A Dacha On The Volga

Dacha on Volga
March05/ 2019



I noted recently that AgentPierce has accepted a new assignment here at SaveWesternCivilization ‘R Us. It is a super-secret Black Ops thingy I can’t discuss.

At AP’s Bon Voyage Fete we got to discussing the Best of His Best Bits.  This one – Dacha On The Volga – was on everyone’s Short List.   Repeated here for your entertainment… and it is as topical as it was when it first was posted in 2011… maybe more so. – BobLee




Back in the heyday of “the old Soviet Union”, favored members of the ruling Politburo were given a Dacha on The Volga i.e. lavish vacation homes on The Volga River, Mother Russia’s primary scenic waterway. … The Soviet version of  “a Place in The Hamptons”

The downside to this “honor”? It could be taken away as arbitrarily as it was given. Residency in these dachas fluctuated based on the whims of higher ups in The Politburo.

There is always a higher up in any Politburo.  Uh oh!

Dacha evictions tended to be messy for the evictee. A cot in a Siberian gulag awaited evictees who managed to survive a bullet in the head.

In the final years of the 20th century I had a very very liberal acquaintance over in Chapel HMensa Keyill. He was “hard-core”, accentuating every comic stereotype of the ilk. Oh-so intellectual to the point his nose actually pointed up and sniffed when he mentioned his MENSA membership (which was often!). In his mid-50s, he still recalled his high school SAT score. Yeeee-Haa!

He, of course, had ALL the answers for any economic, social, cultural hiccup that America might experience. “Blame Capitalism and rich Republican robber barons blah blah blah ….” This despite his own substantial wealth and quite comfortable lifestyle.

I asked how he would personally fare if his overt Socialist ideology became the law of our land. He had that all figured out.

Being oh-so intellectually superior to his fellow man, HE would obviously merit a lofty position of authority and privilege – aka Commissar of Chatham County with it’s aforementioned Dacha.

No breadlines for him, by golly.  Those were for “the proletariat” i.e. “the common people”.

I reminded him that every member of the local liberal intelligentsia felt they too would be exempt from those resultant inevitable bread lines. Each, in their own mind, worthy of his/her own dacha simply because ….

His brow furrowed as he fingering his MENSA key on a gold chain necklace, “… but they are all wrong. I am right.” …. Oh.  Wanna see my MENSA key.  I have it right here….

Try this little game with any left-wingers you toy with.


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