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Urban Meyer
August05/ 2018

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Urban Meyer… the situational ethics of El Chapo Guzman

– Official About The Urban Meyer Mess Column –

Yesterday (Aug 2) I tweeted:

9 out of 10 Big Time College FB/ BKB Coaches (not YOURS, of course!) have the moral compass and situational ethics of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo Guzman…”

It went viral.  I keep telling you, I’m a Tweeting Wizard… @bobleesays

Given a choice, this is not a time in history to “be Urban Meyer”. Urban is “on the Hot Seat” for what he knew / did not know regarding one of his assistant coaches’ marital conflicts… and what Meyer did / did not do with what he might have known. If that sounds goofy… it is!

– LINK –

The issue is not “were there issues in Coach Zack Smith’s marriage” but did his direct supervisor (Meyer) know about the issues and what was Meyer obligated to do about them.


NOTE:  THE RULE when it is NOT Your Coach under attack… the lyin’ sumbitch is a lyin’ sumbitch.

Try to find ONE person in Ann Arbor that is not sure Urban is guiltier than sin and oughta be “strung up” at High Noon. That is a Mission Impossible.


Meyer essentially did nothing until publicly forced to which could determine his future as Head Coach at Ohio State. Because of Urban Meyer’s current prominence as one of the most prominent 3-4 Big Time College Football Coaches this situation is a Big Deal.

Beyond the odious sausage factory that is Big Time College Football is the issue of what are the obligations of an employer regarding an employee’s personal life. If Meyer is fired for how he dealt with this, a LOT of bosses and CEOs better LOOK OUT.

This sort of ties in with the obligations of The Washington Nationals in 2018 to provocative tweets Trea Turner posted back in high school in 2010.

Concurrent with Urban Meyer’s “what did he know?” issue is an article posted yesterday – LINK – detailing elements of Urban Meyer’s program when he was Head Coach at Florida over a decade ago. Apparently he was operating a “Culling The Herd” harassment program.

“Culling The Herd” programs have been a dirty secret in college football going back at least to  1954 when Bear Bryant ran his infamous “Junction Boys” operation at Texas A&M.

UNCCH ran its version during Bill Dooley’s first year – The Spring of 1967. I detailed that for posterity in 2004 with Carolina’s Junction Boys. – LINK –

…..When this Urban version hit yesterday I emailed the link to about 30 “survivors” of The Spring of 1967. It’s been 51 years and their memories are as clear as if it had been last month.  Not an experience ever forgotten…

Truthfully these programs are still very “popular” today when a new coach takes over a struggling program. He wants to “run off” players on the roster that are not “his kind of player” in order to free up their scholarship to give to “his type of player”.

Urban was using his “harassment tactics” to run off players who turned out not to be as talented as thought when they were being recruited. Get them to “quit” to free up their scholarship. It works.

The NCAA has always turned a blind eye to this very common brutal practice. Schools likewise turn a blind eye as do “Fat Cat Boosters”. “Boosters” are, of course, ONLY interested in beating hated rivals and having “bragging rights”. How the coach achieves that is on a “I don’t ever want to know… Just WIN Coach… or else” basis.

Baylor Boosters got a little nervous when the number of coeds being raped by Art Briles’ players hit double digits and beyond… but, hey “dem boys got needs and boys will be boys…” YIKES!

Unlike 50+ years ago… these days 75+% of Big Time College FB rosters are Af-Ams. 99.99% of Fat Cat Boosters are still “good old white boys”. Their concern for the well-being of “the AfAm student- athletes (cough, cough)” in 2018 is less than it ever was.   Did spectators in Rome’s Coliseum give a damn about the gladiators in the arena?  Only the one they were betting on…

Remember Mary Willingham was run out of Chapel Hill for daring to suggest that UNC AfAm student-athletes BE ABLE TO READ after matriculating at The University of The People.

Do you recall any prominent Rams publicly agreeing “Gee, that seems reasonable”?  Not a single one.

No Big Gator boosters at Florida cared how Urban “culled his herd”. No Big Buckeyes at Ohio State care about Zack Smith’s wife either. … Just Win Urban.

Pablo Escobar and El Chapo Guzman considered themselves “benevolent heroes” to the peasants of Columbia and Mexico. They made MEGA BILLIONS dumping cocaine into America and made a big show of building soccer fields for “the people” who saw them as modern day Robin Hoods. Sure their on-going wars with rival cartels killed a lot of innocent bystanders… and there were the executions of dirty politicians… but hey… Americans wanted their drugs and might as well buy them from Pablo and El Chapo.

Crazed fans / boosters want vicarious victories over “hated rivals”… whatever it takes… Just Win Coach… or else… do whatcha gotta do.



Tony Tata’s Books …. UPDATE

I’m on #4 now. #3 might have been best yet… takes place around Wilmington. Check under A. J. Tata.

Somewhat related… If you like Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible movies, I recommend the  current one Mission Impossible Fallout. Sure… all the IM movies follow a formula… 80% car chases, motorcycle chases, dangling from really high scary places… and, of course, the goofy Life Masks.

This one has all that. The plot is “Impossible” which is why its Mission Impossible… DUH! If you really can’t stand Tom Cruise because of Scientlogy or whatever BE WARNED… he IS the star of this Tom Cruise movie.


BobLee Baseball Stuff…

Sure, I know many of you don’t like Tom Cruise, Urban Meyer, Pablo Excobar OR BASEBALL… but I do. I posted the following earlier today about The Cardinals’ new manager – Charlotte native Mike Shildt. As you will see… I really like the guy a lot.

This post, of course, BLEW UP the Cardinals Fan Site… as I thought it might…


Yeah yeah… “It’s only been seven games… blah blah blah” But I can really like Mike Shildt if I want to Mike Shildtand I sure do. If you are not watching his post-game interviews I really encourage you to do so.

Yes… he kinda looks like an elementary school principal… and his cap seems a size too big sitting low on his head hooding his bespectacled eyes… but this fella is the best kind of baseball junkie. He could be “that guy” who is the head baseball coach for 30 years at some small college and wins 2000 games… they name the field for him and generations of former players keep coming back because they love the guy.

Silly me… I wondered if the WOW of being an MLB manager would intimidate him but that 1.5 seasons as Cardinals bench coach got him use to the “Big Stage”… 40,000 fans… national media… being around HoFers… etc. Once one gets over that… it’s just “Baseball” … 60’6”… 90’ … 3-2 … 27 outs … bad calls and bad bounces … slumps … “give me some peanuts and crackerjacks…”.

That “small ball” we are all loving now WILL have its bad games where players WILL run into rally-killing outs… and fair weather fans will be fair weather fans when that happens. I think Mike Shildt knows that. I think he knows “Baseball” is a game of dealing with failure and frustration and, more than any other sport… it’s a 162-game marathon, not a sprint.

Each of those 162 games requires 100s of decisions… many of which will backfire… he’s matching baseball acumen with the best dugout managers in the world against the best baseball players in the world.

Yeah yeah… “…only been seven games”. A Journey of 1,000 games… begins with the first seven.


Next Time.

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AgentPierceHey there.  AgentPierce here.  I’m loaning my page today to The Internet (and Twitter) Legend Himself – BobLee.  He shares David Limbaugh’s special tribute to “his brother” Rush … Celebrating Rush’s 30th Year as America’s #1 Radio Talk Show… 30 Freakin; Years !!!



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