A Man From Hope-type 2020 – instead of…

Bill Clinton 1992
October22/ 2019



Oct. 22, 2019

A Man From Hope – type 2020 … instead of BL alone


Human History is an endless list of… “Just suppose / what IF…”.   IF the waves on Omaha Beach had been just a foot or so higher on D-Day !!  IF “the Yankees” had not stumbled on a copy of Lee’s battle plan for Gettysburg … IF … IF …

Try this one… IF the Democrats had “a Bill Clinton circa 1991-type” candidate todayINSTEAD OF their current carnival sideshow of uber-radical dingbats, nitwits, card-carrying crazies and screamin’ meemees. …

I’m talking a BILL CLINTON 1991 – type – BEFORE “Monica”… “the definition of “is” … “Billy & Hilly”.  NOT Slick Willie The Totally Disgusting Lying HornDog Reprobate.

The Democrat that beat “Daddy Bush” in 1992… with ample help from H. Ross Perot  AKA ”the little hand grenade with the bad haircut.


Bill Clinton

NOTE:  I have always maintained that Bill Clinton “simply wanted to be POTUS”.  He could not have cared less about ideologies.  He just liked “the really cool perks”.  Repub or Democ?  Bill figured – rightly – that Democ rank & file would be much easier for “a silver-tongued devil” to flim / flam.  He did … They were.


Full Disclosure:  I voted for DJT in 2016 as “The Lesser of Two Evils”… without fully appreciating HOW MUCH LESS EVIL he was/is than that “Pure Evil Option”.  I will vote “early and often” for DJT again next November.  You better too if you have “a licka sense”.

Yeah …

Donald Trump IS – A peculiar fella with a seemingly uncontrollable tendency to be unnecessarily provocative.   

The Imperfect Man Who Is THE PERFECT POTUS For These Troubled Times!

Yes, – DJT said “p*ssy grabbing” in a PRIVATE conversation with “a group o’ guys”.  And –  Of course, he “has funny hair”.

DJT “style” does not (and never will) fit the image – real or imagined – that you ever had of “an American President”.  Allowing that most of those “Presidential images” you hold dear where “airbrushed” more than a Playboy centerfold.  Whatever…

Yes, my friends.  There ARE RINOs, Indys, and DC Swamp Rats out-there who will forever be hesitant – or refuse – to vote for DJT in 2020 because… of “the above”.

These pearl-clutching ninnies still watch their Network News and think their local blow-dried Ron Burgandy / Ted Baxter fops and fools “tell us The Truth”.

IF they had a “More Presidential-type” alternative to vote for, they just might.  … Lucky for us, lucky for them and Damn Lucky For America THEY DO NOT have such an option


A Rhetorical “How Come”… How come George “Mr. Big” Soros and his gang of “Beatle Boy” thugs and media sycophants didn’t figure this out?…. If I did?  After all… George is a Billionaire Global Oligarch / Bond Villain. I’m just an Internet Legend.

They just needed “a Manchurian Candidate” that they could easily “program” to (1) “Look Presidential” … (2) Have a “Likability Factor” that at least registered double digits on the Marcus Welby / “Mr Rogers” scale … and (3) Could give a public speech WITHOUT foaming at the mouth, going “all bug-eyed”, snarling, and SCREAMING…

I’m gonna take ALL the evilll white folks’ $$$$ and give it ALL TO YOU…you’ll NEVER have to work a day in your life… IF you vote for ME.   I promise … sort of, but not really!

Create a Hallmark Movie family for “Their Guy”, hopefully without a bassett-faced daughter who looks like Webb Hubbell (Huum?) … and with at least ONE heterosexual child who identifies with his/her original genitalia.

Stick a small – but visible – American Flag pin on the guy’s lapel.  Get plenty of B-roll with him in a flannel shirt either chopping wood… or ladling up soup in a homeless shelter… in a Red State.

Probably best if “His Wife” IS… (1) a for-real Wife, not a “Husband”… and (2) has NOT had an abortion, but does volunteer once/week in an abortion clinic.  Its OK if she a brother who has “gone Trany” but has yet to be convicted of any of the dozen or so sexual predator charges pending.John Edwards and

Basically I’m describing John Edwards 2.0 in his Two Americas / Pre-Rielle Days.   Definitely in his Pre-Rielle Days.

NOTE:  Rob Christensen, if you are reading this… Google Rielle Hunter.  Its about time you knew who she is, you pompous pusillanimous jackass.

How come George “Mr Big” Soros didn’t order his minions to do that?

Assuming such a clean-cut “Presidential-type” Would / Could indeed defeat “The Provocative P*ssy grabber POTUS with Funny Hair”… he would simply be a cardboard figure behind which “Mr Big” could finish The Gutting of America that he started with “His Boy” Barack.

Aren’t we all glad they are not doing that?


More SAID WHAT?s from BobLee & Blondie – LINK

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