“Fredo” Cuomo: The Rest Of The Story…

August13/ 2019

Aug 13, 2019


“Fredo” Cuomo:  The Rest Of The StoryBL alone


I received an early birthday present last night (August 12th)… around 9:30 the first of 1,000s of Tweets “broke” about CNN’s Chris Cuomo going on an F-word tirade because someone called him “Fredo”.  26 F-words in 1:43 minutes is a “tirade”.

For the next two hours yours truly was “a one-armed paper-hanger”.   Imagine flushing a gianormous covey of quail and trying to knock down as

many birds as possible… with a computer keyboard.

I posted over a dozen “incredible insights” as this latest “flaming shoebox of dog poop on America’s doorstep” literally took over Facebook and Twitter.   “HOOT” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Here’s what happened for the handful of you who haven’t heard and seen IT yet.


Before I rattle off a series of fascinating sidebars to “Fredo Goes F-in Insane”… I was shocked by how many “with it” tweeters had Zero Clue who the original “Fredo” was … and did not get the incredibly perfect nickname for Mario’s Screw-up Son.

#1 Cuomo Son is “Guido” The Baby-Killer Governor of New York.  OK, it’s Andrew but Guido is more insulting so let’s go with Guido.  Mario, Guido and poor pathetic “Fredo” Cuomo.


NOTE: Let’s be honest here.  Daddy Mario built his whole career around ONE SPEECH at the 1984 Democratic Convention.  Bill Clinton’s career was built around his “Slick Willie” reputation and, of course, Barack Hussein Obama was “the Half-Black Kenyan”.  The qualifications to be “a Democrat Messiah” are kinda marginal don’t you think?


For that 1.6% of humanity who have NOT seen The Godfather I at least a dozen times.  “Fredo” was at the bottom of Lake Tahoe by the end of Godfather II.

My dear friend “Prince Albert” had up until about a year ago – never seen Godfather, Animal House or Caddyshack.  BUT … Albert has seen Lonesome Dove 37 times. … I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction, Good Fellas or My Cousin Vinnie… and I’ve only seen Lonesome Dove 23 times.

Anyhooo, “Fredo” was “the pathetic loser” brother of Sonny and Michael Corleone.  The one Don Vito tried to forget.  As with Chris “The Loser Cuomo brother” … Chris and Fredo had nothing going for them but their father’s name.

I heard Rasmussen – or was it Quinnipiac – ran a poll last night around 11 PM.

97.7% of living Americans had heard of “Fredo”

Only 0.4% could “name a Cuomo”.  Lordy, I do so love “polls”.

OK… Those incredible sidebar facts… or “truths” whichever Creepy Ol’ Joe Biden prefers these days…

This story broke on August 12 …  The birthday of John Cazale.  WHO?  John John CazaleCazale was the actor who played “Fredo” … and like others who play unforgettable character parts… his obituary – in 1978 – surely included in the first paragraph … “played Fredo in The Godfather”.  365 freakin’ days in a year and the Fredo Cuomo Story breaks on John “Fredo” Cazale’s birthday.

If you think THAT is a coincidence, you probably think Jeffrey Epstein choked on a chicken bone.


Who was The First to call Chris Cuomo “Fredo”?

That is debatable but I stand with my fellow Twitter Legend John Nolte … AKA “John Ocasio-Nolte”.  A true Tweeting Genius.  John Nolte and equally legendary IowaHawk are the Babe Ruth & Ty Cobb of Twitter Hall Of Fame.

3 or 4 years ago, John Nolte tweeted “Fredo” Cuomo of the Cuomo Crime Family” in response to some idiotic stoopidity the CNN nitwit had muttered.

Before you could say “…with half my brain tied behind my back” the line was in Rush’s “Stack Of Stuff”.  How it got there is as closely guarded a secret as the Formula for Coca Cola… but it got there.  Trust me.

Rush used it on-air.  20,000,000 listeners all told their friends who all told their friends and by 3 PM EST that day… it had circled the globe eight times and was FOREVER stuck to Mario’s Pitiful Son.

Every conservative talk show guy began using it including yours truly who always uses it when demeaning Mario’s pathetic Son.


There are Universal Rules For Celebrities.  Regardless of how one earns his/her celebrity status one REALLY OUGHTA follow the rules.

Celebrity Rule #1:  If anyone ever creates an insulting nickname for you NEVER NEVER let them know it bothers you.

That only pours jet-fuel on the situation and your celebrity reputation goes En Fuego.

“Fredo” Cuomo violated Rule #1 last night… and might as well go ahead and change his drivers license and social security card.  He now IS “Fredo” Cuomo.

NOTE:  I know what you are thinking… is “Fredo” Cuomo better than my “Chancellor Chihuahua” for UNC’s Carol Folt? 

Ranking insulting nicknames is like ranking BBQ Joints and Bond Girls  Everyone is entitled to their own Top Five list.  I am quite proud that “Chancellor Chihuahua” is on many such lists.


Can you be outraged at what happened to Sarah Saunders at “that restaurant” yet approve of what happened to Fredo at The Mall last night?

IOW: Is it OK to publicly confront a Liberal celebrity but not OK to publicly confront a Not Liberal celebrity?  Does it all depend on whether you “like” the person or not?

OK… lets not get into Sarah Saunders did NOT scream 25 F-words in 1:43 minutes.  She and her party simply left the restaurant.  Fredo threatened to throw his confronter down a stair case.  i.e. Fredo made a videoed fool of himself … Sarah Saunders did not.  But, let’s not split hairs.

It is a reality that these are troubled times we live in. Whether one is “Fredo” Cuomo or Sarah Saunders or Tucker Carlson or Jim Accosta or Brian “George Costanza” Stelter or Ana “Dunkin’ Donuts Diva” Navarro.  That guy – CNN’s Stelter – truly IS the ultimate media nitwit.

The “perks” of celebrity can be nice … the liabilities NOT so nice.  If one can’t handle the liabilities then one does not deserve the perks.   It’s the same being a celebrity in any area – sports / politics / entertainment / etc. in America 2019 And Beyond.  There IS a dark scary side to it.

I am fortunate to know several legitimate “celebrities” of national renown.  In my case they are of the right-leaning ilk.  They all employ full-time or on-call security.   Usually former military spec-ops guys or, in one case, a former Harlem homicide detective who was a dead ringer for Joe Stalin. … They, and their families, are never out in public without “security” close by.  Yes, they constantly receive “threats” but never publicize the fact.  Publicity is what the psychos are seeking.

Insulting names ??? They shrug those off like so much lint.  “Sticks and Stones” … “sticks and stones” … Of course, they are strong personalities with healthy self images.  THAT helps A LOT.



Here is The Key to why “Fredo” Cuomo went Freakin’ F’in Insane last night…

Remember Ron Burgundy and Ted Baxter …

Ron & Ted EXIST in every TV newsroom in America.  With egos more fragile than a robin’s egg.

Fredo hates being called “Fredo” for the same reason Fredo and his equally insecure little friends at CNN and MSNBC and CBS, NBC, ABC hate Donald Trump with the heat of 1,000 suns.

Donald Trump exposed these Blow-dried Fops & Fools for the Fops & Fools that they have always been. 

Fops & Fools who love to dish out insults and who delight in name-calling … BUT can’t “take it” when it is aimed at them.

Maybe Edward R.Murrow and Walter Winchell were “for real” but for the past 25-30 years TV Journalism has been an endless parade of self-important Ron Burgundys and Ted Baxters continually embarrassing themselves with their flies open and spinach on their teeth.

If “Fredo” Cuomo’s last name wasn’t Cuomo he might be the weekend anchor at the CBS affiliate in Tucumcari … and “Fredo” knows it.




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