BobLeeAsks: How Y’all Doin’ ?

How Y'all Doin?
March24/ 2020

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March 24, 2020


BobLeeAsks:  How Y’all Doin ?



  • Have you learned to play the harmonica… yet?
  • Howsabout that Rosetta Stone course on Learn To Speak _____?  How’s that coming along?
  • Have you binged watched all the seasons of Bosch? … Ozark? …  Man In The High Castle? … (fill in the blank)
  • Read the entire King James Version cover to cover, including all those “begats”?
  • Repainted the guest room? … twice?
  • Purged at least 50% of your closets and taken the effluent to a charity?  Throw out everything you have “outgrown” ??  IF you do lose weight… reward yourself with new jeans, etc.
  • Are you ordering Take Out from your favorite locally-owned restaurant?  PLEASE do that every day or so…
  • Cussed ALL politicians / bureaucrats, or at least the ones you really don’t like.Ship In Bottle
  • Remember putting together “model planes, cars, ships” as a kid?  Amazon has a lot of DIY kits to choose from … just don’t sniff the glue.  Build “a ship in a bottle”
  • Jigsaw puzzles …


OK… that took care of Day One.  What all did you do on Day Two?


I have confidence that all of you “regular” visitors to Here are doin’ OK.  “THIS” is not a good thing by any means.  Earth did not need a Pandemic to “cull the herd” or “get rid of the pollen” or … BTW… Who scheduled THIS to coincide with Pollen Season? … REALLY?  I want his/her name and address.

Given the choice of – 1 – “a Pandemic” or…. – 2 – a rogue asteroid hitting Yellowstone and setting off The Caldera, I suppose most of us would choose #1.  I would.

I don’t think such cataclysmic occurrences are decided by a poll on Facebook… or by The Illuminati.  Maybe by Oprah in concert with George Soros and/ or Cher? … Rob Reiner? … Do those of you “on the Left” really pay attention to Michael Moore?  Why?  Thats a rhetorical “why”.


Other than Tom Brady deciding to “go out” like an old Willie Mays (falling down in centerfield as a Met) rather than like Derek Jeter… has anything in Sports been worth reading beyond a headline?  Not that I’ve seen.


A very long-tenured dear friend called me “out of the blue” a few days ago.  We discussed all sorts of stuff for over an hour.  Other than cancelling each others votes in state / national elections for many years, he and I have always agreed on all the important stuff… and we still do.

We have always been “sports fans” – but never “board monkeys” – we followed all the major sports in-season but really only cared about “the actual games” themselves.  NOT all the off-field faux-drama about contracts and player unions and agents and jack-ass owners and fat cat boosters… and…  and…

I’m ahead of him in eating one too many Pringles (or cashews…) deciding “OK, thats enough… I’m not doing this – addicted to Sports – any more.”  My Don’t-Give-A-Damn re: Sports kicked in several years ago.  He’s getting there.

Years ago he was in a collective that bought Panther PSLs… on the 45.  To go to a Panther game now costs him $500 … and thats with his family being able to walk to BOA Stadium… and NOT counting beer and hot dogs.  Financially he can afford it; but his rational mind is rejecting it.

Much of my TILT re: Sports is due to the 24/7 news cycle ravenous appetite for Content Filler.  Much of it is inane and insulting to any double-digit IQ.  Especially “recruiting crap”.

I do recommend – TheAthletic … a subscription site with ZERO advertising, pop-ups, etc.  Just long form articles by veteran sportswriter who have been “let go” by financially imperiled media operations.  Veteran sportswriters – with a few exceptions – are not eat up with “woke”.  I go out of my way to avoid “woke” i.e. I haven’t checked “very wokey” USAToday in a long time.  Are they still in business?


Several of you have asked for my recommendations for “good books / preferred authors”.  I am glad to oblige.  As you know – I am an Audible “reader”.  Any book / author I recommend is available in multi-forms … hardcover… paperback… kindle… or audible.

Before I list a bunch for you… I stumbled on a really enjoyable website last week … … four guys who live in different parts of the country … all four are avid readers and aspiring novelists.  Each week they do hour-long podcast interviews with famous authors of the action / thriller genre.  They let the author talk for 90% of the hour about his/her “craft” … their writing routine … how they research … their relationships with their characters … etc.  Cool stuff if you like to get to know successful authors.

They recently had David Morrell who created “Rambo”… along with 20+ other Action/Thriller novels.  In Morrell’s opinion – the Five Most Iconic Characters in 20th fiction literature are …. Sherlock Holmes – Tarzan – James Bond – Rambo – and Harry Potter.   Your list may differ but thats the type of stuff in their interviews.

“Famous Author” interviews in their archives are … CJ Box … Robert Crais … Stephen Hunter … James Rollins … Brad Taylor … Mark Greaney.  There are 28 of’em and counting.  Check it out.  It ain’t like you “don’t have time” these days.

Some BobLee Book Recommends … many are already on my Book Club Page.   In no particular order… I like’em ALL …

CJ Box … Joe Pickett series

John D. MacDonald … Travis McGee series

Robert B. Parker … Spenser & Jesse Stone series

James Rollins … Sigma Force series

Robert Crais … Elvis Cole / Joe Pike series

Michael Connolly … Harry Bosch / Lincoln Lawyer series

Gregg Hurwitz … Evan Smoak / Orphan X / Nowhere Man series

Louie L’Amour … Barnabas Sackett series

Angus Donald … The Outlaw Chronicles (Robin Hood)

Clive Cussler … Dirk Pitt / Oregon Files / Issac Stone …

Wayne Stinnett … Jesse McDermitt series

Harlan Coben … Myron Bolitar series

David Golemon … The Event Group

Vince Flynn … Mitch Rapp series

Those oughta keep you busy for a few days.  There are lots more.  If you don’t like some of these, that’s OK.  I keep discovering new “favorites” which is always fun.


GOOD MOVIE Recommend – on Amazon Prime – KNIVES OUT … a 2019 “Who Done It” Murder mystery… wealthy patriarch dies mysteriously and his entire dysfunctional family are all suspects.  Daniel Craig (James Bond) plays a Columbo-esque Detective with a deep southern accent (??).  Best movie I’ve seen in years.


Stay busy  – “idle hands … Devil’s workshop” …. get some sort of regular exercise… Walking is great (with an audible book is even better) on a Greenway or just around your neighborhood.  Avoid too much “junk food” / “snacking”.

IF you do Facebook / Twitter… PLEASE Be Careful.  It’s addictive.  As with anything – MODERATION.  Much of social media now is “Political Porn” regardless of your ideological ilk.  The more “social media” you do… the more appealing “social distancing” becomes.  Other People = Yuck!


More BobLeeSays … CLICK HERE


BobLeeSays has been a continually  functioning website since 1999… with over 2100 commentaries.  BobLee  ponders the HowComes of Life.   He is NOT (1) “an Intellectual” … Nor (2) “a Journalist” – YUCK!

Reader Comments are aggressively encouraged.  In over 20 years, only six have been zapped.


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