What These Three Guys will soon …

These Three Guys
May06/ 2020


May 6, 2020


What These Three Guys will  Have in Common?

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Should I assume you recognize These Three Guys ? … a former TV cowboy / a senile coot who wants to juggle the nuclear football / a former TV Korean War Surgeon…

L-R: Pernell Roberts from Bonanza  –  Joe “Plugs” Biden –  McLean Stevenson from M*A*S*H .


Pernell Roberts played “Adam Cartwright” in Bonanza  … until he abruptly left the very successful show in its 6th season.  Bonanza adjusted its cast and went on for seven more seasons as one of TV’s all-time most successful shows.   Pernell Roberts later claimed he wanted a different professional direction for his career.   Pernell struggled post-Bonanza; finally co-starring in Trapper John but nothing he ever did was comparable to “Adam in Bonanza”.

McLean Stevenson played “Lt.Col. Henry Blake” in the original cast of M*A*S*H until he abruptly left the very successful show in its 3rd season.  M*A*S*H adjusted its cast and for eight more years became one of THE most successful long-running shows in TV history.  McLean struggled post-M*A*S*H with a series of short-run sit-coms… never coming close to his fame / success with M*A*S*H.

Which brings us now to Ol’ Joe “Plugs” Biden.  For eight years Joe played Barack Obama’s “token white guy” – i.e. Obama’s White House Lawn Jockey. 

15-20 years ago,  Senator (D) Joe Biden DID at least “look the part” of a successful national politician.  Someone Central Casting might send over to audition for West Wing.  That was 15-20 years ago.

Now beady-eyed Ol’ Joe is a semi-demented old coot who a nearsighted plastic surgeon left looking like “Banjo Boy” from Deliverance.These Three Guys

It’s 2020 and… Joe is incapable of extemporaneous speech and not much, if any, better with cue cards or a teleprompter.   The presumed Democratic nominee in November, Ol’ Joe has No platform … No stump speech

… No vision for the future beyond pandering to whatever mondo-bizarro faction of the ever-bubbling liberal stewpot that he thinks he is talking to on a given day.


“Whoever You Freaks & Whackjobs Are… and Whatever Stoopid Crap You Want… I will promise (hehehe) to give it to you if you vote for me.”


Like Tickle Me Elmo, pull Joe’s string and he mumbles “OrangeMan is Baaaad” … as he drifts in and out of serial narcolepsy.

Four months ago, Joe Biden was programmed to perform ONE task … Derail The Bernie Saunders Campaign.  That Ol’ Joe was “the best the Dems had” to do that one task is a sad testament to the unbelievably unimpressive gaggle of misfit clown candidates to choose from.

To Ol’ Joe’s credit… HE DID what he was programmed to do with (1) the help of an old race-baiter in South Carolina … and (2) “Bernie’s” own wagonload of unelectable baggage.

Bernie has been well paid-off ONCE AGAIN to take his Overtly Socialist Agenda back to Vermont … with hopes of trying again in 2024.  Why not?

Bernie and all the rest of the Lib/Dems misfit clowns are gone … leaving a comatose Ol’ Joe shaking at the podium trying to remember What Day Is It? and What Is My Wife’s Name?…


Like Pernell … and… Like McLean … Ol’ Joe WILL within the next 45 or so days “abruptly leave the show”.


Joe will  mumble something like…

  • pursue other career options – or
  • fulfill a lifelong desire to climb the seven tallest mountains in Delaware (Huh?)  – or 
  • spend my twilight years prancing around my backyard buck nekkid chasing chipmunks.


It won’t matter what he says.  NOTHING Joe Biden has ever said “mattered”.

These Three Guys

Joe will stare unblinking at the camera with assembled media not knowing or caring if he has anything else to say.

His wife Ph.Dr. WhatsHerName will take Ol’ Joe by the elbow and lead him … Off The Stage – to – Who Cares Where … Forever.

One Final National Headline – BobLee Right Again – Stick A Fork in Ol’ Joe – He’s Done.

Then, within 24 hours, Joe Biden will join Tom Eagleton – Spiro T. Agnew – Michael Dukakis and Tim Kaine as a $200 Jeopardy answer… under the category WHO WAS.

Those millions of frenetic Facebook folks who wasted a bazillion hours arguing Who Will Biden Pick As a Veep? will flip a switch and waste another bazillion hours arguing …

  • Why doesn’t The Imaginary Governor of Georgia get her teeth fixed? – or –
  • Suppose Moo-chelle Really Is a “well, you know… one of those”? – or –
  • How Come the two words – George Soros – have NEVER been uttered on CNN?


Whatever the immediate future does hold as regards the November election… That future will NOT include Ol’ Joe “Plugs” Biden.   

Come November 3rd, 2020 … Ol’ Joe will be

… Running around his backyard nekkid as a jaybird chasing chipmunks.


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