… and there is JILL WAGNER!

Jill Wagner
November01/ 2019

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Nov 1, 2019

… and there is JILL WAGNER


In the 120+ years of North Carolina State University, there is an on-going list of Notable Notables – Jimmy V … “Roman” … BobKennel(?) … “Skywalker” … Everett Case … “The Acidophilus Guy” … PR … BobKennel(??) … Russell … now “Trea” … … … and there is JILL WAGNER!

Your list is “your list” including / excluding (Kennel?) whoever and in whatever order you wish.  If “your list” includes “Hawkeye” and “Spud” and “T.A.” … it’s Your List.  But Yours Must include JILL WAGNER.


NOTE:  UNCCH, Duke and ECU each have “porn stars” on their lists.  NCSU has JILL WAGNER on its list.  Score One for the Land Grant School in West Raleigh!


Last week I strolled into Blondie’s office as she was multi-tasking between (1) “forestalling the inevitable collapse of Western Civilization” and… (2) “watching a Hallmark Christmas Movie”.  Blondie’s Inner Sanctum has more screens than a Best Buy showroom.

As I do thru-out the day, I inquired “… is everything working OK?” Then, I noticed the Hallmark Christmas Movie she was watching… “OMG!  That’s JILL WAGNER” I exclaimed.  “Yes, I really like her” Blondie replied  “she is one of my favorite Hallmark actresses…”

“OH MY”… I blurted “she’s from Winston-Salem… she was “The Mercury Girl” (from 2005-2011)… and she is THE Most Famous NC State coed – ‘2001 – EVER… EVER… EVER!”



From Winston-Salem .. > … NC State .. > .. “Mercury Girl” .. > .. Zombie movies w/ “Aquaman” .. > .. that goofy Wipe-Out obstacle course show .. > .. some more straight-to-video- movies .. > .. And NowA Bona-fide STAR on Hallmark Christmas Movies… AND as murder-solving “Professor Amy Winslow” on Hallmark Mystery Channel and a bunch of other Hallmark movies.

The JILL WAGNER Mercury Commercials Archives.

What Else has JILL WAGNER done since “Mercury”…

Interview w/ JILL WAGNER… 2009

JILL WAGNER and Hallmark

From 2005-2011 JILL WAGNER was for Mercury what Betty Furness was for Westinghouse Appliances in the 50s … what Vanna White has been for Wheel Of Fortune since forever.

JILL WAGNER … in her trademark capri pants and knit sweater… 6″ stilletos… and “a melt-your-heart smile and charm” … posed beside Mercurys for six years.  Truthfully, she coulda been shilling for used porta-johns or “Free El Chapo” and it wouldna mattered…. but JILL WAGNER would never do such things.

From everything I read for this column… which was A LOT … JILL WAGNER is even more down-to-earth, wholesome, gosh-darn nice than you’ve always hoped she would be. 

I will go so far as to compare JILL WAGNER to KATHY IRELAND in the even more gosh-darn nice than you hoped she would be. … JILL – and Carrie Underwood (another “gosh darn nice mega-hottie”) – are both happily married to hockey players.

WARNING: To all NC Staters… If you “know somebody who knew somebody” at NC State during The JILL WAGNER Years – late 90’s-early 00’s – who sorta kinda knew JILL WAGNER and claims “she was “*************” … and that “*****….” is not 100% Incredibly Nice … I don’t wanna hear it and…

I WILL BLOCK any/all such sacrilegious comments.

Brooke Baldwin


NOTE:  But if… any UNCers have sordid stories about CNN’s insufferable Brooke Baldwin during that same period over in Chapel Hill , please pass THOSE along… with uncut video if available.




I am REALLY EXCITED over all the improvements in Ye Olde Website.  I have a growing list of over-a-dozen Humdinger Topics in the queue for here .

… PLUS some cool stuff going on at The Favorite Books page.  … … for those interested in the Fate of America As We Know It.

In the Ongoing Adventures of ReRe and YaYa in Madison WI… there are only Two seasons up in Wisconsin – Winter and July.  It ain’t July any more.  Blondie heads up there in 10-day for a week of GrandNanny duty.  She’s stocking me up with jars of Brunswick Stew.

‘Til Monday …

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