UNC TLGU-2.0 …. Here We Go Again!

Sylvia Mess
April20/ 2019


UNC TLGU-2.0 …. Here We Go Again!


BEFORE WE BEGIN… Of course we need to discuss “The (Latest) Great Unpleasantness” – TGU 2.0 – to befall Ye Olde Flagship… and we will.  I will explain (1) what you should think about what all is happening “over yonder”… and (2) what you WILL think regardless of what I suggest you think… depending upon which  partisan tribe you hold lifetime membership in.  But, so long as I stake out the “I Told You So” ground, thats all that matters. …

I think I’ve met Sylvia Hatchell once – 5-6 years ago.  It was very brief and we were both significantly un-impressed with one another.  Hey, it happens.  If that was it… I would simply rear back and “nuke” her over recent events.  But there is more to it…

Sylvia Hatchell and I share a very dear mutual friend.  He reads every BLSays column and will surely read this one.  He is grieving for his close friend Sylvia Hatchell… despite my warning him two weeks ago that this “is going to end badly for your friend…”.

Out of respect for him, I’m gonna pull my punches a bit.   

Also… I’ve never hid my friendship with UNC AD Bubba Cunningham.  We chatted briefly a week ago but nothing specific about “this inglorious mess” other than my saying when the smoke clears – whenever that is – I am curious if my observations were correct.

Yes, I do wish “Chancellor Chihuahua” was still around for this one.  She could be counted on for some inane ditzy comments.

And… the always highly-opinionated “Debbie Don’t Do Lunch” Stroman !  “Debbie DDL” is/was Debbie Stromanvery involved with UNC WBB and is a self-anointed authority on all things “racial”… Debbie DDL might be “conflicted” about all this… ?

For The Record… I thought (and am on record doing so) that Sylvia Hatchell shoulda retired somewhere in the time continuum of TGU 1.0 – The Jan Boxill Mess … and her (SH) bout with Leukemia. She chose not to (retire)… and So, Here We Are…


It appears that “The Dan Kane” of this Latest Great UNC Unpleasantness is a Washington Post reporter named Will Hobson.  His detailed account of…who all said what all about whatever was said to whoever about what did… did not… and maybe did / did not happen seems to be the Official  “according to…” that everyone will use to draw their own highly partisan conclusions.

Do I have confidence in Mr Hobson’s journalistic integrity?  Well… surely SOMEBODY at WaPo can be trusted… maybe this is “the one guy”? … or maybe not!

According to WaPo’s Will Hobson … LINK

NOTE: This was quite a week for everyone reading the same accounts; but drawing quite different conclusions that fit pre-conceived agendas … wasn’t it?  Sports mirrors Politics mirrors Sports …. and, in the end no one’s minds are ever changed. … sigh!

At least this one wasn’t 400 pages long…

The two central issues are (1) racially insensitive comments and… (2) callous disregard for the health and safety of “student-athletes” by UNC Womens’ Basketball staff.

Apparently the Parker Poe people did NOT learn that Sylvia served watermelon & fried chicken at the team picnic !!!  YIKES!

My personal bone-deep disinterest in “Girls’ Basketball” is legendary.  I have no clue regarding the legitimacy of either issue.

Even “a good ol’ country gal from Gaston County” has to be savvy enough not to say “noose”… “lynch” … or any synonym for “hanging” to any group of African-Americans circa America 2019.

Of course, we could say the same “oughta be savvy enough” about a sitting Vice President of These United States sniffing womens’ and girls’ hair and necks at official functions too.

We have ample proof of the latter but only 2nd 3rd hand accounts of the former.

Whether you choose to give a pass, or not, to either Sylvia or Joe goes back to those gosh-darned pre-conceived agendas.   Ain’t it funny how it always seems to get back to “agendas”?


NOTE:  I’m pretty sure THIS is the ONLY commentary on UNC’s TGU 2.0 that will compare Sylvia Hatchell and Joe Biden.  But, hey, that’s why you come here… right?


At $400,000/ year… a high profile Hall of Fame coach should be proficiently aware of what she says and to whom she says it.  We could also say that about Ol’ Roy ($3,000,000/year) too I suppose; but today we oughta stick with Sylvia. …. Oh, yeah, Larry WhatsHisName’s goofball comments about Football and concussions were not exactly $2,000,000/year quality either.

NOTE:  Speaking of what one should expect for the $$$$… Sylvia’s attorney in this mess is the quite Wade Smithrenown Wade Smith (UNCCH alum).  Wade Smith is arguably one of the most “famous” attorneys in this area… and has advised other UNC staffers in the past… but NOT “The Butcher of Kenan”.   It is my understanding that Wade Smith’s going rate is $500/hour.

Wade Smith’s official quote so far has been the tritest of all trite quotes in any matter involving “race” …. The Bone Quote! .

Aaaaiiieeeee!   No Wade No… NOT The Bone Quote!

“Sylvia Hatchell doesn’t have a racist bone in her body…”

The Racist Bone Quote is on a short list with “It Is What It Is” and “It’s Not The Heat It’s The Humidity” in the Trite Quote Hall of Fame.

Sylvia coulda called Legal Zoom and gotten The Bone Quote for about $45.

Using The Bone Quote in a race issue is like a mobster “taking the 5th”.  It’s a groaner…  At least Wade avoided (so far)… “why, some of Sylvia’s best friends are black…”.

If Sylvia was going to employ a “lynching” reference she might has well have had Assistant Coach Andrew Calder dress up like “Silent Sam” and REALLY Freak-out 99.9% of the terminally PC population of Greater Chapelboro.

Again… I have no clue what was said… or what was reported to “anonymous parents” of the traumatized student-athletes.   If you weren’t there you don’t “know” either and will believe whatever version fits YOUR agenda.  All God’s chillen got “agendas”.


To the matter of:  The Health & Safety of Student-Athletes….

THIS is the potentially VERY Big $$$$ Kaboom ... as in law suits filed by a gaggle of angry anonymous parents for the permanent “hitch in the get-alongs of their daughters” due to Sylvia’s putting Winning above Student-Athlete Wellbeing.

The Cardinal Rule in Lawsuits is “find the deepest pockets” and that would be UNC / UNC Hospitals / and whichever doctors can be linked in somehow.

UNC’s Infamous Legal War Chest employed so successfully during TGU One might be tapped again for TGU 2.0.  Ya think?

I’m not sure how that tricky In Loco Parentis Thingy works but I am sure that those aforementioned “anonymous angry parents” are hearing from LOTS of eager barristers well-versed in digging into really deep pockets.

If my daughter was so callously mistreated I suspect I would be considering such recourse.  Wouldn’t you?


I did read one on-line comment from a quite overly-caffeinated NOT Carolina Fan that…

THIS (Latest TGU) PROVES that the entire University of The People Just South of Franklin Street MUST BE bulldozed to smithereens and the very grounds “salted” so no further scandals can emerge.  

I assume he/she also expects Those Infamous Banners to come down too… of course.  It’s ALWAYS about those banners.

I’m pretty sure “bulldozing to smithereens” or “grounds salted” is NOT gonna happen.

I’m also sure THIS won’t be the last column on THIS I’m probably going to post …


A Lot More BobLeeSays Columns … LINK



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