TWO Clicks On My Bucket List !

October20/ 2019


Oct 20, 2019


TWO Clicks On My Bucket List !


Everybody BPA knows what a Bucket List is… right?  BPA = But Prince Albert

A Bucket List – from the 2007 Jack Nicholson movie of the same name – is a list of stuff you hope to do before you die  (i.e. “kick the bucket”).   Climb the Matterhorn… Swim The Hellespont… Own a ’57 Chevy… Run a Marathon… See Hillary / Trump / Roy Williams / Coach K in a prison jumpsuit… etc etc etc.

Like snowflakes, everyone’s Bucket List is different and “personal”.  And can be as non-PC as we wish.

Bucket List

This past week, I clicked TWO items off My Bucket List.   They were both on secondary lists… NOT my Primary BL.

Blondie and I…

(1) Had Lunch last Saturday at The Lexington Barbecue i.e. “HoneyMonk’s” !!! … and

(2) Friday afternoon we went to Wegmans Raleigh !!!

One experience was HOLY MOLEY !!! … the other was “meh”.  … Read on in chronological order.


Lexington Barbecue / “HoneyMonks”

We were in Lexington NC for a dear friend’s daughter’s wedding at The Childress Winery/Vineyards.  There are two eras in one’s life… your 20-30s when you attend your friends’ weddings and … in your 60s+ you attend your friends’ childrens’ weddings.  We are deep into the latter with no illusions of Era 3 … “grandchildrens’ weddings”.

Kid & Pastor Danny were married “in a for-real church” with “a for-real minister” in a good ol’ traditional “til Death do us part” ceremony and setting.  The past several weddings we have attended have been “untraditional”.    They were “legal”… I think. We’ll leave it at that.

NOTE: FWIW Kid & Danny still talk about how PERFECT their wedding was three years ago.  Blondie and I NEVER get tired of hearing that… 🙂

The highlight of this one was when Lexington police were called in.  No, it wasn’t a drunken revelry.  Our dear friend / Mother of the Bride “took aggressive exception” to the service of the caterer… ya had to be there to appreciate it… and ya had to know The Mother of The Bride.  Bless her heart!…

Where was I?  … Lexington Barbecue.

Blondie – who is NOT “in to barbecue” – suggested that – being in Lexington – we oughta check out their legendary world-class pork emporiums.  I consulted two native sons of Lexington for “which one”.  Both had The Lexington Barbecue … also known as “HoneyMonk’s”… as #1.

At 11:30 AM on a Saturday the gravel parking lot was filled with an eclectic collection of vehicles including enough pick-ups to assure me this was NOT a nouvelle-cuisine fru fru establishment.  As “traditional” as any North Carolina BBQ “joint” and worthy of its national reputation.

EVERYTHING about Lexington BBQ is  – How it’s suppose to be.  The building… the decor – lots of “pig stuff”… the staff… the menu… the clientele.  LOTs of backward ballcaps.

A table of nine young fellas coulda been… (1) a slo-pitch softball team on the way to a tournament … or (2) Brad Paisley’s road crew.  Definitely NOT “soy boys”!

I coulda been in King’s… Bill Ellis’… Bullock’s… Wilber’s… McGills’… etc.  I’ve never been to “SkyLight Inn” or “B’s” but I’m assumin’. … Everything except…

I knew the slaw would be red from their red sauce mixed in.  The slaw was fine.  The hushpuppies were OK.  The sweet tea was fine.  Have I left out anything? … oh yeah … the chopped pork barbecue.

The chopped pork barbecue was dry… very very dry.  There was sauce on the table but it was a really thick brown sauce.  I knew it would not be “a vinegar sauce”.  I’m not “into” barbecue enuff to know/care  – what kinda wood – or  – how long it cooked –  or  – how old is the old guy that gets up at 3 AM to stoke the fire.   My barbecue was certainly edible and I ate it all but it wasn’t “WOW, THIS is really good!”

My review is simply “one guy on one visit”.   I’m sure “HoneyMonk’s” deserves all of its walls full of awards.  But… I should tried Speedy’s”.


Wegmans in Raleigh

I told y’all a few weeks ago that we would check out Wegmans after the Grand Opening Hoopla settled down. LINK   Raleigh’s 35th or 36th Grocery Chain opened several weeks ago to the Media Circus usually reserved for Bully Barber’s Hoot&Hates at the NCGA.  Those, according to The N&O and WRAL, draw crowds of “… at least 80,000, maybe more…”  (LOL) Not sure how many Wegmans has hosted so far.

Blondie & I spent about an hour+ on this first reconnoiter.  We coulda stayed “all day” and not seenBurgerBar it all.  YOWSA!

What grocery store has its own multi-level parking deck with freakin’ escalators?  This is The DisneyWorld of grocery stores.

Is it a Gianormous Food Court w/ a Grocery Store… or a Gianormous Grocery Store w/ a Food Court?  Not “just a food court” but The Mother of All Food Courts w/ “a Burger Bar”.

My burger expertise rivals my barbecue expertise… very basic.  My Wegmans cooked-to-order “Maple Onion Burger” was to-die-for.  I coulda eaten a 2nd one but I was full from the first one.  The sweet potato fries were great.  They have buffet lines for every cuisine imaginable.

The Wine Section !!!  I’m not into wine… but I betcha they have 10,000 bottles from Dom Perignon and Bollingers to “two buck Chuck” and everything in-between.  They have a temperature-controlled “wine cellar room” Wegmansfor the expensive stuff.

Sure, Wegmans has ALL the usual grocery store stuff … AND – yes – one of the aisle directories does list “Peanut Butter”.  I was already sold but THAT did it.

If they added condos on top of Wegmans and you had a home-based computer bizness… you’d NEVER have to go outside… REALLY. … add a barber shop, a nail salon, and maybe a dentist office.  It’s a freakin “mini-city”.

PLUS… all the employees we encountered were honor graduates of the Chick-fil-A School of Customer Service.

I’ve made an addition to my Bucket List… Go back to Wegmans.


Dumb Football Crap and…

Rough day in Chestnut Hill. Is a Dave Doeren effigy hanging atop Wolf Mountain… yet?   Is anyone in Amedeo’s backroom talking DickSheridan2.0yet?

A much rougher day for My Badgers.  Caught “looking ahead” to next week’s Game Of The Millennium in The Horseshoe… 6th ranked Wisconsin fell on a walk-off FG to the freakin’ Illini… The Freakin Illini !!!  … sigh, sob, sniff.

UPDATE: America’s Most Famous “Back To The Future” CoachesLes Miles (KU) and Mack Brown … while Mack2.0 was losing a 6-OT THRILLA to VPI… KU was losing 50-48 to Mack’s old ‘Horns in Austin.  KU is only 2-5 and Mack is 3-4 BUT their mere presence has turned floundering programs into quite “competitive” ones.  Supposedly Mack is piling up a fine recruiting class having repossessed “in-state” from a Hated Rival in Western Wake County… proving that “He who can tout The Most Charging Stations wins”.  Who Knew?

I watched EVERY pitch of ALCS’ 6th game Humdinger twixt Astros and NYY.  OMG!  OMG!  Led by  a diminutive “David” – 5’6″ Jose Altuve… The Men of MinuteMaid walked-off the Mighty Goliath from The Bronx.  With “no dog in the fight” I enjoyed The Heck out of watching that game… proving I’m not sure what… but something.


MORE of BobLeeSays … LINK


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