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June11/ 2019


What Do YOU THINK About …


My apology for the long time between commentaries. It seemed every time there was an Earth-Shaking Crisis about Whatever … by the time I could get to my desk to explain it to you … the Earth was not shaking about “it” any more.

Remember the Hullabaloo about Hank Haney and all the Koreans named “-Lee” playing in the LPGA?… Heck… who still remembers the LPGA?  BAN HANK FROM GOLF FOREVER !!!!!!   YIKES!

Maybe the new Rule Of Thumb should be… The LARGER the OMG type in the initial mainstream media headline… the less significant the issue really is.

OK… Today, instead of me telling YOU what I THINK …. I want to know what YOU THINK about several sorta kinda controversial subjects.


If you normally don’t comment but want to … you can make up any name to make a comment. Your email address (which you can make up too) never shows.


#1 … Are FOUL BALLS in Baseball a greater threat to Mankind than Global Climate Whatever ??

There have been foul balls hit into grandstands as long as there have been grandstands and foul balls. But until the past dozen or so years, those seats were not filled by fans watching their cellphones instead of the baseball headed for their heads… or the heads of their small children.

Outlawing cellphones at ballgames is not a practical solution. Extending the existing “netting” all the way to the foul poles IS “a practical solution”.

Several years ago MLB clubs did extend the nettings to the far ends of the dugouts… but “line drive foul balls” can create damage all the way down the foul territory.

Does “the netting” ruin a fan’s view of “the game”? If that was so, why are seats behind home plate considered the Most Desirable ??? Those seats have ALWAYS been protected by netting.

FWIW… Foul “fly balls” that clear the top of netting are not as hazardous as “line drives” due to increased reaction time. Fans can still catch those as valued souvenirs.

IF I owned a major (or minor or college) league ball club I would have netting the length of the foul lines. Fans bent out of shape about having to “look thru the netting” can get great seats in the upper deck.

BUT…. What do YOU THINK about Baseball netting?



#2 … What About Transexuals competing in athletics against For-Real Girls/Women?

“They” can now do so in North Carolina High Schools and in The NCAA. Probably in Olympics too.

The same folks who raged against “steroids” and other artificial performance enhancements are all in for genetic males competing against genetic females… Huh ???

This seems in direct opposition to the sacrosanct “Title IX” that has dictated so much about “separate but equal” for male / female sports for 25+ years.

Sure, IMO, the whole “Transexual Thing” is a bunch of Hooey but I accept that there is a pandemic of “Hooey” in America these days. I’m not reopening the ridiculous “Bathroom Thing”… but simply awaking …

What do YOU THINK about Transexual “Males” competing in sports versus For-Real Females?


#3 … Selling alcoholic beverages at college sports events?

Longtime BLSays devotees know I am essentially a “non-drinker”. I can make a six-pack and/or a bottle of wine last a year or longer. I have no clue what a 5th of anything costs. … PLUS… I don’t attend LIVE sports events any longer.

Is there any difference between selling beer at pro sports or college sports?

Ergo… it doesn’t matter to me if “they” sell alcohol… or crack cocaine at sports events. … OR

Howsabout Abortion Kiosks… coeds and/or fat cats’ trophy wives – demanding control over their bodies – could get abortions during those interminable TV timeouts?

Maybe… Muslim prayer rugs at every seat (with compasses pointed towards Mecca) for all those under-served Muslim College Football fans?  Gotta be millions of those !!!

In these times of decreasing attendance thru-out College Football… will I can buy an over-priced beer at the game REALLY encourage people to attend who might not otherwise? … Is “I can’t buy alcohol at the game” actually showing up at focus groups on the subject of increasing attendance?

A few years ago there was a panic among “college athletic officials” to “increase Wi-Fi in stadiums”. Apparently THAT wasn’t much help.Strippers

Would – Cheerleaders in thongs w/ stripper poles – appeal to the same fan demographic that is supposedly clamoring for “alcohol at the games”?

NOT televising every game might help … and/or having kickoffs at times most convenient to human activity … or not scheduling cupcake opponents… OR simply accepting “on-site attendance doesn’t matter because the TV contracts are all that really matters”….

BUT… WHAT Do YOU THINK about Selling Alcohol at college games? … OR those Abortion Kiosks.

.Theres More


NOTE: For any of you following either the Stanley Cup or The NBA Finals… I assume you do know that Stacey Abrams is already declaring that SHE WON BOTH of’em. … (Albert.. Stacey Abrams is that big ol’ gap-toothed gal claiming she is The Governor of Georgia… or The Queen of Portugal or whatever…)

I’m not watching either the NHL or NBA Finals … so my apathy is NOT “a racial thing”.

I did see some ruckus about a part owner of The Warriors pushing and cussin’ a black player for the Canadian team … and, at the same game… the “white wife” of the majority owner of The Warriors received Death Threats for daring “to lean across Beyonce ” to ask her husband (J-Z ??) If he wanted a lime in his vodka”. …. and you wonder WHY I haven’t watched The NBA in going on three years now?

FWIW… Blondie, Kid and several members of our extended family do not think “Canadians” should be allowed in “our” National Basketball Association. I tried to explain it but decided it was too much fun to watch them rage about it.

I THINK… The NBA should have All Black Owners… All Black Referees… All Black Announcers… Any White Folks wanting to attend games should have to pay a Reparations Tax.   My Opinion should not matter. … It doesn’t.

May Madness in College Baseball was “interesting”… huh?

Two weeks ago the State of North Carolina had FIVE schools in the Road To Omaha PlayoffsECU – NC State – UNCCH – Duke  … and Campbell’s Fighting Camels.

Now… two weeks later North Carolina has as many schools actually “going to Omaha” as Utah, Vermont, and Guam COMBINED …. Zero.  Uh Oh..

Of course… Board Monkeys of the eliminated schools are fussin’ and cussin’ over which institution had the most embarrassing experience over the past two weeks.

ECU and Duke COMBINING for One Hit last Saturday was pretty weak.  And who will ever forget UNCCH’s “First Inning” versus Auburn on Monday …. YOWSA!  Was losing to Auburn “that way” worse than losing to Davidson two years ago?

That NCState fans are even in the debate after going O-fer in G-Vegas is pretty sad.

I have no clue what Campbell fans are saying.  Do they even have Internet in Buies Creek?


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