The Radical Left’s “Chinese Infantry”

Chinese Infantry
May02/ 2019

May 2, 2019




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This is an awesome column that my pal AgentPierce posted a year ago – Jan 2018.   It is every bit as Dead Solid Perfect today as it was 14 months ago… maybe more so.

You might note … there is no mention of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) AKA “The Screaming Face of The Radical Left 2019”.    In Jan 2018 AOC was slinging drinks in a Bronx bar…

Enjoy this fine column … and keep following me – BobLee on Twitter – @bobleesays … and, whatever you do – DLTLBGYD … “Dont Let Those Liberal B**tards Get You Down”.

The American Left’s “Chinese Infantry”

Jan 2018

What really bothers you the most about the Socio-Political War now raging white hot across America?

IS IT… the high-profile politicians and pundits elbowing one another to get in front of any camera to insult President Trump? Is it their slobbering snarls and their bugged-out eyes and hysterical gesturing … otherwise known as “going Elizabeth Warren… or Pelosi… or the indescribably deranged ‘Quite Mad Maxine’ Waters”? … or KAMALA “The Razor-totin’ Woman”.

ASIDE: Here’s a fun dinner party question.

Who would you rather sit beside on a four-hour plane ride – Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson-Lee? … and explain your choice.

If anyone at your party is a Liberal (Why?) they likely have no idea who either Maxine or Sheila are. “Their media” doesn’t showcase their “Very Crazies”. Would you?   

(NOTE:  Remember this was posted BEFORE “The Era of AOC”)

IS IT… the blow-dried snarling pinheads of the Left-wing Media? Hopefully you don’t actually tune-in to CNN, NPR, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS but you likely see them retweeted or posted on Facebook.

CNN’s Brian Stelter? You knew “a Brian Stelter”. We all did regardless of our age and era. Brian Stelter “He” was “that creepy guy” in your suite your freshman year at college… for about two weeks.  Then he just left and no one ever saw him again. Feckless weinees like Stelter have been around for centuries. Without CNN, Brian Stelter would be writing for an “alternative weekly newspaper” in Worcester to a disinterested audience of dozens.  Brian has a twerp-crush on Seinfeld’s George Costanza.

OR… IS IT… the really hard-core Trump-Haters you have to deal with in your social / professional daily life. The idiot brother-in-law?… the insufferable bore of a neighbor who still has a Vote 4 Bev Perdue yard sign?… the nimrod in Accounts Receivable with terminal dandruff and a crush on Chelsea Clinton?

The Hollywood Gang?  Don’t get me started on that bunch.  “They” are not the problem.  The “problem” is any human being that takes political advice from their ilk.

It may be impossible for you to completely exclude these hairballs from your orbit… but, don’t elevate your blood pressure with this faction of The Left’s “Chinese Infantry”.

“Chinese Infantry” Huh???… The leadership of the Chi-Comms going back to Mao to whoever is King Chi-Comm today have always boasted that… “We have more soldiers than you have bullets”.

In other words, if it ever came to a land war fought in Napoleonic style with two armies across a field (think Braveheart or Gettysburg or Waterloo)… the Chi-Comms will surely win because they have 200,000,000 soldiers and we only have 100,000,000 bullets.

We run out of bullets long before they run out of human cannon fodder to throw at us… and they don’t care how many of “theirs” we kill since they place little value on the individual. The Puppetmasters of The Left place similar low value on the individual.

Their “Chinese Infantry” dominate social media spewing abject craziness and toxic profanity with the sole purpose of irritating you and ruining your day. It is more effective than you think.

They want you to think they are an unstoppable super majority and “you” are a pitiful insignificant flyspeck. You and me and Donald Trump VERSUS 100,000,000 rabid slobbering left-wing lunatics.

To them… Donald Trump’s election was a clever conspiracy in cahoots with Vlad The Russky… or Darth Vader… or Ming The Merciless… or Adolph Hitler operating from a secret bunker in Uruguay… or…

Through the techno-miracle of social media… every rabid lunatic with a keyboard becomes Tokyo Rose or Axis Annie or Baghdad Bob. Urging you 24/7 to lay down your beliefs and convictions and come over to their Land of Milk & Honey & Entitlements & The Everlasting Glories of Socialism.

If you ask them to explain Socialism they simply SCREAM LOUDER that Donald Trump has funny hair and HATES Women and Blacks and Browns and Gays and Tranys and Kittens and Puppies and Clean Water and Bunny Rabbits and…

If you ask them to give examples of ANY of that, they really get angry and spew a sentence with at least eight four-letter obscenities at you.

We are simply brave Leonidas with our brave 300 Conservatives guarding the pass at Thermopylae against Liberal Xerxes’ millions. We are simply 150 or so Texans trying to hold back Liberal Santa Anna’s thousands at an obscure mission in San Antonio.

As noble as both comparisons might be, they simply are not so. Never have been. Never will be.


The Liberals’ Chinese Infantry is not going away. They have nowhere to go. They are miserable human beings who despise you and me because we are not miserable human beings.

Your idiot brother-in-law… the neighbor troll… the jackass in Accounts Receivable … just faceless cannonfodder thrown at us to infect us with their terminal misery.

No… I can not stop Donald Trump from doing/saying those unexplainable things he says and does.

If I could stop Donald Trump from “being Donald Trump” then Hillary Clinton would be President. All those miserable human hairballs would still be miserable… and so would we.


More of SAID WHAT?.


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