No “Geneva Conventions” for Battleground America

Geneva Convention
May22/ 2020

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No Geneva Conventions for Battleground America

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This is the 2nd or 3rd re-post of this commentary,  I might do a 4th and 5th before November if it will wake up some of You People … who are SHOCKED that the Lib/Dems and their media toadies Don’t Play Fair.


You’ve heard of The Geneva Convention haven’t you?   Some meeting held in Switzerland at which all the Citizens of Earth agreed to fight Wars “like ladies and gentlemen”… i.e. Marquis of Queensbury Rules for genocide and global annihilation?  Not quite…

I am going to provide you some more historical background.  Your question – How can War be Humane? has to be suspended for the next 5-6 paragraphs.

♦  Speaking of “humane”Why do they sterilize the needle before executing a convicted criminal with a fatal injection?

The word “Conventions” in Geneva Conventions mean “Rules” …   It was Not a BIG PARTY with funny hats, balloons and a lot of bombastic BullS**t.

You didn’t know that did you?  There is a lot more in these 1,000 words you probably didn’t know.  Keep reading


A Swiss guy named Henry Dunant came up with a series of “rules” for fighting wars. Henry DunantHenry was concerned about how the wounded and non-combatants were treated after The Battle of Solferino in 1859…

Henry composed his treatise on How to Fight Wars Humanely in 1862. It should be noted that Henry Dunant was not a soldier nor had any military involvement whatsoever.  …  like 98% of today’s politicians.

Henry Dunant was awarded the first Nobel Peace Prize.  A dubious distinction he shares with Barack Obama, Yasser Arafat, … and probably “Greta” any day now.

In today’s mixed-up-shook-up world Henry Dunant would be a tenured Professor in Flubber Studies at Oberlin College… and a frequent contributor on Morning Joe.

Before he was “Henry” he was “Henrietta”. … Henry’s next book will be How to Abort Babies… so they don’t scream too loud.

Between 1862 and 1949 there were addendums and subdendums to Henry Dunant’s Rules for War as poison gas, IEDs and “suitcase nukes” became readily available thru eBay.

US of A and our naive little group of “Play By The Rules” buddies initialed all the updates… and patted ourselves on the back for being “good guys”. The rest of Earth said “whatever” – rolled their eyes – and went back to their respective hostile take-overs and mass genocides.

Q:  Did Dunant’s Rules For War include that one about…  Apaches and Comanches Never Attack at Night? … if they are killed in the dark they won’t join The Great Spirit in The Happy Hunting Grounds.

A: No. That “rule” was created in 1954 by a scriptwriter for John Ford’s classic western movie The Searchers.  Modern day Apaches and Comanches still get a kick out of that one.


The phrase …abiding by The Geneva Conventions has become a catch-phrase for any conflict where one-side is playing by a set of “we won’t do….” rules and, naively believes the other side is too. … The other side is aware that its adversary naively thinks that and exploits that advantage at every opportunity.

FYI:  There is no mention of Henry’s ‘Play Fair’ Rules in The Koran… or in Mein Kampf … or in Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals … or in Michelle Obama’s book – How I Made Millions Hating White Folks.

George Soros laughs like Goldfinger – “No America… I expect you to die… bwahaha”

Recall that classic scene in the first Indiana Jones movie where the big scary guy in the turban swinging a large scimitar confronts Indiana. “Big scary guy with the scimitar” thought it was a sword fight.

Indy pulls out his pistol and shoots scimitar guy. Indy never agreed to it being “a sword fight”.

.Geneva Convention


In 2020’s Battleground America… many among 64,000,000 beleaguered Trump Supporters have some misguided notions that This War For America is being “fought” under  never attack at night … use a sword not a gun … don’t bite off ears … don’t say bad things about his mamma … break for lunch and on Sundays … don’t lie, cheat or steal … blah blah yadda yadda “conventions”.

Our  opponents – 64,000,000 terminally TDS-infected Zombies – are laughing their constipated butts off.  They never agreed to any of those silly “conventions” … and even if they did they had their fingers crossed… so there.

They are like SEC Football Fans:  If you ain’t cheating, you don’t want to WIN bad enough…

Seven times a day seven days a week, people who refer to themselves as Republicans / Conservatives / Patriots etc  go on social media all in a tizzy… SHOCKED that…

Those Trump-Hating Zombies are NOT PLAYING FAIR !  … OMG!

The Lib/Dems and their media toadies are employing the same under-handed back-stabbing bald-faced lying tactics that they employed the day before… the week before… the month before… for years… and fully intend to employ tomorrow… next week… next month.  Until they achieve their Objective of Absolute Control of America.

Their Enemy is Anyone / Everyone who supports Donald Trump.  i.e. Us!

There are No Rules for Battleground America,

Home AloneWhat is going on today in Battleground America is a no-hold-barred … bare-knuckle … back alley… take no prisoners … winner-take-all War for The Cultural Soul & Future of This Country.

Are you standing flat-footed with “a Home Alone face” waiting for Henry Durant to “throw a flag” on the Eeeevil Trump-Haters and their feckless toadies in The Media? …  or Worse… Are you saying:

If THAT is what we have to do to Win…

 …… It’s Not Worth It.  Let Them Have America ???

If so. then... we has as much chance as that scary guy in the turban with the scimitar… laying in the street with the bullet hole between his eyes.

If Playing Fair means more to you than Saving America … do the rest of us a favor.  Either get over your self-righteous self – or – step off the curb in front of a bus.


MORE SaidWhat? – CLICK


PS:  IF you want to pass this along to a bazillion others… you may.


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