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Steve McQueen
August07/ 2018

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Internet Legend Zapped by Twitter Nazis! – FREE BOBLEE !!!

I swanny… whoever “up yonder” is responsible for supplying me with column fodder deserves a wheelbarrow full of attaboys.

Like the Okefenokee swamp boy who fell into the vat of molasses… rolling his eyes to Heaven; he prayed… “… for a mouth to fit the occasion”.

Tuesday morning at around 9-ish…

I was LOCKED OUT of Twitter for Violating Twitter Rules.

Twitter Notice

Q: But But Boblee… there is Nothing / Nada offensive about that Tweet At All. None of “the seven words” or even the ones added since all the gender silliness. The Leftwing Lunatics use all the “seven words” in ALLCAPS all day and nothing happens to them.

A: Yeah, so… whats your point?  Mr. Twitter and his techno-nerd buddy Zuckerberg at Facebook get to make the rules on their platforms. If you think it’s bad now… think about how it could be if those rabid sumbitches have the full power of national law enforcement behind them.

IF I agreed to delete the oh-so-offensive tweet … I would be placed in some sort of cyber-Purgatory for 12 hours to contemplate the error of my ways. In cyber-Purgatory I could not “tweet” but apparently my legion of bitter clinging deplorable cult-members could tweet to me.

Of course, I immediately emailed all my bitter clinging deplorable cult member buddies and babes to brag on my latest achievement. Kudos poured in with obvious envy on their part.

I received two hacksaws and a leatherman tool within the first ten minutes… and numerous suggestions about “don’t pick up the soap”!

AgentPierce – bless his heart – immediately tweeted out the news to his own cult-followers. AP offered me his Twitter account for any messages I wanted to send out. I wonder if Nelson Mandela or Edmund Dantes (Count of Monte Cristo) had a pal like Pierce?

No mention was made of “my one phone call”. Later I thought I shoulda called Bre’r Kennel just for giggles & grins. Since BK knows everybody of any importance on The Looney Left, did I want him to lobby Mr. Twitter on my behalf? ??? Naaaah, I could see way too much Yeeee Haa in this.

I did delete “the tweet” and the iron bars of “the Twitter Cooler” slammed shut. I was no longer a Free Tweeter!

THEN… I had the real Quandry. What image would best convey my circumstance? I quickly narrowed the list to the Obvious Three…

Cool Hand Luke … 

Cool Hand Luke


Shawshank Redemption …



Steve McQueen in The Great Escape …

With “Twitter Nazis” and my affection for baseball, I quickly chose Steve McQueen’s classic scene in The Great Escape where he passes his time “in the cooler” by bouncing a baseball off the far wall of his cell. Even Blondie laughed out loud at that… and she NEVER laughs at my stuff.

And there was the moment I began singing The Overture from Les Miserables – Do You Hear The People Sing? – That was pretty cool!

Fellow cult members offered to have a Protest Rally on my behalf. The one that Buckeye crazies had yesterday for embattled Urban Meyer drew 200 people and lasted 10 minutes. The father of former tOSU Buckeye Thug Ezekial Elliott showed up to support Urban. Ezekial Elliott – now a D-Cowboy has been suspended by The NFL for beating up on his girlfriend… twice. With supporters like that, Urban doesn’t need enemies.

Speaking of Protestors… did you know that last Saturday “protestors” showed up at the NC General Assembly to protest “whatever”. Not quite 80,000 this time. “Damn Dan” Kane posted a picture of all Fourteen protestors… that’s 14… between 13 and 15. But Dan’s employer – the financially imperiled News & Observer – felt those 14 sad souls deserved their own story and OMG headline w/ picture.

Dans Mob

I asked “Damn Dan” if all FOURTEEN showed up in one rusty VW mini-bus with a “I Think I Was At Woodstock” bumper sticker. I recognized “Gabby Hayes” from several of “Bully” Barber’s Hoot & Hate mini-mobs a few years ago. Damn Dan hasn’t answered my tweet. Maybe he tried but “the Twitter Nazis” stopped it?

By the time most of you read this I will be FREE AGAIN …. Yes, Thank God! – FREE AGAIN. Breathing that precious Air of FREEDOM that I used to take for granted

Twelve hours wasn’t even time for me to get a cool prison tatt. But I thought about it.

I’m keeping my ball and glove handy JUST IN CASE this happens again… smart move, huh?


BookCorner I have now read all four of A.J. Tata’s Jake Mahegan novels. EVERY ONE was very very good! As good a group of stories in that genre as I’ve ever read. The 4th one takes place outside Asheville.

I’m back into another series I really enjoy… The author is Wayne Stinnett.   His character is Jesse McDermitt.   Jesse is a retired Force Recon Marine who lives in a very cool stilt house on an island in the Florida Keys. Jessie, and his buddies, do special perilous assignments for Homeland Security.

There are twelve books in the series… I’m on #11. Similar to the wonderful Travis McGee stories by John D. MacDonald. Also akin to Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series. Those are High Value comparisons for Jesse McDermitt.



HOLY COW… learned this week from P. Coleman Buck – longtime Legal Counsel for SaidWhatMedia – that current St. Louis Cardinals’ Interim Manager Mike Stildt coached his son Wesley in JV baseball back in the early 90s in Charlotte. Isn’t that Something? Barrister Buck said he knew back then that Stildt was destined for greatness…



Some folks want to petition The NFL to put former NC State QB Roman Gabriel in the NFL Hall Of Fame. Gabriel did have a noteworthy career with the Rams back in the 70s…. whether his stats merit HOF status is debatable but he is a unanimous first ballot choice for the QB Name Hall of Fame. … “Roman Gabriel” … The only mega-cool names to group with Roman Gabriel would a “Joe Montana” … “Johnny Unitas” … or “Y.A. Tittle”. OK, maybe “Bart Starr”.

Names that the moment they were written on a birth certificate, that baby boy had no choice – He was either going to be a kick-ass Quarterback … or a gunslinger.



Next Time.

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The Two Most Dangerous Places to be In America… if You are Black are

(1) in the womb …. (2) in Chicago


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