BL: A Very Bad Day for Chancellor Chihuahua … PLUS

August28/ 2018

Aug 28, 2018.

A Very Bad Day for Chancellor Chihuahua … PLUS


I swear… I ain’t never gonna get to give you my opinion on the NFL Kneelers.  STOP THE PRESSES Stuff keeps popping up. Literally I was ready to compose my NFL Kneelers column when WHAMMO ….

 “Plantation Education” by Rashad McCants


Here’s my revised plan for this column…

(1) A few well-chosen thoughts on Plantation Education. Obviously I have not – and likely won’t – read it, but just that it is out there is Guaranteed CHAOS that I so enjoy.
(2) UNCCH’s related activities on Life After SSam Toppled… as “the eyes of the nation are on UNCCH” according to Chancellor Chihuahua. Which is sickeningly pretentious even for a UNCCH Chancellor.  My thoughts on SSam are a bit provocative. Yes, really.
(3) A few brief words on The Death of John McCain because EVERYONE with a website, a twitter account or able to fog a mirror is required to do so this week

Some of you might be asking… how does a self-admitted poorly educated (semi-literate”?) young manMcCants Book manage to “write a book”. Got me.  Is it a version of that adage about “1,000 monkeys with 1,000 typewriters writing The Complete Works of Shakespeare” ???

This opus will NOT find a home in UNCCH’s Louis R. Wilson Round Library.

Last weekend was a Big UNC BB Reunion for naming Roy Williams Court.  I’m betting Rashad was not invited… and won’t be next time for sure.

Does Rashad’s book have a chapter on his soiree with Khloe Kardashian? If I’m not mistaken, Rashad was one of Khloe’s first NBAer… but certainly not her last.  McCants might have been her shortest NBAer in terms of height. She has opted for 6’9” and taller in recent years.

The Foreword in “Plantation Education” was written by my friend Mary Willingham. I “spoke” with Mary recently. She is doing very well and does NOT miss the obscene threats from UNC’s more intellectually challenged faction.


Earlier today (Tues 8/28) Chancy Folt, her BOT, and UNC System Prez “Ma” Spelling (aka “that Bush Woman) and her BOG all met at UNCCH World HQ on Raleigh Road over in Chapel Hill.

The purpose of their joint meet was to try to put UNCCH’s much maligned Humpty Dumpty back together again… i.e. What Next for Silent Sam.

BOG member Thom Goolsby is demanding that SSam be restored to his McCorkle Place pedestal ASAP. I’m going out on a limb and betting THAT won’t happen. But just the fact that Thom is demanding it has the mob of angry anarchists firing up their torches and sharpening their pitchforks for another Geteyes SSam 2.0.

Chancy Chihuahua REALLY DID say “the nation’s eyes are on us…”. Not even Maxine Waters says crap that silly. OK, Maxine does… but no one in their right mind does.

NOTE: Chihuahua’s quote lacked the gravitas of King Leonidas addressing his fellow Spartans at Thermopylae. Or for that matter Bev “Baby Dumplin” Perdue addressing the Cary Rotary Club, but it was the best she could muster. Having to stand on a box to reach the podium mic does affect “gravitas”.

“Chihuahua”, still in a tizzy as to what color lapel ribbon this Glorious Mess calls for, is beside herself. Apparently she is not aware that Mainstream Media Darling John McCain died this week which has effectively diverted “the nation’s eyes” from UNC’s McCorkle Place. Assuming “the nation’s eyes” ever were on it.

Chihuahua may have gotten her “nation’s eyes” notion from a BLSays reader – Jerry – in Tucumcari New Mexico who read my last column re: SSAm and commented “Isn’t UNC the same school that perpetrated the Greatest Eligibility Scam in NCAA History?” … Yes Jerry, same school.

WARNING: This is where you and I might differ…

IMO… Silent Sam shoulda been quietly and reverently relocated 20-25 years ago.

“America” has changed A LOT since SSam was put in place in 1915. SSam occupying such a prominence on the UNCCH campus is/was incongruous with Modern America.

Whether less prominently on the UNCCH campus… or on a Civil War Battelefield… or wherever… SSam would still commemorate whatever he has ever commemorated… without “some” of the controversy.

A moving ceremony involving a regiment of Civil War re-enactors in full dress uniforms parading SSam down Franklin Street woulda been “a sight”.

A Much Better sight than the mangy mob of obscenity-screaming human hairballs at the recent toppling.

Nothing “UNC officials” do about SSam will matter, of course, to the mangy mob of terminal malcontents because being “angry” is all they know or care to know. Rumor has it “changing the name of Carrboro” is next on their list. It is a very loooong list.

The UNC BOG has given Chihuahua and her BOT “until November” to come up with “a plan” for What To Do With Silent Sam.

That means for give or take 70-75 days they will do absolutely nothing… and then do something stoopid that will only create More Chaos. I can’t wait, can you?


My John McCain Is Dead Anecdote. … True Story: Yesterday afternoon around 3 PM I was getting a haircut from “Brandi” at The Guy’s Place. One of their multiple flatscreens was tuned to CNN… and UNC’s very own Brooke Baldwin (UNC’01) was reporting.

NOTE: Did you know… Brooke Baldwin gave a UNC Commencement Speech several years ago that was bi-partisany judged to be THE WORST UNC Commencement Speech ever. That includes the one when Ted Turner was knee-walking drunk… and the time Madelyn Albright forgot the name of the university.

So Brooke was opining on the passing of the Incredibly Wonderful Senator from Arizona. CNN’s official position has always been The Only Good Republican is a Dead Republican but Brooke’s reaction was waaaay beyond that.

It was the first on-air case of Journo-Political Necrophilia.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was shaking all over as she recounted McCain’s Greatness. It was orgasmic. Hellfire… it was pornographic.

When they came back after a commercial break, Brooke was smoking a Virginia Slims and had a strangely contented look on her face.

That was odd enough. Later I saw clips of Brian Stelter, F. Chuck Todd, MoJoe, and Chris Matthews all having similar emotional reactions to Senator McCain as maybe THE Best American Ever… not born in Kenya or Hope, Arkansas of course.

Me?  I felt sorry for Omarosa. Remember her? McCain’s death came with her still having 6:27 minutes of Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame left. Unfortunately Warhol Rules do not allow left-over time to be reclaimed. Celebrity Life is not fair…

I REALLY am tired of writing about UNCCH.  Would someone else PLEASE do something really really goofy?



Next Time.

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