UNCCH Hires a Basketball Coach who is “Well… You Know” …!!

Courtney Banghart
May01/ 2019


UNCCH Hires a Basketball Coach who is “well… you know” …!!


That might be the  Click Bait-iest Title since Two Cheerleaders In A Toilet Stall.

Ye Olde Flagship has become the First UNC System Institution to hire “an openly Gay Coach”… for a major (?) sport… in the New Millennium… from Princeton. 

OK, it’s Girls Basketball.  That’s “major” somewhere… like UConn, maybe.

Is there an award for being The First? Does it involve A BANNER?


None of the information presented in this article is Confidential… or obtained surreptitiously.   

No one is being “outed” by anything posted here.


Courtney Banghart – From Princeton – IS in a non-traditional domestic relationship.  Her spouse is named “DJ”.CourtneyFamily

According to an April 2018 magazine article… Courtney and DJ were “married” in 2012 and they have three children.  DJ coaches the Princeton Women’s Lacrosse team.

Here is a link from Hopewell Valley Neighbors magazine – April 2018 – LINK.


I am not passing judgement on their relationship or on UNCCH’s decision to hire Courtney Banghart as UNCCH’s WBB Head Coach.

Coach Banghart’s coaching credentials are very impressive. She appears to be supremely qualified to be a Head Coach of a Girls Basketball program at a Power5 institution.  Not that I would know those qualifications.

She will make in excess of $600,000/year. Anson Dorrance with his umpteen X ten national championships in Girls Soccer makes $180,000/year. Just sayin…


How did I obtain this information? On Tuesday morning I was contacted by several long time UNCCH sports fans. Those fans wanted to know if I knew whether or not This new coach Courtney Banghart is… well… you know ?


NOTE: My Gay-dar is as unreliable as my Jew-dar. I am really awful at determining if someone is Gay… or Jewish. I’m really confused with Jewish Gays… assuming there are such.

I consider myself Homo-apathetic. I’m not theologically astute to know “What God thinks about it”… I think I understand the assorted orifices/appendages combination but other than “don’t pick up the soap” in a prison shower room I don’t pretend to know a lot about “well… you know”.

I’ve never considered “gay bashing”… or taking “dick pics”. I’m pretty boring when it comes to “erotica” in general.


At that time I had no idea if Courtney Banghart was… “well… you know”. But I said I would do some Google Diving and see what I could learn. After 30 minutes I still had no conclusive evidence whether she was “well… you know”.

I noticed that there was a dearth of the usual personal information about Coach Banghart in bios that usually make mention of “…married to Bob, a hedge fund manager with Merrill Lynch…” or “married to an orthodontist named Eric and they have two children and a cockapoo named Luci…”. My keen investigative senses went on alert. Huummm…

I called an associate to help me mine Google, figuring four eyes were better than two. To his credit… he found the Lifestyle Magazine article. I can’t identify him because he does not have the level of security I maintain… and Lord knows this column might attract all manner of insane nutjobs… which I’m sorta used to.  He isn’t.

I asked Blondie what she thought. Her interest in Girls’ Basketball is even less than mine if that is possible.

“Isn’t everyone involved in Girls’ Basketball gay?” Blondie remarked. Obviously she wasn’t going to be much help.

Meanwhile I notified those “long time UNC fans” that I had no conclusive evidence YET but if I had to guess I’d say Yes… Courtney Banghart is “well… you know”. Knowing they needed hard evidence I persevered and, of course, struck pay dirt.

Wednesday morning I notified a UNCCH Official that I was receiving inquiries concerning Coach Banghart’s “domestic situation”… That might indicate a larger concern that needs to be publicly addressed… or not.

No reply was expected nor received. UNC Officials are very careful about their outgoing emails since TGU and all. Who can blame’em?


I have it 3rd hand that when Coach Banghart toured the UNC WBB facility on Wednesday she introduced DJ as “my wife DJ”.

There is no attempt (1) to “disguise”anything … OR (2) to “flaunt” anything.  It is what it is…


All I am reading about Courtney Banghart indicates she is highly intelligent and incredibly well-spoken. I have no doubt that if publicly questioned about “well… you know” she has a forthright response prepared.

I also have no doubt that MBB (My Buddy Bubba) did his due diligence.  IOW… MBB was aware before he contacted Coach Banghart that she is “well… you know”… and Bubba calculated the possible ramifications that might precipitate.

Worst Case Scenario = Every Rams Club member above the age of 60 cancels their memberships, rewrite their wills, and send HOW DARE YOU letters to every UNC Official they can think of .

They hung (can I say “hung”?) in thru The Greatest Athletic Academic Scandal in NCAA History but “hiring a coach who is well… you know” is Too Much?

I have a more active curiosity…

Figure the Chapelboro Gay Community are beside themselves with unrestrained glee. Will that translate into them actually attending UNC Girls’ Basketball games? Probably not.

If those outraged senior Rams Clubbers do go adios, they represent about 75% of the current UNC Girls Basketball fan base… reducing attendance to “dozens”.

I also noticed that the current Princeton Girls BB Roster is woefully Not Diverse… YIKES! … Think Tri Delts intramural team !!

Princeton WBB

So UNCCH gets a “well… you know” Coach who recruits Caucasians with ponytails … not AfAms with dreadlocks. Uh Oh!

If it’s not one thing… it’s another. What cha gonna do?

OMG! I just realized I’ve written THREE columns about Girls Basketball! NOOO!


EPILOGUE:  Considering all the pure foolishness that spews 24/7 from that Academic Asylum just south of Franklin Street, if “hiring a Gay Coach for Girls’ Basketball” bothers you… well bless your heart and pass the hushpuppies…

UNCCH ain’t the same “where you went to college” 30-40-50-60 years ago… and it hasn’t been for a very long time.


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