Like Sands Thru an Hourglass

October28/ 2019

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Oct 28, 2019

Like Sands Thru an Hourglass…


so are The Days of Our Lives.   That was – maybe still is – the opening line to a long-running TV Soap Opera – The Days of Our LivesDOOL and Another World were the central focus of my Mother’s weekday afternoons – “her shows” – for 30+ years.  Do NOT “drop by” to see her or even call her between 2-4.  Goofy ol’ Aunt Clara never did get that… and would, invariably show up in her “Driving Miss Daisy” stretch Oldsmobile at 2:30.  Grrrrrr….


STOPSTOPthis babble has absolutely nothing to do with today’s topic.  OK, maybe a little bit, but there is too much STUFF to talk about to go wandering off down that path.


Notice anything different about Ye Olde Website?  Maybe kinda?…

Producing 2000+ Incredibly Insightful Commentaries for 20 years is not as easy as it sounds.  In addition to an unfaltering belief that “there really ARE people on the other side of this monitor reading and enjoying this stuff”… it takes a level of technical expertise that is not present in a hyper smart-alecky brain.  It takes “computer guys”.

I have gone thru a few of’em over the 20 years.  With one exception, they were “nice guys” who came and went as service providers do in our lives.

The evolution of this website contains their inputs much like how the Pyramids of Giza were built…. blah, blah, yadda, yadda…

Join with me now as we enter The Era of SunnyHQ – a Raleigh-based web hosting company owned by a very nice fellow named Dylan Bost… an NC State grad for those who want to know.

Fate and Circumstance brought Dylan and I together a week ago… and the world and will never be quite the same again.   I have no clue why he calls his company SunnyHQ.  Its only been a week and we’ve been busy with other stuff.

The site is much cleaner and more “readable” whether you consciously notice it or not.  For those of you reading this on “your mobile device” it is A LOT MORE “readable”.  Several of the “pages”have changed.

What was – for a few months – BL EN FUEGO is now SAID WHAT?.  It is still Scary Partisan Political Stuff – NOT intended for those constipated souls with terminal TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The Book page – Favorite Books & Authors – has been redone.  It will become a very active part of our offerings henceforth.

Even About BobLee (& Blondie) has been updated. … and then there is….

READER COMMENTS.. Uh Oh!  We have switched to a state-of-the-art software platform called DISCUZ.  … OK… settle down.  You do NOT have to join “social media” – or pay anything – or do anything different.  We won’t do anything “kinky” with your email info, et al that we weren’t already doing… which is nothing.

You can use an alias – and have an avatar (little picture) if you wish or not.  You now have the ability to REPLY to a specific comment.  There is other cool stuff we can do with DISCUZ that I have not read up on yet.

OH! OH! there is ONE thing.  At about 100 words, a comment will go into – READ MORE… all of your deep thoughts are easily available to one/all IF they choose to click READ MORE.  That should only affect one of you… and you know who you are.

There will be other tweaks.  Most will be “under the hood” where you won’t see them; but will make the site run smoother. … EVER ONWARD



I reposted Carolina’s Junction Boys last night.  Here it is – LINK.  That is because at this past Saturday’s Mack2.0 Beats Duke Game, a contingent of Junction Boys were honored on-the-field as it was (about) 50 years ago that they became Carolina’s Junction Boys.


Carolina Junction Boys


Like those afore-mentioned Sands Thru an Hourglass, I have arrived at several Golden Anniversaries in the past 3-4 years.

First was our high school’s back-to-back Basketball State Championships.   Then my Kinston’s Grainger High School class reunion.  Then that 1969 Missouri Orange Bowl team induction into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.   And, most recently The Carolina Junction Boys Reunion last Spring.  The mid/late 60s had a lot of significant rites of passage for yours truly.

50th Reunion

I tell that story as I reflect on the various 50th Reunions noted above… and my memories of the various individuals involved.  The “grains of sand” thru my Life’s Hourglass.

There was no one in those various groups that I “did not like… or dreaded seeing again”.

Certainly there were many I never knew very well / interacted with enough to have a lasting opinion of.  But I did not have any negative opinions of any of them.   Is that unusual?

I do not consider myself “a hail fellow well met”.  I am NOT “a people person” at all.  I have a latent ability to be “the most cynical person” in any room I enter.

I have certainly encountered people in the ensuing 50 years that I “didn’t like” … bosses, clients, co-workers, social acquaintances, “board monkeys”, et al.  But not anyone from those groups from 50 years ago.  I’m glad I can say that.

I can’t speak for “them”.  There may be those who “didn’t like me” for whatever reasons I don’t need to know.

I know my Kinston “grew-up-with” folks better / longer than the others.  Our class has had every-10-year reunions and I have attended every single one regardless of where I was living at the time.

We have progressed thru endless re-re-re-telling of  “that time we…” stories from our youth to sharing grandchildren pictures and wincing over news that “so-and-so has died”.   I believe our Class Memorial Wall has over 60 names now… sigh!

Sure, I recall “growing up angst” and unpleasant situations from back in those days… but not involving confrontations with individuals.

“If I knew then… what I know now” … I don’t think I could fully appreciate reaching this – I don’t dislike any of”em – conclusion.

Give that Comment gizmo a try.  Check out the “new” pages


More BobLeeSays’s – LINK..

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