledging the Reality that The NFL IS indeed locked in to a Black-centric player base.  And that player base is now empowered and very angry.


If I was an Old White Guy Billionaire NFL Owner these days, I would…

Slap a FSBO – FOR SALE sign on my franchise right now..

If I Was Roger Goodell


Get the hell out of what is going to become more of a 5-Alarm headache with each new day.  I would call J-Z and Oprah and Bob Johnson and Spike Lee and Denzel and (insert names of every famous rapper) and tell them “make me an offer”.

If I’m an Old White Billionaire with a trophy wife young enough to be my daughter … I can circumnavigate the Earth in my mega-yacht and hit Titleist golf balls off the stern … or fly my tricked-out 747 to Loch Ness and troll for The Monster  … or “Buy Wyoming” and rename it after aforementioned young trophy wife …. OR

… “Play solitaire with a deck of 51” trying to appease a black player base that knows it now “has you by the short hairs”.

History tells us that – alas –  Several NFL Owners WILL “Do a Drew Brees” … i.e. NOT check with me … before they blurt head first into a glorious mess. … sigh.


There are over 600,000 LEOs in AmericaIf .002% of those 600,000 are “loose cannon rogues” that is a potential of 12 inexcusable incidents such as befell George Floyd – the career criminal who was the victim of the inexcusable incident in Minneapolis.

Each of those .002% / 12 has a Fraternal Order of Police union rep who will not allow him/her to be fired simply because he/she is a “loose cannon rogue”.  … They cannot even be fired by AfAm Police Chiefs like the one in Minneapolis and in most major cities in 2020.

You didn’t know the Minneapolis Police Chief since 2017 is AfAm?  And so are the current police chiefs in Charlotte – Raleigh – Durham – Greensboro – and Fayetteville just to name a few major cities in NC.

If you didn’t know that … Where do you get your news ???

There is a better chance of The Yellowstone Caldera blowing its top tomorrow… than there is of totally preventing LEO’s incidents involving AfAm citizens.

I believe that…  Black Lives Matter began as a Noble and Necessary Movement … and, like so many noble and necessary movements, was quickly hi-jacked. … just as the CRA was hi-jacked 60 years ago…

… hi-jacked by sinister and diabolical anarchists… that make Bond Villains look like jaywalkers.

BLM is now part of a Gordian Knot of Quasi-Social Movements that  threaten the political stability of not only America but The World.

Ultimately leading to – as noted previously –  That Final Scene in Planet Of The Apes.

If I was Roger Goodell.

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