How Woodward & Bernstein Wannabees Destroyed American Journalism

Woodward & Bernstein
March18/ 2020


March 18, 2020

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How Woodward & Bernstein Wannabees Destroyed American Journalism


WARNING:  Are you are among the millions of people in America terminally infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome -TDS … with a rabid hatred for Donald Trump and for the 63,000,000+  of us who supported him in 2016 and support him even more today?  If that is YOU…  The following commentary will only feed your rabid insanity.  

I recommend you CLICK OFF this website now in the best interest of all concerned.   You probably won’t, but at least I warned you. – BobLee


Richard M. Nixon WAS GUILTY …. Guilty of being terminally paranoid … Guilty of ordering innumerable violations of innumerable laws… Guilty of Lying… Guilty of covering up his lies… and Guilty of simply being Incredibly Stupid.

Nixon deserved every indignity that befell him and his reputation… and more. … in what History knows as “Watergate”.


High on my personal list of “Nixon’s unforgivable crimes” is that he was responsible for the suffix “-gate” being attached to every scandal on Earth since 1974.  I will never forgive him for that.  Hang the evil SOB for that alone…


There is an old joke… You know you are an intellectual if you hear The William Tell Overture and don’t think of The Lone Ranger”.

Would another intellectual litmus test be… When you hear the term “Deep Throat” do you think of Watergate… or a classic(?) 1972 movie starring Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems?” – OUCH!

Ask your favorite millennial if he/she has ever heard of William Tell… The Lone Ranger… Watergate... or either “Deep Throat”?

Anyhoo… back to How “Woodward & …” Destroyed American Journalism


“Journalism” as (once) a noble professional occupation craft, practiced with integrity, as a necessity in a civilized society is unchallengeable.

“Journalism” practiced with no regard whatsoever for personal / professional integrity should be classified as “a Hate Crime” punishable by law.


The two women most important in my life have “cum laude” degrees from America’s First Journalism School – The University of Missouri School of Journalism.  I respect the profession… but not those currently practicing it.

I have totally utter contempt for 95% of the individuals currently engaged in the gross malpractice of “Journalism” in America.  

I despise “journalists” more than I despise Democrat politicians.  I despise “journalists” more than I do pin-headed academics and rank&file liberals allowing that 97% of “journalists” are also hard-core liberals… who despise Donald Trump and those of us who support Donald Trump.


How did “Journalism” and those malpracticing that profession become so rotten to the core?

I blame the phenomenon of “Woodward & WhatsHisName”.

NOTE:  I don’t respect Bob Woodward, but I really don’t respect his little weasel buddy “… & Bernstein” so I refuse to use his name.  He is doomed to forever be a historical postscript – “& ______” – a fittingly insulting millstone for that insufferable little weasel to wear thru eternity.


Within Journalism is a sub-category – Investigative Journalism – also (once) a noble occupation.  That Dame Fortune choose “Woodward & …” to answer the phone in the Washington Post newsroom on that fateful day in 1974 is neither their fault nor credit.

They won Life’s Lottery by being the guys that exposed a POTUS’ High Crimes.   Fame and Fortune came to them as a result.

“Woodward & ….” exposed the High Crimes of the very highest ranking “politician” in America.  That politician Richard Nixon happened to be a Republican Politician.  

Recorded History has shown us that ever how many “vices” / weaknesses in character – there are in the human race… every one of them is totally non-partisan.

They can be found in every political party … every church denomination … every gender … every sports fan base … every part of the country … every extended family … every intercollegiate athletic department … et al.  But Richard M. Nixon DID happen to be “a Republican”.

Thru the latter part of “the 70s” and beyond, “Woodward & ….” became a dynamic duo of unparalleled celebrity.  Their intrepid reporting “exposed and brought down” a crooked American President … who happened to be a Republican.

Imagine YOU were “coming of age in the 70s” at the crossroads of “What do I want to be” … butcher – baker – candlestick maker – doctor – lawyer – Indian chief -… OR an intrepid reporter at the local / state / national level “exposing and bringing down” crooked politicians.  WOW… how cool would that be!

Many / most of the high ranking members of today’s Journo / Media community were “at that crossroads” imagining being “The Next Woodward & ….”.

A decade before they might have imagined being “The Next Alan Shepherd – John Glenn – Neil Armstrong with “The Right Stuff”.


It woulda been TERRIFIC for America IF… all those “Woodward & … wannabees” had indeed gone on to pursue true Investigative Journalism and to “expose and bring down” crooked politicians wherever they lurk.  … to dumpster-dive thru the lives of EVERY political aspirant on the local / state / national levels REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY … but, sigh … instead they became overtly partisan “political toadies”.

A notoriously sleazy Governor of Arkansas and his even sleazier wife … … OR a “community organizer” in South Chicago and his wife with dubious affiliations – might have found themselves “exposed and brought down” … … OR a career politician from Delaware using his influence to generate millions for his degenerate son … … OR a multi-billionaire aspiring to be The Pent-ultimate Bond Villain – might have been “exposed and …”.   But, alas, thats not what happened...

For those multi-generations of “Woodward & …” wannabees their goal became…

… to become rich and famous too by “exposing and bringing down” Republican politicians… like Woodward &… did.


Personally, I have no problem with “the media” exposing a crude remark Donald Trump made in a private conversation years before he declared his political aspirations.  Likewise provocative photos made many years ago by Melania Trump…  are fair game when ANYONE chooses to play Big Time Politics.


EVERY PERSON entering the political arena at any level SHOULD be aware that his/her entire life is going to be investigated by “the media”.   No politician should be immune to full investigative exposure. 

No politician should EVER be “protected” by Journo-Media. But one faction IS accorded full protection  today …


If there are skeletons – bogus birth certificates… sexual improprieties… associations with dubious characters… secret bank accounts … et al – Expect them ALL to be “exposed”… Regardless of one’s political affiliations.

BUT – alas – that is NOT the case in America today.Crabby Appleton


American Journalism post “Woodward & …” has become – like “Crabby Appleton” – … Rotten to The Core.




BobLeeSays has been a continually  functioning website since 1999… with over 2100 commentaries.    BobLee is NOT (1) “an Intellectual” nor (2) “a Journalist”.  BobLee  is a BabyBoomer who ponders the HowComes of Life.

Reader Comments are aggressively encouraged.  In over 20 years, only six have been zapped.


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