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USA Gymnastics
July11/ 2019


July 11, 2019


All-You-Need-To-Know about … 

50% America – VS – Darth Megan & Her “Other America” Gang


Chill Folks… This NOT a BobLee Political Screed.  This – The Great Women’s Soccer Brouhaha – has “jumped the shark” to enter that galactic pantheon where even your dingbat Aunt Clara has an opinion.

Blessed be the Oblivious.  They shall find Peace in their Eternal Obliviousness.

I love it when Really Bizarro Crap hits the oscillating fan.  When EVERYBODY KNOWS what the ubiquitous “They” oughta do about IT!  … There are a handful of EVERYBODY KNOWS in Sports such as…

EVERYBODY KNOWS… A Football team wins every game IF “they” throw more to the Tight End.

EVERYBODY KNOWS… Major League Baseball’s decline began when “they” did away with stirrup socks.

EVERYBODY KNOWS… The NBA went to hell when “they” started wearing long baggy shorts.  Bring back Larry Bird’s short shorts !!

and NOW…

EVERYBODY KNOWS… “They” oughta do something about Megan Rapinoe & The USWNT of potty-mouth pissed-off Lesbian Soccer bitches who Hate Trump … Hate 63,000,000 Trump supporters … and Hate any flag or anthem that Trump and his supporters like … but LOVE to yell F*** into an open mic.

NOPE … only 50% of EVERYBODY disapproves of those potty-mouth, pissed-off …. blah blah.

That “Other 50%” will cheer like crazy for any “old yellow dog” or purple haired potty-mouth pissed-off Lesbian that HATES Trump and his 63,000,000 deplorable bitter clinging supporters as much as they do. … The term “yellow-dog Democrat” has indeed expanded its meaning.

The USWNT is now The Most InFamous Team of Lesbians

since Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus in Goldfinger.Flying Circus

Today’s intriguing title refers to those Halcyon Days of Yore when Sports Nationalism was truly as American as Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple pie and Chevrolet – An EVERYBODY DOES sort of thing.

Where were you when – Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig and Herb Brooks pulled off The Miracle On Ice in Lake Placid in 1980?  I was in the lobby bar of The Crowne Center Hotel in Kansas City.  EVERYBODY CHEERED!

Where were you when – those East German referees cheated America’s Basketball Team in 1972 versus The Russians.  EVERYBODY SCREAMED CHEATERS!

Where were you when – “Mary Lou” STUCK her vault for a “10” in 1984 in Los Angeles.   If you have to ask “Mary Lou Who”… stop reading and Go Away!  EVERYBODY CHEERED!

‘Dem days is gone folks.   

Sports done got sucked down into The Black Hole of Socio-Political Partisanship.

Unredacted History will record The Last Time EVERYBODY did anything related to Sports was …. celebrating the USA Gymnastic Team’s Flying Pixies winning The Gold in 2016 in Rio... Gabby and Simone and Aly and …

USA Gymnastics

… and that all got yucky when EVERYBODY found out that pervert doctor had been doing unspeakable things to America’s Flying Pixies for years.  Things soooo unspeakable both Liberals (OK, some Liberals) AND Not-liberals wanted him stuffed in a wood chipper feet first.


NOTE:  I was ahead-of-the-curve when it comes to tempering my enthusiasm for Sports Nationalism.  I lost my “give a darn” for USA Versus The World a few decades ago.  That does not mean I cheer FOR the Croatian Curling Team or the Jamaican BobSled Team or the Swedish Bikini Team at all.  Actually I haven’t watched much/any Olympics Summer or Winter in awhile.  When Jim McKay died so did My Olympic flame.

I questioned that Mary Lou – VS – Olga – VS – Nadia could decide if  Capitalism was really better than Communism.  So long as there were “those East German judges” I knew the fix was in … as surely as when Karl Hess walked out on the court at a Wolfpack game.   Could centuries of nation-building really crumble if Mark Spitz got beat by a fingernail in the 1500 meter mixed medley?  Surely not …

And this Ridiculousness of Sports Teams Visiting The White House regardless of POTUS.  STOP IT!  Pass an Amendment or Change The Freakin’ Locks on The Oval Office but STOP IT.  … IT oughta be Grounds For Impeachment.  PERIOD!


Brandi Chastain’s Sports Bra was an OMG in 1999.  Where were YOU the first time you Saw A Sports Bra Live on TV.   MY EYES … MY EYES!!!  From Mia to Megan in 20 years … My how time flies… and times change.

I’m going out on a limb… We will NOT see Megan The Potty-Mouth Lesbian in any Breck Shampoo commercials like Mia did …   And lets not even go to “How about in Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby commercials”.

FOR SURE Megan The Potty-Mouth Lesbian will be in A Lot of Nike and Starbucks commercials.

I posed the following question on Twitter …

“If you are a Trump-Supporting Deplorable Bitter Clinger and your 9 y/o daughter or granddaughter wants a Megan The Potty-Mouth Lesbian jersey because all her friends have one … How will You respond?”

The responses I received were not unexpected.  Methinks THAT “What you gonna do if …..” is already taking place across the campus of America’s Electoral College.

The part where Dad, Mom or lovable old Granddaddy explains – What A Lesbian Is …and why they are ALWAYS so Angry – to a 5-6-7 y/o is gonna be tricky.  We thought The Birds & Bees Speech was tricky… the Birds & Birds Speech is REALLY tricky.



I like to pose questions on Twitter that cause folks to go “huuumm”.  Thinking Before You Post is not that common in the TwitterSphere… or on Facebook.

SHOCKEDI also wonder if those MTP-ML jerseys for little girls will come with graphic instructions on How to Become a Junior Lesbian?

OH COME ON… you were thinking about that too.  Don’t give me That Look.

LOTS of folks on social media think the ubiquitous “THEY” oughta throw Megan The Potty-Mouth Lesbian (MTP-ML) off of “The Team” because ________.

The “becauses…” are a combination of … She Hates America … She Hates The National Anthem … She Hates Our President … She Hates People Who Don’t Hate Our President … She Has a Potty-Mouth … She HSHOCKEDas Purple Hair … and, of course, Because She’s a Carpet-munching Dyke.  Then there were “becauses” that were really scary. …

You’re giving me That Look AGAIN.  Stop It.

I tried to explain to the Facebook Mob that the ubiquitous “they” don’t really exist… if “they” do they either agree with her … or “they” are scared to death to say anything to her.   Right now Megan is so full of jet fuel affirmation from her Lesbian and Wannabee Lesbian disciples she feels she is bullet-proof.  How long will that last?  … probably longer than You think … but not as long as Megan thinks it will.

Megan Rapinoe is “an Alpha Dog”.  She has a unique charisma that enables her to control lesser personalities around her.  Think Osama Bin Laden … and Jim & Tammy Faye Baker.   Betcha never thought you’d see that combination together, huh?



For the forseeable future MTP-ML will be ALL OVER all those TV shows I haven’t watched “ever” or in the past ten years.   The upcoming ESPYs will be The All Megan ESPYs.   I haven’t watched The ESPYs since Jimmy V gave his speech.  Thats like 25 years of No ESPYs.  I plan to keep that streak going.

“Some say”… Megan The Potty-Mou… will burn out like Parkland Boy … or Kavanaugh’s Accuser … or Stormy & The Porn Lawyer .  Maybe she will.  The key to how long a “Media Darling” lasts is how soon before Another One comes along.  Media Darlings are like buses you know ….

America circa 2019 is an Unrecognizable Ideological TrainWreck … an ever-growing Chasm of Discord and Disagreement.  Whoever YOU are and Whatever YOU believe is NOT what at least 40+% of “America” believes.  YOU THINK you are “Mainstream”?  … LOLOLOLOL!


I have a lot of legitimate questions about Lesbians and Lesbians in Sports.   Nature VS Nurture etc… Are the stereotypes true since stereotypes do exist for a reason?  I’ve thought about seeing if Bubba could arrange a lunch for me with UNCCH’s new Womens Basketball Coach who is, of course, a “well… you know”.

I would, of course, be the perfect gentleman only interested in understanding something I do not understand very well. … but she’s probably too involved in recruiting and such … oh well.


A Lot More BobLeeSays Columns … LINK


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