“Deacon Dave” to Ol’ Miss … or Michigan … or NC State??

Dave Clawson
December02/ 2019

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Dec 2, 2019


“Deacon Dave” to Ol’ Miss … or Michigan … or NC State??


Yes, today’s headline is 100% click bait … like “Nekkid Homicidal Lesbian Cheerleaders”.  I have absolutely no idea that “Deacon Dave” Clawson is going anywhere… or that Michigan or NC State would be likely places for him to go if he was going anywhere… or that Michigan or NC State might soon be Head Coach Hunting.  Really… I’m just trolling for “clicks”.


BREAKING NEWS:  As predicted by most pundits – and customary when a head coach is “under seige”…. NC State “Gave Them Barabbas” by firing DefCoor Dave Huxtable as of 9 AM Monday . – LINK


The annual question WHY does Dave Clawson stay at “little Wake Forest” is heating up AGAIN as it seems to every December for the past several years.

  • Maybe Dave IS the only “very good college football coach” in America that won’t sell his souls to a gang of boorish Power5 Fat Cats for 30,000,000 pieces of silver?
  • Maybe Dave enjoys staring across BB&T Field @ Groves Stadium @ The Not Dixie Classic Fairgrounds and seeing row upon row upon row of empty seats… despite giving “them” a very exciting football program?

Old Town Club

  • Maybe Dave really loves the Sunday Buffet @ Old Town Club in Richard Burr’s toney Camel City neighborhood?


  • Maybe Dave likes the fact he could walk down Franklin Street or stand outside Amedeo’s wearing an I’m Dave Clawson t-shirt and not a single soul would know or care who “Dave Clawson” is.  He’s gotta be THE most anonymous successful FB/ MBB coach in Tobacco Road history.   Duke, State and UNC howler monkeys don’t know who he is enough to hate him.
  • Maybe Dave likes a salary that would put him #5 among SEC Coordinators.


I’ve never met Dave Clawson… that I know of.  But how would I know?

I have no idea Why Dave Clawson is still at Wake Forest. 



Apparently no one else knows either… including members of The Moricle Club.  The Moricles are WFU’s mega-boosters.  The Moricles are soooo elite they have their very own V-VIP suite high atop BB&T / Groves Stadium … not that “seating” is ever an issue at BB&T / Groves Stadium.  … sigh.

GrovesStadiumLook, I think it is just fine that “the smallest school in Power5 World” has the smallest % of football fans.

In the old days, Wake Forest students were kidded about “they don’t dance” … these days it’s “they don’t attend football games.”

Maybe they hang out in the dorm… stare at faded posters of Tim Duncan and Chris Paul… and bemoan “WHY did Skip Prosser have to die…?”

Is NOT going to Dave Clawson’s football games their protest for NOT Firing Danny Manning? Deacon frustration over keeping Danny Manning as MBB HC has not quite reached the Bring Back Bzdelik level… yet!  OUCH!

To be fair to Deacons… they HAVE anted up in recent years to provide Dave with enough “recruiting bling” facilities to compare with all other ACC programs NOT named Six Flags Over Dabo.  Who can forget Larry Fedora’s cry for an Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) … “even Wake Forest has one”.

WFU has an IPF and ample “charging stations” for Dave to recruit left-over 2/3 star “projects” and coach’em up to win 7-8-9 games / year including a – Total Domination of Tobacco Road.  But still play before A LOT of empty seats at BBT/ Groves Stadium.

My farcical suggestion that Dave might be ready to cash-in on being The Best Power5 Football Coach in America That Can’t Be Bought will change someday… probably… maybe?

Dave’s coaching resume shows a consistent preference for academic institutions that at least pretend to have academic integrity when it comes to recruiting semi-literate 18 y/os.

Such Power5 institutions are somewhere between “hen’s teeth” and “honest politicians” in terms of scarcity. … Let’s see… Stanford – Northwestern – Vandy – Duke (?) – … – … -???  Military Academies are not Power5.

Dave Shaw’s star at Stanford is losing its shine.  Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern is a Legacy with a Lifetime contract.  “Duke David” isn’t going anywhere without a toe tag.

Of Power5 schools with HC vacancies as of 8:00 AM this Monday morning  –  FlaState… Boston College… South Florida (Oops, NOT Power5)… Arkansas… Missouri… Ol’ Miss… and 1-2 I’m forgetting… Ol’Miss is the only one I THINK Deacon Dave might say “maybe” to.  Not sure why I say that.

Dave has yet to be HC at a school where boorish fat cats can buy themselves 24/7 access to the Head Football Coach.  I betcha that is not by accident.  Selling one’s soul to those avaricious creatures is not a decision made lightly.

Michigan? … I’m sure that is not a possibility but maybe it oughta be.  Jim Harbaugh is standing on two banana peels and on schedule to NEVER beat TheOhioState EVER.  Could Deacon Dave be successful at The Big House?  … huuuummmm?


NOTESpeaking of Michigan... Prior to whuppin’ Ol’ Roy last week… when was the last time Juwan Howard was on a basketball court with Tar Heels? … First right answer gets an ATTA BOY!


Now for the ONLY Reason many of you clicked on here…


Dave Clawson Replacing DDoeren at “NFL QB U” !!!


It ain’t never gonna happen for 10,000 reasons.

#1 Reason is – of course – Deacon Dave would never make The Short List of:

Belichek – Saban – Urban – Philip Rivers’ Daddy – Some Hot-Shot SEC Coordinator Du-Jour… and, of course, Rick Barnes.

Rick Barnes HAS to be on every NC State Coaching Hunt regardless.  It’s a Law.

Put aside those 10,000 Why Nots and think about it.  … or the Wuff Howler Monkey equivalent of “think about it”.

Dave is successful at a place he has no right to be.  He is the coaching equivalent of “a bumblebee flying”.  NCSU can afford him with DD’s contract.  NCSU can provide him a 60,000 sold-out Carter-Finley… at least in the first half… of most games.

Dave leaving WFU for NCSU is so OMG!! that it almost tops Mack2.0 in general weirdness.  Coaches moving up / down Tobacco Road is nothing new … Dooley… Donnan… O’Cain… Moody… Parker (?) … Broadway… et al.

Frau Yow hired DDoeren after one lightning strike year at Directional Illinois/Indiana/Wherever.  Deacon Dave has a significantly more impressive HC’s resume than DD did when he was hired.  Sure, Deacon Dave has been outscored by Dabo 115 – 6 over the past two years … but, hey, it’s Dabo.

If one of BooTheAD’s search requirements is “a Coach that can beat Dabo” he might better search Where Old Coaching Legends Go To Die for those.

Am I the only one who recalls Chancellor Mary Anne (not Virginia) Foxx introducing Chuckie by saying “We expect a National Championship for NC State” or some such hyperbolic foolishness?

I agree with most pundits that Year One of Mack2.0 has been A Success.  Kinda odd though when Mack’s Most Impressive “Win” was a one-point Loss… to Dabo.


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