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October21/ 2019


Oct 21, 201


Why Washington DC LIES About Donald Trump

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This is a great piece. It is long but well written. I love his opening story but it made me feel so old that he was a kid pining for a Mark McGwire baseball card!! But, it is the perfect illustration of how many of us now know, that what we have thought was fair, was in fact, massively and disappointedly corrupt.

At it’s core, this piece outlines that voters were up to their eyeballs in examples of how the government does not work well for anyone! I mean, come on, Rush alone has been explaining and showing examples of this for 30 years now!

Voters turned to Trump, weird flaws and all, as a possible, hopeful fix. He has proven to be exactly that. And that is the great political friction. It is a friction that has been missing from governance for a long long time. It is a needed friction, that without it, leads us right into socialism, at best, full blown communism at worst.

He also lays out how dangerously unconstitutional ElizWarren is.

QUOTE: How Trump’s supporters see his role in exposing America’s political corruption is a much more interesting question and could go a long way toward explaining how a potential impeachment plays out.

Wow, Never has this been shown out more than with that Mulvany presser! The Swamp has it’s own language and Trump and some of his people do not have a clue how to speak it. Not that that is a bad thing!

QUOTE: I think the world generally, and the world of the powerful in particular, is far less lucid and more incoherent than most assume. The main difference between Trump and his predecessors is that the professional class / deep state / neoliberal order / whatever-you-want-to-call-it is fluent in a language that imposes a kind of regulative fiction on that chaos. Their fluency gives them a patina of legitimacy and not a little power over the less fluent, which comforts some normies but also drives conspiratorial thinking. Trump and a lot of the people around him lack this fluency and have no interest in cultivating it.

QUOTE: I think voters in no small part voted for Trump because they were sick of being told rosy stories about how the government operates. A part of Trump’s appeal is that he’s almost psychologically incapable of varnishing things and unafraid to utter coarse truths that roil the establishment. He’s upended discussions of trade and foreign policy, topics where the D.C. consensus was notoriously effective at shutting out dissenting voices, regardless of whether they were more aligned with voter sentiment.

QUOTE: Every time Trump says “What I’m doing is the greatest,” his delusion causes the media and “deep state” to try and pull back the curtain and expose Trump as a fraud once and for all.

Except they can’t do that without asking voters to choose between Trump’s behavior and Washington’s preferred narrative of how things are supposed to work, and Beltway types still haven’t grasped that voters decided long before Trump arrived on the political scene that most of what passes for standard operating procedure in D.C. is just as farcical.

This heightening of dueling contradictions becomes more obvious when Trump’s opponents accuse him of violating “norms” or even explicitly use government power against him. Whether it’s federal judges issuing dubious national injunctions against his immigration policy or holding impeachment proceedings that don’t follow basic precedents, Trump’s opponents often only end up exposing how creaky and, frankly, dangerous the machinery of government has become.

QUOTE: In a vacuum, perhaps what Trump did with Ukraine smells of impropriety and judged by the standards set by George Washington would be impeachable. But Obama gave thousands of guns to cartels and when Congress started asking questions about why those guns were being used to kill dozens of people, including U.S. law enforcement officers, they were stonewalled and called racist.

QUOTE: If you’re wondering how Trump voters can continue to ignore Trump’s issues, it’s not even obvious to lots of voters that Trump opponents and D.C. institutionalists such as Sen. “Pow Wow Chow” Warren, Hillary “Lay off Weinstein” Clinton, and Adam “I have more than circumstantial evidence Trump colluded with Russia” Schiff are an obvious contrast to Trump even as a matter of personal corruption.

The chaos of the Trump administration may yet prove intolerable, and there are lots of conservative or sympathetic voters who didn’t vote for Trump, out of concerns that he would be petulant, unstable, and immoral.

But if it’s a choice between dealing with Trump’s foibles, which are challenging at best, and pretending the immorality and dishonesty of the system he threatens — a system that will almost certainly outlast him — is somehow a better option, don’t be surprised that so many people are sticking with Trump even through impeachment.



Mark Hemingway

Why Washington D.C. Compulsively Lies About Donald Trump

Beltway types still haven’t grasped that voters decided long before Trump arrived on the political scene that most of what passesfor standard operating procedure in D.C. is just as farcical.

The Federalists—Mark Hemingway October 21 2019

When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards. I grew up in an isolated and not especially large town, but it did have one comic book and baseball card shop that I spent a lot of time in, salivating over the Mark McGwire rookie card in the display case. I couldn’t afford it — it was worth maybe $5 at the time — so I would usually just buy a pack of Topps or Donruss cards for 50 cents and hope I got lucky in what I found. Obviously, I didn’t get as lucky finding the cards for my favorite players as I would have liked.

Then one day, a friend of mine threw open the back door of the shop looking for a bathroom. He found an employee in the back with a table full of baseball card packages and a candle. In those days, some packs still came wrapped in wax paper.

The employee of the store was carefully opening up the packs, shuffling through the cards, and taking out the valuable cards. He was using the wax from the candle to reseal the wax paper, and then sold them to unsuspecting kids like us. I was growing up fast, and already on the verge of trading my sports and comics hobbies for musical obsessions, but you can imagine that this soured me a bit on baseball card collecting.

As political allegories go, this is a bit of a Rorschach test. Who do you think Donald Trump is in this story? The guy enriching himself behind closed doors? Or the impetuous young kid who flings open the door and exposes the corruption?

Not that there isn’t a case to be made for Trump as a swindler — my sincere apologies to Trump University students — but that’s a bit obvious and there is no shortage of people screaming “Emoluments!” into the Twitter void. How Trump’s supporters see his role in exposing America’s political corruption is a much more interesting question and could go a long way toward explaining how a potential impeachment plays out.




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