Do You Need a Fort Sumter Moment ?

Fort Sumter
December19/ 2019


Dec 19, 2019


Do You Need a Fort Sumter Moment?

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There are always folks who require A Defining Act as some sort of O-FFICIAL Beginning of some seminal situation.  They need “Julius Caesar Crossing The Rubicon” … or “The Archduke Ferdinand being assassinated” … or ‘TORA TORA TORA … Pearl Harbor” … or “The Firing on Fort Sumter”…


… or The Democrats in the US House of Representatives Filing Articles of Impeachment Against President Donald J. Trump … and against the 63,000,000 Americans who voted for him.


If you are such a person… now you have Your Defining Act.   So, now what?

For give/take three years… the phrase the Next Civil War has appeared on Facebook and Twitter at least seven times EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Or so “they say”.  As always … the “they” who say that are undefined but “they say” it so… here we are.

I was not around in the 1860s so I’m not sure what the protocol is for officially starting “a Civil War”.

  • Is there like an Official Starter at a NASCAR Race who says “Gentlemen, start your Civil War!”?  Who is that person?  Is it a He… a She… an It?  Who chose whoever it is to be that person?
  • Does He / She / It stand somewhere like “on the steps of some easily recognized building” to make the announcement? …
  • Are there exact words that must be said in a certain order… and immediately interpreted in X number of languages?  Should there be written copies of what is said ready to be distributed to “the press”?

“Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen and you no-account media weasels.  War is hereby Officially declared between “Those of us who support President Trump” and “Those who are totally consumed by toxic hatred of President Trump and toxic hatred of those of us who support him.

  • Does a band play certain music … is there a special song that must be sung … does there need to be a special flag unfurled?
  • Must there be A heroic figure … a Patrick Henry… a Nathan Hale… a King Leonidas… a Paul Revere… a Rosa Parks… a Little Dutch Boy with his finger in a dike… a David w/ a slingshot ??? … So many questions…


Is there a national clearinghouse for all these questions.

If I Google How To Officially start a Civil War what will I find?  Who wrote that?  … Saul Alinsky?

What are YOU waiting for?  If someone in your Facebook or Twitter feed says “The Next Civil War Has Begun” will you run with that … and then what?

Has IT already started and you didn’t get the memo?

.Civil War

Is Your concept of “This Civil War” tied to the only Civil War you know about …. that 1860s one between The Blue & The Gray … two large land armies chasing each other across 4-5 states for 4-5 years?

OR… will This One be different?  Will This One be fought in cyberspace using keyboards rather than muskets and cannon?

.Dana Loesch

Do you think “We will surely Win” because we have more NRA members… ????   More guns?… more bullets?.  Dana Loesch can be our Poster Girl …

But, BobLee, “They” control “the Internet” and Social Media?  … Thats not good.  No, that is not good at all.

Are you SURE that THIS Guarantees a Trump Victory in 2020 because it makes you feel safe and secure to say that? … or because you read it on Facebook? Or…


FWIW… The Democrats Filing Impeachment Articles Against President Trump was a Guaranteed Certainty when they gained a majority in the US House of Representatives in November 2018.  They HAD to have a majority for that to happen.

If you think … The Senate will stop the Impeachment with / without a trial… and Everything will go back to Normal…  then you really have not been paying attention for the past three years.

The New Normal is CHAOS with a cloud of toxic hatred hovering over this country… fueled hourly by The Media.

The Way It Used To Be

is Not The Way any more… and it Never Will Be Again.

OK … there you have it.  “They Have Impeached President Trump”!  We have our Fort Sumter Moment

Now What?




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