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December05/ 2018

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Week of Dec 6, ’18


Doing something a bit different today.   Rather than my and Blondie’s collective Deep Thoughts…

I’m going to send you directly to…

THE CONSISTENT VOICE for so many of us for over 30 YEARS…


America’s Anchorman….. El Rushbo

Rush was at the Bush Funeral earlier this week with salient observations as only RL can observe and verbalize.

If you don’t check Rush’s website EVERY DAY, you are not getting the truest, most accurate take on what’s going on.

THIS LINK will take you to Rush’s Website’s Home Page for Today – December 6, 2018.   To see his Dec 6 topics check the Archive element there on the right side for DEC 6.


Scroll thru all the topics.  It is an especially good collection.


Til Next Time

Meanwhile There’s LOTS More of These… HERE!



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