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January15/ 2019

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CHAOS at Carolina… Again… yawn


Sure, your 1st Thought when you heard Carol Folt has resigned as UNCCH Chancellor was OMG, What will BobLee Say about this?  ….. Your 2nd Thought was “Will BobLee have to retire “Chancellor Chihuahua”?  His All-Time Best Nickname EVER?””

3rd Thought: But we haven’t heard BobLee on Clemson / Dabo / Nick YET ????  All those thoughts took about 30 seconds, right?


That picture up top… Obviously left to right… Chancellor Carol “Chihuahua” Folt … SSam … Who’s the Daddy Warbucks Dude on the right?

“Daddy Warbucks Dude on the Right” is Harry “The Hammer” Smith – Current Chairman of the Notorious UNC Board of Governors.  Don’t confuse Harry with John “Trainwreck” Fennebresque – former notorious chairman of the notorious UNC Brd of Governors.  There’s lots of “notorious” around pretty much everything involving THE University of North Carolina these days.

I’ve never met Harry Smith.  I’ve read about him and “asked around” a bit.  Apparently The News & Observer REALLY dislikes him a lot which is as high a compliment as one can get in some circles.   I had him described as…

“some mega-rich guy from Little Washington that has a life-long hatred of UNC-CH for all the usual reasons lots of folks “downeast” hate UNC-CH”. 

That Harry Smith is “a businessman who has made a lot of $$$” is about as scary a resume as one can imagine for a BOG Chairman. ???

Unlike most folks “downeast” who really dislike UNC-CH, Harry Smith is in a position as UNC BOG Poobah to exercise his deep-seated feelings of animus.  Uh Oh!

Did I mention that Harry Smith was appointed to the UNC BOG by “the notorious” NCGA Senate Poobah Phil Berger (R) – which guaranteed The N&O, and its disciples, would dislike him with the heat of a 1,000 suns.

It was Harry Smith that took 20 seconds last month to publicly ridicule… wad up and trash… Chancellor Chihuahua’s most recent whizbang plan to build a $5.3M Silent Sam Mausoleum & Oyster Bar on the UNC campus… with an $800,000 annual maintenance costs.

That “whizbang plan” was so ridiculous that the two warring sides in The SilentSam War actually called a 5-minute truce to jointly condemn it as RIDICULOUS.

Ma Spellings is now gone as UNC System Prez.  Bill Roper is Interim Prez.  Lots of people actually LIKE Bill Roper … go figure?

It’s basically Chihuahua VERSUS “Harry TheHammer”.  LOLOLOLOL… even Chihuahua was quick enough to see how that was going to end… so.

Yesterday, “Chihuahua” surprised pretty much everyone – except me, of course – that she was resigning effective in May.

Yes, it WAS a “You Can’t Fire Me… Because I Quit” maneuver.

Surely everyone knows that… right?

“Chihuahua” further stated that prior to her fleeing in disgrace, she intended to remove the “pedestal & plaques” upon which SSam stood for 100 years.  Doing so supposedly had some symbolic meaning to the profanity-screaming anarchists and assorted Franklin Street Flotsam.

The anarchists and street flotsam liked to gather at “the pedestal” and yell racial epithets at anyone they thought might be “a Republican”… “a Civil War re-enactor”… or “a white person that thought the anarchists et al were simply the latest strain of screaming lunatics that breed in Chapel Hill.”

Actually “Chihuahua” had already issued a work order to her Remove Pedestals & Plaque Department to do what they do Monday night.  So while Harry and his BOG gang were celebrating getting rid of Chihuahua without having to ante up a “buy-out”, the SSam Pedestal & Plaques were indeed removed.  They be GONE from where they wuz…… BUT

The oh-so-symbolic SSam Pedestal & Plaques were NOT destroyed

… simply placed in storage along with SSam hisownself.   Harry, Thom Goolsby, et al can order the UNCCH Pedestal & Plaque Removal Dept to “put’em back”… but I doubt they will do that.  But ya never know with this bunch …

Meanwhile, of course, NC Governor “Restroom Roy” Cooper who dislikes The BOG as much as The N&O does and for all the same deep-seated reasons has issued a “I support what Chihuahua did…” edict.   Chihuahua claims the Pedestal & Plaques were a safety hazard… and “safety” of angry anarchists and terminal malcontents is Chihuahua’s Top Priority… and “Restroom Roy’s too apparently.

In the next few days more stoopid crap will take place because it seems to never stop “over there”.

As a “lame chihuahua” of a Chancellor, but one who still operates under the iron thumb of “Harry The Hammer”… it will be fun to watch what mischief Chihuahua will try to pull off between now and May…    I’m guessing “gluing her desk drawers shut”… “drawing mustaches on all the portraits of past chancellors”… and “placing a dead mouse in the South Bldg ventilation system.

How much of such juvenile silliness will Harry tolerate before he simply gives her the old “heave-ho and away you go”?


WELL … that didn’t take long.

Harry has Heave-Hoed Chihuahua effective in two weeks.

LINK – .

So… WHATS NEXT?  Yeah, I’m sure some of you are thinking… “They brought back Mack… lets bring back Holden (Thorp)” who is now very very happy as Provost at Washington Univ.

I will do everything in my power as an Internet Legend to prevent that from happening.  You know I REALLY LIKE HOLDEN THORP… A LOT.   He is waaaay too good to come back to this totally dysfunctional academic nuclear waste dump.  Plus… the leftovers from The Butcher’s Gang still hates Holden for firing The Butcher.

No one in their right mind will take The UNCCH Chancellor gig without knowing who they will report too… among a dozen other valid reasons.   Of course, “no one in their right mind” has held the job the past six years.

The only “qualifications” Chihuahua brought to the job was (1) female … and (2) from the Ivy League.  Hopefully (but don’t count on it) the next oh-so-diverse search committee will aim a tad bit higher this go-round.

I wonder if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a hankering to be a University Chancellor?  … or CNN’s afternoon info-babe Brooks “Boobs” Baldwin (UNC’01) … HEY … howsabout “The Kavanaugh Accusser” (UNC’88) whose name I’ve already forgotten…



I PROMISE… a full column on Dabo & The Future of Big Time College Football coming up NEXT!


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