Recent UNCCH Kerfluffles… Jumbotron and “a guy in Utah says”

Kenan Jumbotron
October14/ 2019


Oct 14, 2019


Recent UNCCH’s Kerfluffles …


The Eye of Hurricane UNC Jumbotron Kerfluffle has passed – its 3 weeks old – but I deem it worthy of Official BLSays Discussion.

“3 weeks” is 2 weeks into “old news” in the helter-skelter world of OMG Kerfluffles.  In fact, ANOTHER Kerfluffle has hit “over yonder” since Jumbotron Kerfluffle.  That being Kevin’s CTE Research Kerfluffle involving “an eeeevil Duke guy in Utah”… and my old friend Mary The Whistleblower.

We’ll double up on both these Kerfluffles here today before another 2-3 Kerfluffles “make landfall” in the turbulent times we be livin’ in these days..


Q: “BobLee, are all these recent Kerfluffles further proof of Global Climate Whatever?”

A: Maybe, but those Ancient Alien guys on TV claim there were lots of kerfluffles as far back as “before Betty White was born”.  YIKES!


A quick reminder… UNC’s Jumbotron Kerfluffle took place during Mack2.0’s recent “almost beat” of TeamDabo amid the towering pines in Kenan Jr. Stadium.

DID YOU KNOW:  Gianormous Jumbotrons are now de riguere in every college football stadium in America.  Why “even Wake Forest has”… a Jumbotron AND a IPF.  They are so common that to be competitive in recruiting you really need 3 or 4 these days.

Speaking of “being competitive”… UNCCH has announced it has generated over $1,000,000 in beer and wine sales in Kenan Jr. Stadium so far this season.

That proves I was wrong that selling beer / wine would have no $$$ effect. I underestimated the number of “gotta have a beer buzz to enjoy life” fans… sigh.

Will that extra $1,000,000 go towards even more charging stations… hiring an Asst Strength Coach … or some other silly “we gotta have to be competitive …”?

Gianormous Jumbotrons in football stadiums are run by anonymous little techno-nerds sitting at keyboards… in a windowless  bunker deep in the bowels of the stadium.  99.99% of the time they behave themselves because its the coolest job most of’em can ever hope to have… plus they get paid in unlimited Cheetos and CheerWine … YUM!

For reasons only speculated – Kenan Jr’s Jumbotron techno-nerd “got frisky” during the Clemson game and began posting pictures of Clemson fans in the stands (there were A LOT of’em) with snarky captions implying they were “WalMart Clemson fans” only attracted to the color Orange by Dabo-mania.

UNC Jumbotron


UNCCH Officials were unaware of – and did NOT sanction – the little techno-nerd’s sinister plot.

ASIDE:  The term WalMart fan is world-wide lexicon for Not Alumni-fans who have no connection to a school  except “gear” they bought at WalMart.   “Real Alumni” fans buy their gear at overpriced souvenir shops near their oh-so-beautiful campuses.

All physically unattractive fans are automatically assumed to be WalMart fans since no school has unattractive Real Alumni ??

I googled WalMart fans and I found…. – >>>


In the Triangle-area, UNCCH is most often the butt of Wal-Mart fan jokes birthed by Michael Jordan-mania.  That a UNC techno-nerd chided another fan base as “WalMart fans” is far funnier than the techno-nerd’s snarky captions were.

Anyhooo… the snarky Jumbotron pictures drew criticism from “real adult fans” who felt such snarkiness on official UNCCH media was inappropriate.  Which, of course, it was.

The criticism reached UNCCH’s BubbaThe Real AD who issued an official apology to Clemson officials and Clemson fans everywhere, both real and WalMart variety.

Bubba’s apology pissed off UNC’s Foam-fingered Fans Faction who live for no loftier purpose than to insult other fan bases.  Their ire further justifying Bubba’s apology.

I suggested to Bubba that the guilty Jumbotron techno-nerd’s hands be severed at the wrists at High Noon in Polk Place as a warning to others… and as a dramatic media event.  Contrary to what you might assume… Bubba does not ALWAYS take my advice.

Snarky comments on a Gianormous University-owned Jumbotron are NOT the same as a ribald cheer by a student section… or a clever obscene t-shirt… or such fan-initiated insults.


Until the PC nazis killed it in the mid 70s, UNC had a Beat Dook Parade each Fall before the Dook game.  It was “ribald” and “profane” by 1970s standards.  But it did not “cross a line” that most folks honored.

UNC, and other schools, used to have a “Mike Man” who was usually the Head Cheerleader.  The “Mike Man” would exaggerate unflattering stereotypes of Hated Rivals by dressing up in costumes and performing “skits” … “riding a tractor dressed on overalls” for The State Game etc.  He would lead cheers based on those stereotypes.  “The Mike Man” disappeared soon after the BEAT DOOK parade for the same reasons.

UNC’s most infamous “Mike Man” was a deranged fellow named “Rabbit” Something who was later arrested for “streaking” and similar acts of “he ain’t quite right…”.  Last anyone heard of “Rabbit” he was in an asylum somewhere eating tapioca pudding with a roomful of guys who think they are Napoleon.

SHOULD “ribald joshing of rivals” be OK?  Sure … IF we were a society with an iota of common sense overseen by “real adults” who know where “lines” are.  We are NOT… so that is not even open to debate.


Recent UNCCH Kerfluffle #2 erupted a week ago on a subscription-only website – TheAthletic – to which I subscribe.   It involves research on CTE (that football related concussion injury) conducted by Interim UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz when he headed a prestigious study on the subject.

A recent Franklin Street poll revealed that 67% more UNC students / alumni can spell “Krzyzewski” than can spell “Guskiewicz”.


The Bombshell Revelation was released in a professionally produced multi-video presentation featuring renown investigative reporter Armen Keteyian. – LINK –


The crux of the report involves “a guy in Utah” who spent three years studying “millions of on-line documents”  – Who does THAT? – concluding that Kevin was beyond sloppy in his research… omitting significant data including how many UNC athletes had ADD and were given Ritallin and other stimulants to “make them more alert but not necessarily smarter…” and a bunch of other heinous act of ommission and commission.

97.43% of the Utah guy’s findings were “deep in the weeds” stuff that only “researchers” and guys who “study millions of on-line documents over three years” care about or pretend to understand… I certainly don’t.

Within 45 minutes of the release of the Bombshell Revelation on The Athletic… UNC conspiracy commandos revealed that “the guy in Utah who spent three years blah blah …” was none other than the notorious Ted Tatosa DUKE GRADUATE (!!!) and World-famous UNC -Hater

… thereby negating every syllable of Ted’s 3 years of totally biased bogus research of Kevin’s research.

OH… my friend Mary “Whistleblower” Willingham is in the video.  Which added significantly to the UNC conspiracy commandos self-righteous indignation.

“That Damn Dan” Kane was on vacation when this story broke.  Thats why TDDK has not weighed in… yet.

I have no clue if THIS LATEST SCANDAL will – or will not – finally bring down the beleaguered  Academic Colossus known as The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.   Hated Rivals, of course, hope it will.

I’m still amazed that anyone hates UNC enough to “spend three years studying millions of on-line documents…”.   I betcha Ted Tatos operated Duke’s Jumbotron when he was matriculating over in West Derm?


NOTE: MANY of you keep hounding me to provide more “Book Stuff” … about books I’m listening to and might suggest you might enjoy.  I PROMISE I WILL … and soon.


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