Can ESPN GameDay manage to …… ?

ESPN GameDay
September03/ 2019


Sept 3, 2019

.Can / Will ESPN’s GameDay Stay NOT-Political ?


The only ESPN or FoxSports “studio show” I watch is ESPN’s College Football GameDay.  I don’t HAVE to see Herbie, Coach, Desmond, Rece and Friends on Saturday morning, but it has always been an up-beat entertaining show to get one in the mood for a day of watching college football’s color and pageantry.

Yeah, it can be hokey with Corso’s antics et al but “hokey” is OK when the subject is something as discretionary entertaining as watching football games.


NOTE:  I DO watch MLB Network… not religiously but often.  Can’t decide if Lauren Shehadi’s legs are getting longer or her skirts getting shorter or both ? … back to GameDay.


The successful formula for GameDay, of course, is the on-campus location with the students/fans/ cheerleaders all going manic in the background… doing what students/fans/ cheerleaders do… wave foam fingers and clever signs and scream really loud.

GameDay has visited well over 150+ campuses.  Overly-caffeinated fans of each of those 150+ schools are convinced their campus was the prettiest… their students the most enthusiastic… and their Bell Tower the Best.  How is Best Bell Tower judged?

My concern – as I watched Saturday – was How are the ESPN guys going to keep the set Not-Political.

How can they manage the signage… or t-shirts… or even people wearing MAGA caps.  When I say Not-Political I mean by either side.

America’s Culture War is well underway with skirmishes, ambushes and street rioting occurring daily… ESPN’s GameDay is too tempting a target to pass up.

With John Skipper (UNC’75) no longer at the helm of ESPN … something about his cocaine habit and several dozen incredibly stoopid personnel decisions… the Disney folks are trying to lure back the 60,000,000 viewers Skippy intentionally ran off.

Not concerned with the guys saying anything “Uh-Oh”.  They all impress me as quite savvy regarding their comments.  Same with the weekly celebrity fan they invite. BUT…

Even one sign by either side will quickly result in opposing signs if not fist fights et al.  The thought of a full-scale invasion of ANTIFA terrorists could be catastrophic.

How will ESPN handle it ???


NOTE:  I read a Facebook post this week apparently from a very fragile “snowflake”.  Miss Snowflake says just the sight of any red baseball cap causes her great anxiety.  She was requesting a national ban on ALL red baseball-type caps regardless of any message or logo.  YIKES! … She probably oughta steer clear of NCSU’s Brickyard and St Louis’ Busch Stadium… huh?



I was not there nor could I watch on TV as I am not technologically in synch with The Swoffy Channel but… Beer State FB

I understand there was NOT a single drunken riot in the stands nor were there 1,000s of DUIs in post-game traffic.  Thats good.

I DID hear that there were long very slow lines at the several buy-a-beer concession stands.  30 MINUTE WAITS?

I am going to bet that “AD Boo” will have that problem solved ASAP.  AD Boo strikes me as a “We WILL solve this problem before the next game, guys” kind of administrator.

I also heard that Carter-Finley Security still has problems frisking grandmas and grandpas bringing bazookas and RPGs into the stadium.  Again… sounds like another “AD Boo CAN/WILL come up with a better way” kind of issue.


Board Monkeys Being Board Monkeys Being …

Before the past weekends game I did see the usual on-line feces-flinging at one another between local area hated-rivals.   The usual UNCheats yadda yadda versus Which State players are getting $40,000..?  The shelf life of both of those institutional insults is estimated at 25-30 years minimum.

I always mumble the same prayer… “Please God, let these goggle-eyed nitwits be no older than 14… 15 at most”…. but I know they are likely several decades older but no wiser… and probably already breeding.

I did see one reference to the ECU / NCState post-game riot from 30+ YEARS AGO.  REALLY!

That’s not as bad as a guy who told me recently he “hates the Dodgers and always will…”  “Whys that” I asked.  “For leaving Brooklyn!”.  OUCH!  That was 1957… 62 YEARS AGO!   That is getting into Hatfields & McCoy level of “… ain’t never gonna fergit by golly!”


All Aboard The Mack Bandwagon …

To the total shock & awe of 97% of UNC fans and 100% of UNC Hated Rival fans… Mack 2.0 is undefeated at 1-0 as of today – Tues Sept 3.  Tennessee and FlaState and VaTech are not.  OUCH!  And WHAT ABOUT THOSE DEACONS!


NOTE:  I saw where FlaState’s much maligned coach Willie Taggert blamed the ‘Noles loss to Boise State on his players not being properly “hydrated” !!!  Blame The Gatorade Guy is a new excuse.   The game was played in Tallahassee and the visitors from freakin’ IDAHO had no problems with the humidity ???

Will Willie make it to Halloween?  Will the Tennessee coach make it to next week?  The Bud Foster Farewell Season is in jeopardy in Blacksburg.


I am on-record as liking Mack and wishing him (and Bubba) well in this New Era of UNC Football. I am not emotionally invested in their success however.Mack UNC

I have cautioned UNC officials NOT to rush out to buy heavy-duty shocks for the Mack Is Back Bandwagon that is overflowing this week.  This week’s home opener versus Miami on Kenan’s new sooper dooper mega turf is certainly winnable… and losable.  If the latter… the Mack Bandwagon will lose a lot of occupants really fast.  It’s The Carolina Way… If Mack does go 2-0 will it mean THE SLEEPING GIANT IS AWAKE!  No, but some pinhead will think so… and say so.

Will BEER IN KENAN produce drunken debauchery … and/or 1,000s of DUIs post-game?  Probably NOT but you never know.


Meanwhile in Major League Baseball…

“My Cardinals” are the hottest team in MLB the past few weeks… now atop the NL Central Cardinalsby 3 games over The Hated Cubs.  25 games to go with 7 of the last 9 head-to-head vs The Hated Cubs”.

Despite their resurgence and a new found habit of late-inning comeback / walk-offs… St Louis’ self-titled BestFansInBaseball still have a highly vocal WE REALLY HATE WHATHISNAME THE STOOPID GENERAL MANAGER Bunch.

As in every sport… Fans are entitled to Opinions Without Consequences… and exercise that “right” with gusto. … sigh.

Oh, BTW… Kennel’s Dodgers have unveiled their 3rd Phenom Straight Off a Wheaties Box … Gavin Lux.  Gavin joins current Great White Dodger Phenoms Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger.

Gavin, Corey and Cody … sound like three of Ricky Nelson’s fraternity brothers… or extras in a Frankie & Annette Beach movie.


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