BETRAYED !?!? … Really?

February23/ 2020


Feb 24, 2020



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Look, I realize it is Human Nature and “Fighting Human Nature” is a Sisyphusian struggle that not even I will ever win.  That said …



Do NOT confuse Hollywood actors with “Characters” that they play in movies and TV.

Even the most familiar characters are NOT who those actors really are.


Many/most of you reading this are of the Baby Boomer persuasion.  A list of ten or so TV/movie characters you have a very defined image of would likely include “Opie” Taylor and “Dirty Harry” Callahan.

With “Opie” it was the tossle-haired son of America’s favorite small town sheriff – Mayberry’s Andy Taylor.  Everyone loved “Opie” … and even the teenage version “Richie” on Happy Days.

NOTE:  Can you handle my telling you that Andy Griffith was not at all “like Sheriff Andy Taylor”?  He was not… but ignore that if it’s too much for you to digest.

“Dirty Harry” Callahan wasn’t lovable; but most of us applauded his no-nonsense approach to taking out “bad guys” as San Francisco most notorious Homicide Detective.

“Opie” / “Richie Cunningham” … was played by RON HOWARD.

“Dirty Harry” / “Rowdy Yates” / “The Man With No Name” / “Josie Wales” … was played by CLINT EASTWOOD.

Until recently was there ANYTHING that “Opie” or “Dirty Harry” could do that you might disagree with… and radically change your image of their characters?


Howsabout publicly dissing President Donald Trump… and declaring they would enthusiastically support one of his Democratic opponents. 

Both “Opie” and “Dirty Harry” have apparently done that. 

“Dirty Harry” is supporting a candidate who vows to “do away with” the 2nd Amendment.  WHOA!


No question that “Opie” did it.  There is still some confusion over what “Dirty Harry” actually said, but it is very probable that he “did it” too.

OK… what I said in those last two paragraphs is NOT TRUE.


“Opie” and “Dirty Harry” did NOT express any scripted socio-cultural-political-opinions about anything.

Prominent Hollywood personalities Ron Howard and Clint Eastwood expressed their personal opinions.


Jane Fonda… Tom Arnold… Kathy Griffin… Cher… Alyssa Milano… Robert DiNiro… Rob Reiner… Harrison Ford… et al have also expressed their personal (and very negative) political opinions about Donald Trump.

It was not “Cat Ballou / Barbarella” or “Indiana Jones / Han Solo”. or “Meathead”.   It was the actors who coincidentally played those memorable roles.

I know you know this… but in the emotional response to seeing / hearing the actors express their opinions – which disagree with mine and, I assume, most of yours – many of you reacted as if “Opie” and “Dirty Harry” had somehow BETRAYED YOU.  That hurt your feelings.

Facebook and Twitter were En Fuego with SHOCK and DISMAY.

Say it ain’t so “Opie” … Say it ain’t so, “Harry”. 


Now if you want to boycott either / both actors old movies / TV shows and / or new ventures … That’s Fine.  Do so… and encourage others to do so if you so choose.  I get that.

Ron Howard is now a very prominent Director … and Clint Eastwood – in his mid 80s – is still acting.  Call the actors names on social media… whatever.

But going ALLCAPS ranting on social media that “Opie” and “Dirty Harry” somehow BETRAYED your many years of loyal support of their characters?   That’s STOOPID!  STOP IT !

You don’t have to Thank me for telling you what you already know.  Just don’t do it any more.  OK?




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