Generational Evolution Can Be a Real B*tch… PLUS

Generational Evolution
April08/ 2019

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April 8, 2019



Generational Evolution can be a Real B*tch… PLUS


In one of my prior forays as a “Today our speaker is …” I had a bit where I asked the audience rhetorically How many of you have experienced Reverse Caregiving? i.e. “caring for elderly parents”. My audiences were of the Baby Boomer ilk so I knew a high % would relate.

The punchline was It ain’t as much fun as you thought it would be. Is it?  Then I would give a few “laugh to keep from crying” examples of why….

Of course, you can’t imagine anyone thinking it would be “fun”. But, a rite of passage that responsible adults encounter.  As with each of Life’s various rites of passage it has challenges that test our “mettle”.

Another such mettle-tester is now upon those of us of that societal demographic ilk – Generational Evolution.

Like that New Year’s cartoon of the Old Year / New Year transfer… our 30-40 years of driving the bus is pretty much over. Ready or not… the steering wheel will be / is turning over to a new generation. Ready Or Not… Indeed.

It is a subject that merits volumes to cover. I don’t do volumes. I do pithy blogs that provide a 8-10 minute reprieve from whatever else you oughta be doing. But I will be espousing more about Generational Evolution down the road… but not now..

Theres More


Whether you “follow Baseball” as I do, or you gave up on it years ago over The Designated Hitter… long pants… the players strike in 1994… whatever; You likely saw where Bryce Harper signed a 13-year contract for $340,000,000. OMG!!!

Regardless how you care about Baseball… that likely bothers you for various reasons.

As even casual visitors to this Incredible Website know… I am susceptible to being “bothered” by various things for various reasons. … The $$$ in MLB, or sports in general, does NOT bother me.

I do not totally understand “inflation” and how the cost of various goods/services ties in to household incomes and overall discretionary spending. I don’t understand “economics” in general.Ford Mustang

I relate everything to the price of a 1965 Ford Mustang in 1965 – $2,500. That $2,500 far exceeded my ability to own one. I settled for a 1960 Ford Falcon at $400 and was grateful for that.

It’s 2019, Blondie and I just spent the equivalent of THREE 1965 Ford Mustangs to renovate our “ensuite”.  Had we opted for a walk-in tub/shower that woulda been another SIX 1965 Mustangs. We opted not to.

What pro athletes and “famous rappers” make is all Monopoly Money to me. I realize Sports and Music / Entertainment generate MEGA $$$ from consumers. Seems logical that the artists / athletes deserve a fair share of that MEGA income.

If I could command $340,000,000 for my services… I hope I would have other options in that $$$ neighborhood other than Philadelphia ??

Back in the day, when I traveled all over “the fruited plain”; I never developed any positive vibes in my 8-10 visits to Philadelphia.

Business travelers judge cities by their airports, hotels, restaurants… and the weather at the time of ones visits. Residents of a metro area have more substantive evaluation criteria.

Other factors are in play for Harper… the team’s players, coaches, owner, ballpark, et al.

At $25,000,000/year, Bryce and his family will live in either a gated millionaire’s enclave… or a convenient penthouse condo. Those choices are available anywhere when one has that income. “Weather” is the X Factor that one’s income cannot affect about where one lives.

NOTE: The Harpers’ off-season residence is their hometown of Las Vegas. Pretty much a 180 from Philadelphia.

Where You or I might choose to live If $$$ Was No Object will be a fun topic for another column…

Theres More

Today’s Book Notes involves my Favorite Author – CJ Box – and his outstanding series about America’s Favorite Game Warden – Joe Pickett – and his supporting cast o’ characters. Book #19 in the Joe Pickett series comes out next week. I have pre-ordered it.

In a tweet conversation with fellow book lovers, especially CJ Box aficionados, I related my visceral reaction to the ending of Pickett Adventure #18 – The Disappearance.

I was walking around a frozen lake in Madison WI listening to that book. It had been a typical Box / Pickett story with the various characters “in character” doing what devotees of the series expect.

Joe encounters “bad guys doing really bad stuff” and with the help of his family and “Nate – The Master Falconer” / Best Sidekick Ever” Joe had dispatched the evil-doers having to resort to extremes as he (especially Nate) invariable must do.

With only 5 minutes to go in the audiobook… the final showdown complete. Taken into custody by Wyoming State Police trying to sort thru the bodies and carnage… Joe is cuffed in the backseat of a patrol car. – Uh Oh!

The WSP officer’s cellphone rings. He turns to Joe … “it’s for you..” …. Joe takes the phone… ????

“Joe, this is Rulon.  So, you’re in the middle of a mess, again” …. “Yes sir” “I’m taking care of it.  How are MaryBeth and the girls?” “They are fine, sir.” “Talk to you later.”… click.

I exalted “YES….” with a fist pump. Frightening other walkers around the lake…

It would take too long to explain “Rulon”. That exchange means nothing except to Joe Pickett fans… for whom IT WAS PERFECT.

I told “CJ” it is among The Top Five greatest “last pages” in American Fiction. CJ said “WOW, Thanks!”

Theres More.

You might notice a few subtle changes around “The Website”. A few more are “in progress”. My Grand Plan is to (try my best to) separate (1) Entertaining You … and (2) Saving Western Civilization.

I’m using Twitter as my primary platform for #2… and becoming quite the disruptive influence if I do say so myself. Not quite “a Twitter Legend” YET but it is inevitable…  @BobLeeSays


AgentPierce has been reassigned in this new strategy.  AP is now involved in several “black ops” projects involving social media.

BLONDIE is still here… with regular provocative contributions on her Page.

AP’s former page is now BL Tweets where I will post the Best of BobLee’s Best Tweets each week. I do not want those who “don’t tweet” to do so simply to enjoy my tweets. Twitter is a pre-apocalyptic wasteland not for “normal folks”.  It is a deadly form of “media meth” and equally addictive.

Each BLSays column WILL contain a LINK to the BL Tweets page. It is Highly Partisan Provocative Political Punditry NOT intended to ambush or infuriate those who hold a contrary POV… But To Reaffirm those who share my POV.

BL Tweets is simply a column reposting of my recent Tweets.  You don’t need to be “on Twitter” to see it.

Many of you DO share my POV.. and I will be glad to ALERT you when new BL Tweets are posted in the same manner you are ALERTED to new columns here…. Just let me know via Email – [email protected] – that you wish to be notified. I have a number of names already.

I have an ever-growing list of Topics for upcoming BLSays columns. Topics as devoid of “partisan political bias” as is possible in America circa 2019. I cannot guarantee 100% sanitized but as best I can.

I’m doing this – NOT because I am concerned about “pissing off” anyone. Trust me! – but rather… even if you do share my socio-cultural concerns…

You should have ONE place to visit that does NOT remind you 24/7 of the Socio-Cultural UnCivil War raging in our country. BLSays hopes to be that place.

These website modifications are intended to allow both purposes. Wish me luck…

2,000 MORE BobLeeSays… LINK

BL Tweets … Partisan Political Punditry – LINK


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