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December19/ 2018

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Some of BobLee’s Deep Thoughts & Tweets – @bobleesays

Week of Dec 19, ’18


George Washington was a junior officer in the British army during the French & Indian War. The French and their Indian allies were winning that war in its early years… by using combat tactics that the British refused to use.  The British dressed up in bright red uniforms and marched in straight lines out in the open… Napoleonic tactics popular in Europe for centuries.

“The Indians” taught the French to wear camouflage clothing and hide behind trees to ambush the bright red British marching in straight lines in the open.

Young George finally convinced the British generals to adopt a similar strategy… and the entire course of The French & Indian War flipped. The British won! “Winning” often means doing something you do not normally do but have to … TO WIN THE WAR!

…and, of course, a few years later George Washington “flipped” on the Brits; and ended up with “a monument” and a swamp full of quite nasty political critters named in his honor.

“War” is a very very dirty business. Both sides in a “war” take a lot of casualties but it’s best to be on the Winning side regardless. FAR better to be on The Winning Side.

The side that is willing to “do whatever it takes ever how unpleasant ‘whatever’ might be” usually always wins.

The side that says “Sure, I want to win, but not bad enough to do THAT….” Usually loses.

We ARE in a Very Un-Civil War in America. A War for the minds and hearts of America.
Not a War of guns and bombs… at least not yet anyway. A War being fought with words and pictures on a media battlefield.

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones… but words will never hurt me…”. Is that still true?


BobLee @BobLeeSays
And Lib/Dem leaders, with the full support of their MSM, will make darn sure millennials NEVER learn the Truth… until it’s too late.

Heritage Foundation @Heritage

One millennial said his peers “don’t recognize that much of what they enjoy in life is a result of capitalism and would disappear if socialism were to be implemented. They haven’t seen socialism’s failures firsthand.” A much needed primer for our youth:

BobLee @BobLeeSays
Replying to @NolteNC
The phrase “Woody Allen had sex with….” is YUCKY enough. The “who” or the “what” following the “with” is superfluous.


BobLee @BobLeeSays
There are certainly “more than a few” prominent Repubs who have (1) never earned my respect… or (2) once had… but lost my respect. But there are NO prominent Lib/Dems who have EVER had my respect whatsoever… just sayin’


BobLee @BobLeeSays
The “gay thing” plus the “girl thing” was two things too many …

The Daily Caller @DailyCaller

Didn’t see that one coming…

Replying to @newsobserver @oldpolhack
“Reille Who”??? … WOW… The N&O jettisons John Drescher & Rob”ReilleWho” in the same month… two hefty 6-figure salaries.

That should keep the lights on for another month or so…


Til Next Time

Meanwhile There’s LOTS More of These… HERE!


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