Maybe A Crisis Will Reunite Us?.. LOLOL

Crisis LOL
March29/ 2020


March 29, 2020


“Maybe A CRISIS will Bring Us Together?” … LOLOLOL

BL alone



A show of hands, be honest … How many of you heard/read over the past three years, some naive and terminally delusional soul say:

“Maybe another National Crisis – like 9/11 – will Reunite America?”

Gotta Plan B ?   A GLOBAL PANDEMIC apparently is NOT nearly “Crisis” enough.

Wanna try for either:


  • The Yellowstone Caldera going KABOOM … turning 3/4 of America into sludge within a week.
  • A Rogue Asteroid the size of Kalamazoo  hitting any of Obama’s 57 states… wiping out 10,000 years of human evolution.
  • A Koran-quoting Islamo Terrorist sets off a suitcase nuke in downtown Cincinnati …. might make 6-7 states uninhabitable for 40-50 years.

Any/All of the above being – of course – Donald Trump’s fault.  Would they … Bring us together / Reunite America?


Sure … we despise and have total contempt For “The Media”.  But give “The Media” credit.  Over the past three years “The Media” has been Very effective in…


… infecting roughly 40-45% of The America Public with terminal TDS / TSDS.  ” TSDS” is Trump Supporter Derangement Syndrome.    Toxic Hate has replaced Oxygen as their life-sustaining necessity.

Those 40-45% HATE people like me and you if you are like me even more than they HATE Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is simply a Face to focus their toxic HATE.  63,000,000 of us are their real targets.


Most of “us” 63,000,000 are (back-sliding) Christians … Heterosexual … Self-reliant … Accept responsibility for ourselves and our families … Think The King James Bible and The Constitution are both pretty solid documents to guide our country.   What’s To HATE? 

A LOT according to “The Media” as it has indoctrinated those 40-45% of our fellow citizens.

Those TSD/TSDS zombies will translate into 50,000,000+ Anybody But Trump voters come November.  Factor in another 8-10,000,000 Voter Fraud ballots and thats 60,000,000 votes against Donald Trump regardless of whatever “unviable tissue mass” the Democrat nominee ends up being.

Their nominee will NOT be “Walter” / “Plugs” / “Deliverance’s Banjo Boy”.   “Plugs” Biden will simply go away over the next 60 days.  “Dr Jill The Ph.D” will get around to telling him next Spring.  Meanwhile she’ll give him some lilac-scented Barbie dolls to sniff.  Yuck.


Plugs will be replaced with some cobbled-together Candidate From Hell’s CrawlspaceBigMOThe Quite Insane Mad Witch of Chappaqua … Fredo’s Brother … or Pennywise – The Clown from “IT”.  Who knows?  But that “inviable tissue mass” WILL get 55,000,000+ votes come November regardless.



… OR maybe you actually DID THINK …

“… a National Crisis WILL Reunite America”

Maybe A Crisis


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