Joe “Plugs” Biden … and 150,000,000 Gun Victims !!

February26/ 2020


Feb 26, 2020

BL alone


Joe “Plugs” Biden’s 150,000,000 Gun Victims !!!


.WARNING:  Are you are among the millions of people in America terminally infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome -TDS … with a rabid hatred for Donald Trump and for the 63,000,000+  of us who supported him in 2016 and support him even more today?  If that is YOU…  The following commentary will only feed your rabid insanity.  

I strongly recommend you CLICK OFF this website now in the best interest of all concerned.   You probably won’t, but at least I warned you.  BobLee


In last night’s latest edition of : “HOLY CRAP! … One of These Deranged Berzerkas Might Be POTUS !” … America’s Most Notorious Demented Old Perv i.e. Joe “Plugs” Biden declared that there Plugshave been…

150,000,000 gun-related deaths in America since …(fill in any date.  It won’t matter).

That blew out the THAT’S SO STOOPID-o-meter used at every political debate since Spiro Agnew.

They installed a special heavy-duty STOOPID-o-meter for “Plugs” but he outsmarted it.  OK… “outsmarted” is a poor choice of words with “Plugs”.


“150,000,000” in dollars will buy you a decent free agent in Major League Baseball.  It would be a drop-in-the-bucket to how much of “your money” Barack Hussein Obama funneled to his Iranian buddies to finance global terrorism.

150,000,000 “people” is EVERYONE who voted for Hillary Clinton AND Donald Trump in 2016 … 126,000,000… plus another 25,000,000 give/take.

Coincidentally, 25,000,000 is the approximate number of fake ballots the DNC is printing up for November.  All they are waiting for is a name of the Democ candidate to put next to the “X”.   They may need to make another print run before November.

Democ bogus ballots are stored in a sub-basement of Reverend William “Bully” Barber’s Church of EverlastingRaceBaiting outside Goldsboro NC.

Further comparison… the number of confirmed bodies on the Bill & Hillary Clinton Suicide List is “only” 100 give/take.  “Plugs” did not specify whether those suicides (wink, wink) are in his 150,000,000 total.

Furtherer comparison… in 2017 there were 862,320 Abortions performed in The United States.  None of those involved a gun of any sort… semi-auto or revolver or otherwise.  Those victims were dispatched using forceps, pliers, pruning shears, leatherman tools and shop vacs… and the occasional rusty coat hanger.


DISCLAIMER #1:  I did NOT watch the latest “HOLY CRAP ! One of These Deranged Berzerkas Might Be POTUS!! show live.   I opted for a PrimeVideo instructional on Kettle Bell Training by a Russian Spetsnaz operative who kept calling me “Comrade”.

DISCLAIMER #2:  Am I the only one who can not watch these Democratic Debates without thinking of SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy? 

Was either the Sean Connery guy or the Burt Reynolds guy in this latest DNC SCREAM-athon?   The Sean Connery guy was always my favorite.  Which one was yours?


SNL Jeopardy


Based on Social Media tallies from last night… within 26 minutes of “Plugs” blurting out his infamous “150,000,000 gun victims”… 61,750,000 of the 63,000,000 folks who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 had Facebooked and/or Tweeted one another with various versions of …


In the oh-so-toney Garden District of New Orleans, James “Snakehead” Carville hit himself in the head with a ball-peen hammer while screaming“MAAARY, Make All The Stoopid Stop!”


Of course, there was Zip Zero Nada mention of “Plugs'” Amazing Incredible (Even For Plugs) Mega-Blunder by any mainstream media outlet.

Apparently NOT ONE of the Feckless Fops & Fools in the mainstream media have the slightest knowledge of US population figures… OR how much back taxes Al Sharpton owes… OR whether Mini-Mike Bloomberg qualifies as a dwarf… a midget… or simply the World’s Richest Ewok.

And… if “Their Media” is clueless then, of course, the Democs’ well-beyond clueless rank&file lock-step lemmings are even further “mis-unaware”..,



Did You Hear… last week “Plugs” told a “crowd” of  “at least seven… maybe as many as nine” young AfAms outside a liquor store in Easley SC that…

“if you vote for me, I promise to sign an executive order on Day One of The Plugs Administration to replace Thanksgiving Turkeys with Chicken ‘n Waffles.  Isn’t that what you people eat?


OK, enough foolishness…Lets get SERIOUS…


A Plugs’ spokesperson – affectionally known as Nurse Ratchet – issued a statement Wednesday morning clarifying Plugs’ Mega-Blunder about those 150,000,000 gun-related deaths.

Remember Plugs’ “nice and clean” former boss (who refuses to endorse him) – Barack Hussein Obama – infamous reference in 2012 to “…57 states of The United States”?

If you get your “news”  from CNN / MSNBC / NBC / et al you probably never heard he said that; but Barack DID INDEED say it.

Obama’s “…extra seven states” and Plugs’ “150,000,000 gun deaths” are tied together involving…

The fabled Lost Continent of ATLANTIS.    … ATLANTIS was NOT the island of Crete in The Mediterranean as most archeologists speculate… nor was it “a continent” at all.


ATLANTIS was a really large island located twelve miles off Rehoboth Beach Delaware – Plug’s home state.  It was soooo big it was subdivided into Seven “States”.  Starting to make sense now?  It had a population of … drumroll please …. YES – 150,000,000.


Dusk To Dawn

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez selected the really large island off Rehoboth Beach as the setting for their latest Bloody Zombie Vampire Epic – From Dusk Til Dawn in Delaware.  The 150,000,000 local Atlanteans were all “extras” in the Really Big Bloody finale.

.. with Salma Hayek reprising her unforgettable role as Queen of The Zombie Vampires… Hubba Hubba!

Alas … the prop master – later identified as DB Cooper’s grandson “Mort” – substituted REAL BULLETS for the blips.  Uh Oh!

Quentin yelled “ACTION”.  Ten minutes later 150,000,000 corpses lay sprawled dead as doornails across the Seven States of ATLANTIS.  … OMG!  WHAT TO DO?


Quentin called Hillary for the name of The Cleaner that she and Bill use for all their “situations”.  Coincidentally the same “Cleaner” that the Teamsters used to make Jimmy Hoffa go away.

Not only did he make all 150,000,000 bullet-riddled bodies “go away”, He made the whole freakin’ “really big island” Island GO AWAY.  This guy was a really good “Cleaner”.


“Plugs knew all about ATLANTIS et al.  He used to visit every St Patrick’s Day to run around buck nekkid after his brain surgeries.

“Plugs” was sworn to secrecy about the unfortunate accident with Tarantino’s movie… but, with “Plugs” being in Stage 6 Dementia he forgot… and blurted it out last night.


NOW YOU KNOW(1) about Obama’s seven extra states … (2) about Plugs 150,000,000 gun-related deaths … (3) about DB Cooper’s grandson “Mort” … and (4) WHY… “They say…”

… On a really clear night with a full moon and an easterly breeze off the Atlantic….  you can stand on the shore at Rehoboth Beach DE and hear the death gurgles of those 150,000,000 dead Atlanteans.”


Oops.  Have I mentioned about Plugs’ “scar”?  IF there IS a “next time” for “Plugs” … look really hard at his forehead.  He covers it up with botox and silly putty but … … … Plugs has a “Randle Patrick McMurphy Lobotomy” scar.   So now (5) you know why his spokesperson is “Nurse Ratchet”.


Once you connect the dots… it all makes perfect sense.   You’re Welcome!




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