Feb 6,’19: Deep Thoughts & Tweets

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February05/ 2019

WARNING !!!  Provocative Political Punditry


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For Week of Feb 6, ’19

RE:  Unifying

As I recall the “unifying” after 9/11 lasted give/take 45-46 hours before “Chappaquidick Ted” blamed 9/11 on “W”… sigh. And THAT was 17 years ago. The chasm has widened considerably since then…


RE:  VA Gov Debacle:

Beleaguered Gov Northam understands “the drive-by media” has a max 4-day attention span. If Northam can hold out until tomorrow the msm will have moved-on to mis-quoting and out-of-contexting DJT’s SOTU and he will be in-the-clear.


RE:  TrumpHater asks me…

A hard-core TrumpHater asked me today – “Which Democrat would I vote for for Prez?” Easy Answer: Harry Truman Hey, if Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg is still foggin’ a mirror somewhere, maybe “Give’em Hell Harry” is too! Ya never know these days. …


RE:  Old College Sins

Just a guess… ANYONE who ever attended a Kappa Alpha “Old South Weekend” in college is SOL to ever hold an elected office in America. I guess that does help narrow down the field a bit…


RE:  Where O’ Where is RBG ??

I’ve lost count… how many days is this without “a peep” from Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg – AKA “The Notorious RBG …? 60+ ?? Is RBG sequestered in a cave in Fort Marcy Park reading Hillary’s Rose Law Firm Files ??? … Where ‘O Where is RBG?


RE:  Michael Moore ???

When was the (first) last time anyone responded to a “Michael Moore wants…..”. MMoore is a media magnet because he is (1) very fat … and (2) very ugly.


RE:  Crazy AfAm Wimmen Stereotype

Every city needs it’s very own “Maxine” or “Sheila J-Lee” or whatshername that ran for Gov in Georgia…. Stereotypes exist for a reason…


RE: Democs Are Insane

Amy, Amy, Amy… you are dealing with a deranged mindset that defies all logic. You are SCREAMING at the deaf. Waving your arms won’t help either … “minstrelsy” is a fun word to say…



The UNC BOG was designed by Bill Friday to be a rubber stamp for his dictatorial management style. OK… BF was a benevolent dictator. Without “Solomon” at the helm, The BOG becomes a Tower of Babel…


RE:  Super Bowl Halftime

Maroon 5 is no Imagine Dragon …. ????


RE:  “Fredo” Cuomo

Leave “Fredo” Cuomo… take the cannolis


RE:  Quite Crazy Calif Democs

Eric Swalwell’s only purpose in life is to divert attention away from Adam Schiff… Schiff’s only purpose is to divert attention from Swalwell… CNN’s Brian Stelter idolizes both of’em … LOLOLOL .


RE:  “Notorious RBG”

I betcha “Notorious RBG” has run off with DB Cooper… they’re lying on a beach in Fiji sippin’ umbrella drinks. –


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