Expert or Quack

An Expert or A Quack
May07/ 2020


Apri; 24, 2020


BL alone

An Expert – or – A Quack ??


The two warring sides in Battleground America 2020 actually agree on …

How To Tell The Difference Between An EXPERT … and A QUACK. It’s easy …


WHOA:   Battleground America 2020 – ???

Some of you still do not believe America IS AT WAR …  a WAR being fought each day in cul-de-sacs – neighborhoods – in every Middlesex village & town –  on campuses – in churches – on-line / off-line – even at family dinner tables …BUT… RELAX!

ALL that is at stake is 250 years of American Heritage / The American Way of Life... and the future of your children’s children … That’s all.  Nothing to get too excited about.

Will you not accept that we are At War Until – An ArchDuke is assassinated … – A cannon is fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour … or – Hitler invades Czechoslovakia again.

Experts and Quacks

It would help if you do not use the term “Civil War”.  conjuring up Gone With The Wind … with Dashing Ashley Wilkes’ going off to gallantly defend whatever needs gallantly defended.  Scarlett swooning at Ashley’s gallantry  … while whistling “Dixie” … et al. Forget all THAT!

This War is not being fought with mini-balls, flashing sabres and two large land armies chasing one another around places called Shiloh – Antietam – Gettysburg – and The Wilderness. …


Battleground America 2020 – is being fought in Cyber-space on Social Media using keyboards, monitors, apps and mobile devices and – ultimately – in voting booths.

Voting booths which will be rigged – figuratively – with more IEDs and claymore mines than The Ho Chin Minh Trail during Tet. … or the streets of Fallujah during Ramadan.

Instead of snipers with night vision scopes – we have computer hackers in a basement in South Chicago… or a warehouse full of 100s of hackers in China…

Did Joe Biden actually say:   When I am elected – right after I cure cancer – I will put America’s entire Voting / Election Process in the hands of a Nigerian Prince I met on the Internet.” ?


Enough about that … for now.  Back to Expert or Quack.


Familiar with the saying – One Man’s Terrorist / Quack… is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter / Expert ?

DAMN… this column is getting as disjointed as Joe Biden trying to explain The Infield Fly Rule to Maxine Waters.


Before Civilization as We Knew It was replaced by Corona-ization… the best way to tell an Expert from a Quack was simple.

Ask him / her / it…  Is Abortion “killing babies”?   If not, then what is it?

Or … Do you think Girls’ Restrooms should be government-sponsored “Help Yourself Buffets” for perverts, predator and dirty old men in raincoats?

Expert or Quack

You can add questions about – Sharia Law The 2nd Amendment Is Stacey Abrams the rightful Queen of Portugal    Is the Mayor of Chicago “Beetlejuice’s” love child …  the list is endless.


It doesn’t matter what the Expert / Quack’s field of supposed expertise is… how he / she / it answers those questions – relative to Your Answers will separate the Expert from the Quack for you..


The #1 Litmus Test for Credibility is Your political leaning.

If Sir Issac Newton had worn a MAGA cap … Liberals would not believe in Gravity.


You don’t trust Evil Dr FauciDo you?   You might trust “Scarf Lady” but not Evil Dr. Fauci.

Would you be surprised to learn that… Evil Dr. Fauci’s mother was the Upstairs Maid at George Soros’ Secret Compound outside NYC? I don’t know thats true… but would you be surprised if it was?

Would you be surprised to learn that… Evil Dr. Fauci’s nickname while a student at The Joy Behar Academy of Epidemiology & Tanning Salon was “Ferret Face”?

Would you be surprised to learn that… the name – George Soros – never has and never will be uttered on CNN or MSNBC?

Expert or Quack

Speaking of  Evil Dr. Fauci


If granted Total Immunity from Prosecution … wouldn’t you…  Like to hit Evil Dr Fauci in the face with a shovel?

Be honest.


If Evil Dr. Fauci shows up at the next “briefing” (1) eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich … and (2) whistling Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA would you trust him a little bit more?  The Media and The View Gang would eat him alive.

Me?  I think Evil Dr. Fauci is A QUACK.  He reminds me of – a creepy kid I knew in Jr Hi.  Another Litmus Test that never fails.


More SAIDWHAT? – Click Here !


I posed this question on Twitter recently –

If, in the course, of a regular dental exam, your dentist commented how he/she never misses The View … How quickly would you change dentists?

The majority of responses were “IMMEDIATELY!”


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